Music, Resources and Tips for 2020: Preparing for the New Liturgical Year

By | September 8, 2019

Good morning everyone and welcome, and
welcome to everyone on the East Coast Good afternoon to you. And this is our
most popular annual webinar: Music Resources and Tips: Preparing for the New
Liturgical Year. Hi, I’m Lisa Bagladi, Director of our Parish Services and Customer Success Division and I’m here with Dr. Glenn Byer. He oversees and
manages all of our worship publications here at OCP, and we’re also here with a
number of the OCP family. Over the course of the next hour we’ll be guiding you
through what’s new and what’s still great about the OCP Breaking Bread and
Today’s Missal Worship Program. We have a lot to get to, so let’s get to it. All
right, Lisa, and so we’re going to start the way we start all great things: with
prayer. Usually if you’ve seen this webinar in previous years you know that
we normally start with a prayer from Choir Prayers, our great resource by Jeanne Hunt. But I’m so excited to announce that this year we are going to be having our
third edition of this of this wonderful resource, a third volume of prayers, all
new prayers by Jeanne Hunt. I’ve seen some of them and they’re just wonderful, and I
wanted to share one of them with you today. So Lisa, pray for us. May we start with our breath inhale and exhale In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Oh come, Holy Spirit, maker of song Inspire us to sound like the angels. We have struggled to come to this day. There were times when nothing seemed right, but now
we have come through that struggle. Our harmony, our melody, and every voice comes
together. Now may we let go and surrender to your breath. Allow us to be the
instrument through which you breathe. Use us to be bold and powerful proclaimers
of Alleluia. Without fear but a full voice that sparkle with every hope of our great feast. Amen. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful prayer for the Easter Vigil?
Absolutely. I just can’t wait till you guys have this resource in your hands. We have
a lot to cover today so let’s get going. Here’s a roadmap of what we’re going to
be looking at, and I promise this is the last time Lisa and I will be reading a
slide at you. So the first thing we’re going to do today is discover some new
songs and some hidden gems from this year’s edition of Music Issue and
Breaking Bread. We’re also going to introduce a brand new missal product
which we’re very excited about called Choose Christ Missal. We’re also going
to learn about ways to use octavos as part of a strategy to teach new music to
your assembly, think in new ways about our magazines and other resources,
discover some hidden gems in our programs. We thought that this year we
would try slightly different format so that we can have you meet some of our
other key voices of the OCP family. There is such a great group of talented people
here that we wanted to let you meet many of them This is one of the most popular webinars
and sometimes people ask why we do it now. With the start of the school year we
can already start thinking about next Advent. It’s Christmas already for
Liturgists. Already. So when your missals arrive don’t just put them in
the closet and get them out in November. Rather, spend some quality time with them.
Autumn also gives you a chance to work with your pastoral team and your pastor
especially if there’s new people in the parish and new people on the parish
staff so that you can examine and see what might be the central themes for the
coming liturgical year. And finally it’s also a great time now before everything
gets crazy to think about what events might be happening in your parish this
year. Is there a centennial, is there an anniversary? All of these things matter
and so if you prepare ahead of time then that will make your year so much easier. Well, I think some of our viewers may be thinking, “What’s new in the world of
missals, Glen?” Everything’s new, Lisa. But we’re really excited about our brand new
Choose Christ Missal. It’s a brand new contemporary missal and we’re so
excited with all the content that’s in it. Well, some may be thinking, “Hasn’t OCP
been publishing Choose Christ?” We have been publishing Choose Christ as a supplement to our missals and hymnals but this is a full freestanding missal.
It’s a wonderful thing. It has of course all the contemporary music that you want
and that you’ve been asking for in our missals. It has complete Mass Settings including
the Mass Setting from the Roman Missal. It has all the prayers and readings, and
one of the greatest things is that the psalm responses in here come from our
hugely popular Spirit and Psalm. That’s right, Glenn. And I’m so pleased to
be able to introduce you to Rick Modlin. He is the manager of Music
Development. He’s going to tell us more about it. Thanks, Glenn. Thanks, Lisa
I’m Rick Modlin, Manager of Music Development here at OCP, and very happy
to talk with you today about Choose Christ a little bit.
