My 2 Cents: How To Marry A Hot Catholic Girl

By | September 11, 2019

Who knew that four pounds of feta cheese
could make you dehydrated? Hey folks Erick Hansen here, for the CatholicMatch
institute. So there’s an interesting reality about relationships. You’re
probably aware of it even if you’ve never intentionally thought about it
before. It’s how people blessed with astonishingly good looks tend to end up
together, and how people perhaps a little less blessed in this department also
tend to end up together. In other words people end up marrying their physical
equivalent. This is known as the Hotness Equivalency Quotient. Tens date tens
sixes date sixes and so on. Maybe every once in a while you’ll see a six match
up with an eight. or an eight with a ten, but it never really strays too far from
that one to two point range. Well I totally obliterated the Hotness
Equivalency Quotient when I married my wife. As you can see I’m coming in as a
strong 4 (maybe a 3). Mrs. Hanson is a solid ten! (And I pretty much
have to say that, right?!, but seriously she is disproportionately more attractive
than I am. Now I know what you’re thinking. This is CatholicMatch right?
The inside matters more than the outside? Right absolutely, but don’t discount
what’s on the outside. Remember we’re spiritual, intellectual and physical
beings. So yeah both the inside and the outside
matter. When I married my wife I won the lottery in both. So how did a guy like
me end up with a woman like her? Well there’s God’s grace (that always
helps right?) and that’s it. That’s all there is for that one. But there’s also
the fact that we’re on the same page on the big stuff. We agree on our faith in God, on being open to having kids, in our careers, etc. We might disagree maybe,
sometimes bicker from time to time, on the smaller stuff, but beneath those
arguments we know that we’re committed to each other on the big stuff. But still
I mean, come on, the hotness equivalency quotient is a powerful force, how do I
overcome it?! Well sometimes in dating there’s a tendency to want to put on
your best face. Which is fine up until the point that
you start trying to be somebody that you’re not. And there’s the problem.
Because while we all find fakeness to be unattractive, we’re all naturally
attracted to people who have confidence in who they are. People who know what
they’re about and go out there and live it. Should you try to improve yourself,
get fit, take care of your appearance, it’s okay to try to put on your best face
of course, but there’s a difference between obsessing over being somebody you’re
not and trying to improve who you truly are. St. Francis DeSales said it like
this, “Be who you are and be that well, to give honor to the master craftsman whose
handiwork you are.” That’s good. Be yourself. After all God designed you
and you bear His image, and that is what is actually so attractive about you. So
know who God made you to be and go be it with confidence.

14 thoughts on “My 2 Cents: How To Marry A Hot Catholic Girl

  1. Rochelle Young Post author

    I am so out raged with this message. Why am I getting this feed back? I am NOT a man. This upsets me. Omg…

  2. BABYKANGASPORTS Post author

    I thought this was hilariously adorable!!! Ignore the feminist left wingers. Many people could look worlds better if they gave it the time & effort. So many people are just lazy and don't put any effort into themselves, and then complain about the folks who do.

  3. Maggie Kelly Post author

    I appreciate the message of good self-esteem and self-care. But mother machree, this Hot Catholic Girl click bait! Will "How to Marry a Rich Catholic Man" be next?

  4. GeeeKay Post author

    No "how to" going on here.  Now. The mismatches are almost always in favor of the man, and it is thanks to provider status (good job/money), position (power, influence) and/or luck.

  5. James Nelson Post author

    How does a level 6 Half Armenian wana be Catholic protestant get together with a sheltered Aryan level 10 hyper catholic?

  6. Gingerella Cookie Post author

    i know a guy who looks like a model who is married to a plain jane. but shes a lovely person and hes thrilled with her!

  7. afrosteeve Post author

    There is no equivalency. Men go for looks. Women go for status & looks combined.

  8. Darrin Nelson Post author

    Biology is also God's doing. You seem smug and conceited. I feel sorry for anyone who listens tp this for advice. Anyone who is looking for advice… don't use videos online. Trust your instincts. Pray to God.

  9. Andreas Avel Post author

    It is not charity, catholic match are capitalism.


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