National Service: Count On Us

By | September 2, 2019

[MUSIC] During Times of Crisis Moments of Overwhelming Destruction New Orleans Alabama Iowa Mississippi California Missouri And Unbearable Despair Where There is Undeniable Need Before During and After a Disaster National Service is There. The Need Has Never Been Greater Count on Us. After Hurricane Katrina, 110,000 National Service Participants Served In The Gulf Coast. We Assisted 3,000,000 People Served 1.6 Million Meals Refurbished 10,500 Homes, And Built 2,000 New Homes. Managed 648,000 Volunteers Donated More Than 10 Million Hours, Worth More Than $213 Million Dollars And We’re Still There. Count On Us. In 2008, AmeriCorps Responded to Record-Setting Floods in Iowa We Assisted More Than 200,000 People in Recovery Efforts. And We’re Still There. Count On Us. National Service Provides Volunteer Coordination Shelter Operations Debris Removal Warehouse Management Volunteer Support Long Term Recovery Volunteer Base Camp Operations Public Information Outreach Special Needs Assistance Home Construction / Repair Public Facilities Renovation Call Center Operations Needs Assessment Pet Shelter Operations Preparedness Education It’s What We Do. It’s Who We Are. Count On Us. Corporation for National and Community Service The Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that supports service and volunteering programs to improve lives, strengthen
communities, and foster civic engagement.

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