The new Choose Christ missal. I’m equally excited as Glen is about this
product. It’s been a long time in the making. I would really say 20-plus years
in the making because we needed that much time to accumulate the kind of
repertoire that can balance out a contemporary resource like this is. And
since we’re talking about contemporary let’s talk a little bit about the
differences between Breaking Bread and Choose Christ in many ways very similar
products organized the same way they both have the order of mass they both
have mass settings in them both have seasonal music ritual and music all
kinds of things that you would expect in a complete parish resource breaking
bread of course has been around for thirty plus years in fact I have an old
version of it here from 1988 which i think is not even the first version of
it you can see how small it started it’s grown a lot she was Christ’s missal
will also be growing a lot we’ve left room for that and hopefully to get your
comments on it as you start to use it what kind of music you’d like to see in
it going forward by Choose Christ of course being a little more contemporary
Breaking Bread goes back 30 years probably a little bit more folk music
influenced in Breaking Bread whereas Choose Christ missal has a little bit
more of the influence of the Spirit in song repertoire from the last say only
15 years or so so that’s a little bit different there this is going to lean a
little bit more contemporary but there are plenty of songs in here that are you
are familiar with from a product like Breaking Bread product songs like Christ
be our lights have just pulled a few of them open here by Bernadette Farrell
also on the same two-page spread the cry the poor by John Foley you’ll find
beloved songs like that in here that your entire parish probably already
knows a couple of others to take a look at here’s here’s a two-page spread I
particularly like it’s got a contemporary song from Curtis Stephen a
more an older more vocal oriented song for
Scot Soper I know that my redeemer lives great for funerals amazing grace my
chains are gone that’s something that you would find more in the contemporary
Christian music area so you find songs like that all three of these represented
very well in this product and last one I’ll show you here attend a domain a an
arrangement by Trevor Thompson of that chant you’ll find arrangements of
Christmas carols and hymns as well as other chants contemporary arrangements
of those that I think you’ll find to be very engaging and very interesting for
your assembly but they already know this song here’s a brand new one that I
particularly want to talk about today from Sarah Hart great song for Ash
Wednesday with an alternative refrain for Lent it’s called take these ashes
into the desert follow me beautiful song and we’re going to listen to some of
that one right now take these ashes as a sign
that from the dust you have been and to dust you shall return his rules Take these ashes as a sign slow to anger is my way my cup is filled with love for You Rick thanks so much he is such a gift to
the company we’re so glad to Harry talented yes so before we get to the new
music let’s have a word about the covers that’s always a big issue in people’s
minds the music issue cover this year is a wonderful thing it depicts the power
of christ coming to all peoples here he is in the in the bark of the church if
you will teaching to the crowds on the shore and
it’s the crowds are all nations all peoples and it sort of reminds me of st.
Peter when he walks on the water and st. Peter goes out and then he starts
drowning it calls of Lord save me music ministers should all have that as their
mantra we should all be crying out asking for Christ to save us no matter
what the occasion Jesus is at the center and we wanted to remember that for
Breaking Bread we wanted that Eucharistic image big surprise and
Breaking Bread Eucharist and so him this wonderful depiction of them of wheat and
grapes and we really think this would be a powerful aid for people as they’re
preparing for mass lastly our seasonal missals this year we took advantage of
a wonderful accident of history that the Feast of the presentation of the Lord is
on Sunday and so all of our missal covers you can have to look for it the
presentation of the Lord is the Feast of the blessing of light and blessing of
candles and so this venerable missal in its 87th year you’re going to have to
look and find on each cover throughout the year you’re gonna find a lantern so
take a look for that so we’re really pleased with these covers and we hope
you like them all okay then let’s look at some of the new music in this year’s
Breaking Bread Music Issue with twenty titles being added obviously
we can’t cover everything but our first highlight comes from the npm pastoral
musician of the year father Ricky Manolo let’s see what he has to say about the
composition how manifests are your works hello i’m father ricky Monello and i
want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video which introduces
everyone to my him Oh God how manifest are your works this
song was premiered at the Los Angeles religious education Congress on March 15
2018 I composed it for the care of the earth liturgy from the Filipino
perspective so my goal was to emphasize a creation ecologically conscious hymn
for the text I was inspired by Psalm 104 which praises God for the gift of
creation but the same also has a particular Christological thing that
highlights the relationship between Jesus Christ and creation
it could be sung as a general praise and worship song but it’s also appropriate
for epiphany the baptism of the Lord the Easter Vigil
pentecost transfiguration and christ the king the music is big and grand in hugs
that i believe i was inspired by one of my favorite film composers Patrick Doyle
who was known for his collaborations with the director Kenneth Branagh and
his Shakespearean films the same also marks the first time I collaborated with
gifted arranger Louis Ramos who arranged this for SAT bee flute French horn
violin cello and timpani so I hope you enjoy listening to this hymn but even
more importantly that the same becomes a part of your community’s musical
repertoire thank you so much and God bless Thank You Ricky Lisa I remember the
great celebrations we had here and a 10:00 p.m. when Father mandala won that
great award and now I’m really pleased that how manifest are your works is
being added to the program so you know Lisa in order to make room for all these
great new songs we’re gonna have to say goodbye to some songs that have been in
the program for many years well that’s like what music ministers do in their
parishes all over the country each year music directors have to review their
repertoire to see what needs to be pruned in order for new girls to appear
so here are some of the songs that will not be in the program this coming year a
few of them are listed on the screen I just want to highlight a couple of them
one is the spiritism moving the Kerri Landry classic do you remember that one
yes that one has gone down in usage over the years and so it seemed like the
right time to take it out also my country tis of thee one of the patriotic
songs we’re pruning back our patriotic
offerings just a little bit but don’t worry America the Beautiful is still
there and you’ll have everything you need for those patriotic feasts but you
can still find these songs right absolutely you can still use the
Arrangements in the accompaniment binders we encourage you to keep those
binders all through the years because even if you’re just a brand-new user of
Breaking Bread you will get the 2017 a compliment which was the last time we
revised those books plus you’ll get the three years of supplements with all the
new music and unlike the missals you can keep these accompaniments for ever
blend can you give us an update on the annual Music Issue Breaking Bread survey
I’d love to Lisa it’s been a banner year for the survey with more participants
than ever I cannot overemphasize how important this survey is sometimes I
hear from customers and they say I don’t think my voice is heard but I want to
assure you Lisa and everyone watching that there is nothing more important
our deliberations as to what to keep and what to take out of the program than
what is in that survey so everyone should encourage their colleagues and
ministry to participate in the survey process we are so pleased to announce
that next year the survey will be all electronic and only electronic using our
successful new survey tool even better whatever missal you use the survey will
cater to your missal program here at OCP we really listen so many of you
wrote or called us or mention it on a survey about a couple of titles that
were removed from the program so we’ve added them back in yes we have Lisa and
I’m so glad to talk about come Eid faithful raise the stream this is an Old
Testament hymn rare in the tradition very often hymnody looks at new
testament images but this one focuses on Moses and specifically for the Easter
Vigil how many hymns do you have for the Easter Vigil not a lot so so many
customers made this request it made so much sense that we put it right back in
there and then there’s the beautiful song there is nothing told yes even
though the title seems a bit odd it is such a powerful contemporary melody with
strong scriptural images of the Blessed Virgin Mary that we are pleased to
return it to the program everyone needs to remember just because it’s been
returned to the program doesn’t mean it’s going to stay there it’s needs to
become part of people’s repertoire residents or it could be removed the
game so give them a listen incorporate them into your repertoire and fill out
the survey I’m happy to report that the fruits of the Queen to encuentro are
still being felt around the country and as we work with the wide diversity
within our church integrating well-loved spanish-language music should be a
priority not only for communities that celebrate with by
evil energies but for us all for Christmas this year were including the
spanish-language version of a French carol angels we have heard on a high
this follows up on last year adding the Spanish to a German to him Austrian
named silent night but there is more Pedro why don’t you familiarize our
viewers today with your new addition to the program I’m an assayer at the break
of day thanks Len it’s an honor to have I – said at the break of day form the
repertoire of music is she breaking bread the song came to be part of a
collection I’m honest said that was mostly all in Spanish and some by little
pieces over time people kept asking me if there was an English version of this
song and so I created one and it became part of a bilingual collection for
morning prayer evening prayer night prayer that we published called me waka
paama at one Avanza my mouth will proclaim your praise and this is the Sun
that we use for morning prayer o sing a little bit for you I love you baby lose bitchy enough here
lately boy las gracias la llamada see at the
break of day the corner so God in your compassion clothe us in your kindness
and your verse fill us with your love on this you day hetero you have been working in parishes
for many years now is there a song from Breaking Bread that you think deserves
to be better known would you sing it for us thank you Lisa yes I have a song that
I’d like to share with you it’s called Bar americano – by Jesse Manny Busan and
Santiago Fernandez but americano – means to love as you and it’s a song that’s
based on passage from Matthew 25 that we’re all familiar with and particularly
in this and these times that we live in when people are looking for peace where
people are looking to work for social justice this is an amazing song to have
in your repertoire and it goes like this Oh God greed is yours are everlasting
and true saying you’re an astronomer – to feed the hungry young Michael do to
welcome the stranger yomo – oh god crazy show love
everlasting and true send your pants trouble but a monocle Thank You Petter I’m new here at OCP but
I have fallen in love with Latoya it concealed and today’s liturgy there is a
wealth of content in these magazines Glen how do you create the content for
these we are so lucky to have such great colonists like Rory Cooney Juan Sousa
Deacon Paul Covino dr. Elaine reg’lar Antonio alcalde and others who write for
us on a regular basis but then we keep track of what our customers have been
asking about what is current in the whole liturgical world and we recruit
the best writers in the country and they’re almost always excited to have
this opportunity to talk to all of you past your musicians around the country
Lisa I’m not sure if everyone’s aware but the bilingual nature of liturgy
campeón is it just a translation of today’s liturgy by no means Latour di
canción approaches the liturgy and the individual celebrations from its own
perspectives there are Scripture commentaries
articles and music suggestions that you won’t find anywhere else
anyone working in a multicultural or multilingual settings should take a look
at these magazines and even if you celebrate the Eucharist and only one
language the awareness you will gain from latina calcium will enrich your
ministry people are always asking about how to introduce new music successfully
for me the key is to make people want to sing it if they hear it either as an
instrumental piece or as a choral anthem this will generate excitement about the
song and so OCP has spent some time updating the law
and feel of our octuples not only to increase their popularity which we are
glad to say is happening but also to better support the missal program some
of the new songs in our program began life as an octave oh and as you evaluate
pieces for your repertoire one of the factors to consider is how your choir
might be able to introduce a new piece before challenging your entire assembly
to sing along so here’s Angela and Scott to talk about
our I’m Thomas hi I’m Scott Crandall I’m a music development specialist here at
OCP and we’re I’m here with Angela Westhoff Johnson and we’re going to talk
about on toggles today I’m Angela Westhoff Johnson I’m the director of
product development here both Scott and I also lead choirs I am the director of
music at st. Mary’s Cathedral here in Portland Oregon I’ve been there for
about 26 years where I have a adult Cathedral Choir a contemporary ensemble
in a children’s choir and I direct music at an Episcopal Church I’ve been there
about 22 years and I have a contemporary group and an adult choir so we’re really
happy to be here to tell you about our new octavo refresh right and as you’re
just coming into a new liturgical year preparing for that we want to talk about
how you teach new songs to your assembly there’s a couple different approaches
Scott Knight talked about you can do something really simple is to introduce
a new piece just by singing unison a couple of times and then later go to the
octave oh and have your choir sing some parts with it
yeah our Tabas feature choral parts obviously sa B SAT B depends on the the
piece but you can have the choir sing it as an anthem maybe there’s also
instrument parts you can include those so there’s different ways you can you
know introduce new music and we were talking about if you want to run through
it with a congregation beforehand is a little tricky sometimes people don’t get
get there to the last minute but it can be helpful right exactly so new choral
octave oz we have for a long time been a publisher of octavo
we decided to create some new series for a number of reasons but
one of which is to be able to find things more easily like our Christmas
series Advent and Christmas music goes into this series if you’re wanting a
Christmas piece you don’t want to have to look through a thousand pieces to
find something Christmassy we have our trinit oz Christmas series a little bit
more skilled Coralie or intended for our established choral groups mm-hmm
and we also have the a new glory and praise series features music in the
style of the glory and praise Him oh when it first came out a lot of st.
Louis Jesuit music music and you know just kind of a great collection of songs
with guitar you’ll know that glory praise era yeah you know I mean yeah a
nice simple design another series the inspired song series now this is music
review we get songs in sometimes we go we like that song we just don’t know how
to use it for liturgy this is a series for those kinds of songs great for
retreats other kinds of gatherings or maybe even pregnant could do it so we
don’t have a lot of songs in here yet but eventually spiritual series we don’t
get an example of that right now but it’s a really wonderful arrangement of
traditional spirituals really great the Marion choral series I love this cover
this it just is really focused there might only be at this point now 10
pieces in that series but I look for Marion music a lot being at Saint Mary’s
Cathedral so it’s a quick search when you’re looking specifically for that
another series is songs if you’re wanting a psalm again you don’t want to
have to comb through a thousand pieces so yeah and we took the mass settings
that were previously in our OCP corals OCP coral series and gave them their own
series which makes you know makes a lot of sense so beautiful cover on these new
mass settings in another series is Michael Joncas’s hymnary choral
series now as you might be where he Michael Jonas has written two volumes of
him texts with a third one to come out eventually
he has taken those texts written music to them provided outstanding
arrangements and that’s what you’ll find in this Michael Joncas series yeah
everything he does he does really well so don’t overlook that series but we
have all these other series that we’ve had for years that we just kind of gave
a fresh new look to this is the OCP choral series it looks a little
different than it has in the past our Trinitas series we’ve kind of just
returned to that beautiful green cover don’t don’t we as choral directors love
to hold up the front of me to say find this this one yeah
are you B lot a Deu series that is for a little more skilled children’s choir
this piece listen to the wind if you’re looking for something for even like
middle school age it’s a Christmas piece really great one of my favorite covers I
don’t know if you can see the little birds singing as much as we love this
it’s so cute I’m our young people’s choral series compound
alabanza yeah it’s bilingual and Spanish language this intercultural series that
orange really eye-catching and our contemporary songs of faith all of our
awesome arrangements of more contemporary music yes beautiful that
was so great to work with Judy Urben our art director going back and forth
and discovering we were amazing design for Judy yeah so next we can talk about
new music going in to Breaking Bread and we have a couple of a few of the
Octavos here of the of that music first of all supper of the Lamb by Dan
Schutte great piece for communion it includes a part for guitar
well obviously guitar but cello and trumpet in b-flat so it’s a you know we
want our octavos to be really useful and another piece for Easter or Easter
season this day this day really fun Piece to sing very very energetic as he
is as we know yeah it’s got a part that the people can actually
saying the assembly can sing but the verses are really choral at the brass
don’t have to have the brass but it just screams Easter yeah it just it’s perfect
for another piece is oh this one is by Luke Rosen and it’s sending forth peace
just a fun piece to sing we sang it at the showcase loved it text by James
Quinn oh yes right yeah have some brass parts again don’t have to add the brass
part either there there I am always searching for
really great energetic sending forth songs yeah they’re hard to find they are
hard you know and a new one you know it’s got to be really easy to sing and
this one is another piece going in is a piece by me the thorn tree it’s a great
piece let me let me talk about this for a second so Scotty doesn’t feel like
he’s Tooting his own horn but it the text by Genevieve Glenn who’s a master
text writer but Scott did such a good musical setting that it just feels like
they were written together and I was very inspired by the text yes the life
of Jesus in four verses and just yeah succinct and beautiful yeah I literally
get goosebumps thinking of it and hearing it I’ve used it many times with
the choir but it also has a hymn version which I love because what happens when
you’re gonna do this piece and all of a sudden you have half the members or all
the tenors are sick or something you do this just in a unison hymn version it’s
really beautiful oh thank you yeah well that’s you know that’s kind of an
overview of our new refreshed on top was really excited about him and one more
thing you might want to check out we have updated our choral music web page
on our website from the front page you can just click on the word choral and it
takes you it’s a beautiful presentation of all of our new series also it’s
easier to search so if you’re looking for certain categories or things like
that you can you can click on the left side and all these different facets come
up and you can find exactly what you’re looking for so one other thing can I say
if you are not a subscriber to our choral review service course we
encourage you to do that because we’re excited about how the new look to it and
what you’re going to receive in that so if you aren’t get on there buy the Choral
Reserve review service choral packet as we call it it’s the best way to get
introduced to new songs the recordings on there are recorded in the Cathedral
Angela directs they are world class recordings and we put a lot of effort in
them it’s so exciting to be able to do that so yeah OCP org slash choral –
music that’s the webpage and it’s really great great place to go to see what
we’ve been talking about yeah so as you’re preparing for your new year we
got a we got about a week left before we start choir rehearsal here in Portland
most of us so start introducing new music right away Advent Christmas don’t
get down to the end because you stress your choir out by doing that and
yourself out so start early we’ve got so many great things to offer and we wish
it lots of good luck have fun thank you so much Scott and Angela for showing us
how the use of octavos can be an integral part of developing the
repertoire for your entire assembly Lisa I know that our quarterly choral
subscription is still very popular but are there other ways that people can
access our choral music absolutely I’m so glad that you asked go to OCP org to
discover and review new and classic gems from our many choral library’s new
suggestions are posted regularly now we’d like to talk for a moment about
Heritage Missal an annual resource everything in one but more economical
than Breaking Bread it has eight new pages of music being added to it this
year and it is completely revised every fourth year it appeals to parishes that
have a more traditional voice so Glen known for the St. Louis Jesuits and more
contemporary artists would you say that this is the resource for communities
that enjoy the rich heritage of Catholic music for worship from previous
centuries and what about the lighting people have been singing vernacular
hymns at the Eucharist since the 16th century when the Pope gave permission
for the church in Germany to sing vernacular hymns at mass heritage
missal includes contemporary songs but it has a large percentage of music from
the entire range of liturgical music but if you’re looking to get a little more
Latin we have a wonderful Latin resource called love’s
tibi it has all the responses the Marian antiphons a newly composed mass in
Latin by father by dr. Randy de Brian it is a wonderful resource for all who are
seeking a little more laughs but remember Lisa all of our missals
and hymnals have Latin texts to choose from at OCP we have long recognized our
missal programs are not judged suitable for every situation
OCP’s hymnals include the third edition of the most popular English
Catholic hymnal of all time Glory and Praise as well as the gold standard for
Catholic contemporary music for the liturgy Spirit and Song our
spanish-language hymnal Flor y Canto brings together music from the many
Spanish language traditions to meet the needs of Hispanic communities across the
USA serving the growing Vietnamese community
OCP offers thunk gay son chuan the Hymnal of God’s people in addition we
offer journey songs our classic English language hymnal and to hymnals
for younger people never too young an adaptation of Spirit and Song for older
children from fourth through eighth grade and the third edition of rise up
and sing the hymnal for children of any age all of these hymnals have supporting
recordings and accompaniment books for musicians many questions are asked about
how to fundraise for your hymnal yes OCP provides several options including
0% financing for five years to assist the communities that would like to get
into a hymnal program OCP also provides fundraising materials
and commemorative plates if needed choral praise supports all of OCPs
English missal resources it is available with or without readings and
also available in an eBook format great for choirs that don’t have a huge
budget to purchase hundreds of octavos alabanza chorale supports all of OCPs
bilingual and spanish resources then we have respond and acclaim and respond to a
clamor that support most of our missals and hymnals with verbatim song settings
or when i’ll step the composer of respond and acclaim uses a common formula
for every setting these are easily accessible by the church musician and
that’s why it’s the most popular verbatim psalm setting ever but the
really great news is that our popular new verbatim psalms collection Spirit
and Psalm is now the psalms chosen for the Choose Christ missal this will be a
great way to introduce people to this wonderful new collection yes in addition
to all of our many print resources OCP knows that ebooks and services are a
growing trend and can help both in planning and rehearsing music as well as
for playing at the liturgy OCP currently offers two subscription
programs for music ministers to use as well as an exciting licensed program to
provide music for the assembly more on that in a minute
Spirit and Song and Breaking Bread included all of our most popular music
and so we offered each of these resources as online
subscriptions this is a special resource includes all the keyboard guitar and
solo instrument arrangements of the songs in these resources it includes
recordings and best of all it includes permission to share these resources with
your music ministers and your assembly the Breaking Bread digital music library
is extra-special as it includes many of the texts for the special liturgies that
take place throughout the year and it includes the choral settings from choral
praise comprehensive an Edition for the use of your choir and more all the
responsorial Psalm responding to claim quite simply it’s an affordable way to
supplement the use of the missal’s you already have in your parish and just a
reminder that the major Catholic publishing houses now have come together
to offer one license for reprinting or projecting your music for your
congregation make sure that you report usages of all your OCP titles this makes
a real difference for our composers remember that most of them cannot make a
living simply from their music and so any way we can support them and support
OCP will help to ensure the ongoing supply of quality music for the liturgy
I use that for the new year any changes needing to be made to your Missal
subscriptions do you need any new accompaniment books or new binders for
them do you have all the other resources needed for the liturgical year prayers
of the faithful or extra copies that respond in acclaim do you need
additional missal colors start planning music for Advent and Christmas now
especially when it comes to bringing extra musicians their schedules fill up
quickly communication between the parish office staff
and the music ministry is essential let the parish admin know if you have any
additional material coming you know Lisa many leaders in the Catholic Church and
others have been asking to have the antiphon from the Roman Missal
incorporated into the Eucharistic liturgy
how is OCP responding to this relatively new trend well Glen we have always
responded to this need for many years now for the for those who want to sing
the antiphons in Latin we see no reason to reinvent the wheel so we distribute
the wonderful gradual ease and the you know you from Celebi the acknowledged
experts in chant but we also have two wonderful collections of English antiphons
the Saint migrants series of antiphons is now in its sixth volume and
covers all the Sundays of the liturgical year and all the important events in the
life of a parish and events for Cathedral churches as well Wow and
Christopher Walker has a wonderful collection of community funds both of
these use exact texts from the Roman Missal
you can look for hidden gems songs that have been part of the missal program
for years but perhaps haven’t been used by your parish recently we took a look
at the results of the survey from last year and there are a number of songs
which we think are still great but they aren’t being used quite as much and so
they’re in danger of being lost so take a look at this list on your screen right
now and consider adding some of these songs to your repertoire for the coming
year thank you all for your time here today we really appreciate you joining
us and now we’d like to open up for some questions to explore these concepts a
little further remember you can type in a question at any time we’d like to
start with a few of the questions that people have already submitted to us and
one question that we hear a lot about Lisa is how do we involve young people
into the choir I know you have many experience with youth ministry so please
correct me but I coming to believe that we need to stop
looking for a single program or an activity like the choir that will solve
the issue around young people not coming to church I think instead we need to
have just a individual commitment to each young person and to see that they
are not the future of the church they’re the present am i right absolutely they
are the present and might I also add you know in this age of American Idol and
all kinds of programs like that kids do look for opportunities to perform and
although liturgy is not the performance space it is the place of Prayer
sometimes even events like practicing the Passion Play and being a part of
that walking the walk of Jesus and walking in in learning and diving deeper
into those types of experiences it draws them in and helps them to think well
maybe I do want to join the choir the same person asked us how to get the
organ more used by the contemporary groups again it will depend on your
pastoral situation but it seems to me that we organ players have a time it’s
been our own worst enemies if you have had a fairly constant registration which
I’m guilty of where it’s either very quiet or literally pulling out all the
stops we miss out on the wonderful range of color that an organ can have I think
too that the organ doesn’t have to play on all the verses perhaps the
contemporary group is using a song from a previous century in a new setting like
Rick Modlin’s all creatures of our God and King there is nothing to prevent us
from playing the first or a middle or a last verse on the organ and then more
from the organ into Rick’s wonderful setting it can be a lot of fun
absolutely people always ask about selecting music that matches the liturgy
and it’s that it’s a lot of work but fortunately OCP has done that work for
you with dr. Elaine Ren ler and Stella Garcia Lopez making great
recommendations in Latoya canción in today’s liturgy
in addition though the liturgical judgment is made up of these aspects
musical judgment and is it the best music of the genre is it the best
classic hymns the best of contemporary music etc does it reflect Catholic
theology all music in OCPs hymnals and missals gets a good theological and
musical review then there is the pastoral judgment which of the songs
that we recommend would work best in your setting that’s a great answer he’s
really thorough people also ask about how to keep bilingual celebrations from
becoming redundant first in English then in Spanish first in Spanish then in
English this is a great question and one thing I can’t recommend comes from an
article written by sister Kathy Doherty from st. Louis she suggests not
repeating things but planning ahead of it if you have a program with the
readings and the prayers of the language that is not being spoken so if a reading
is in English in the program you have the Spanish text and vice versa at the
same time when it comes to preaching rather than have the priest or deacon
simply say the same homily in two languages do what the Psalter does think
about Psalm thirty for example hear O Lord and have pity on me O Lord be my
helper you see how the psalm says the same thing in two different ways I think
a preacher could do the same thing as well well there you have it
the kickoff for another great year of pastoral music with OCP resources we
want to thank everyone in the marketing department especially Kelsey and Lee and
Emily they have put so much work into helping us put this together we’d like
to thank all the OCP family for sharing their incredible talents with us today
make sure that you take the survey to help make webinars like this even better
everyone who takes the survey will receive a special offer
thank you for coming and now for Sarah Hart one last song before we go but we
have even in the longest night for the light well we will that fear for we know the Sun hallelujah is our song what piece we
have even is where the battle rages in the fear for we know heals our souls is
our song hallelujah he’s risen honey is our son and what joy we have for the SU is
rolled away and the to hold nothing now now Steve death no power listen our
great hallelujah is our son Oh he’s a reason honey is our song but we have even longest for the light and we shall rise to Saints hallelujah
oh it is our song ha
he’s risen hallelujah is her song hallelujah is our
song you

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