Most US Catholics Disagree w/ Church on Homosexuality & Contraception

By | September 6, 2019

we’ve talked many times about how in
Iran there is a total disconnection between
the views if the average a rainy in person and the views espoused
by the Iranian regime where the average Iranian is very
moderate as Louis and I have discussed many times lewis’s father of course from
Iran the regime would make one think that the
entire country maybe has much more a extreme views without making any
specific connections between the Iranian regime
in the Catholic Church we now have some information that there may be a very
similar dynamic within the Catholic Church there’s a
study from the Pew Research Center which shows that most Catholics in the
United States do not agree with the church on homosexuality on
contraception on any other number I love %uh social
issues so this is based on a study from the Pew Research Center the church of course teaches that
abortion contraception homosexual activity are all wrong however majority
of American Catholics simply don’t agree so let’s look at the
numbers the poll was conducted in March just after the election of Pope
Francis and it found that three-quarters of US
Catholic seventy-six percent say the church should permit birth
control half about 54 percent american catholics
favor same-sex marriage and only a third say that homosexual
behavior is a Sen views on abortion are a little
bit more mixed but still 53 percent love white Catholics say abortion should be
legal in all or most cases and among Hispanic
Catholics forty-three percent say should be legal in all or most cases this Louis to me signals not that there has been really
any significant shift from the Catholic Church on these
positions even though we’ve heard any number I’ve a of comments from Pope Francis about
this now it really seems to be more that the
church has to be realizing that they are just going to lose I don’t
know if constituent is the right word followers or or a %uh you to call call
them what you will I and that the issue really to me is are even these numbers already skewed by
the fact that people who are for the purposes of the survey identify
as Catholic not even really Catholic at this point
and only saying they’re catholic because their parents were Catholic right I think there are lots of people
in this country who will identify as Catholic or Christian or what have you even though they do not practice the
religion in all but assuming that these numbers are correct in that these are practicing
catholics I think what you’re seeing here is that when these a taboo subjects from the church become cultural norms or just culturally
accepted I’m Bay will be looked at favorable by the
general population despite the church’s views and I think that’s just slowly over time
what what has been happening and then the question becomes do you
need it to did what could the church even continue to
exist if it became so progressive is a response to to
public opinion or with with the church just kind of
disappear with it obsolete for lack of a better term I don’t know how soon will find that out
but we’re certainly seeing an interesting movement that brings up
these questions

93 thoughts on “Most US Catholics Disagree w/ Church on Homosexuality & Contraception

  1. JOHN OWENS Post author

    Religion is an outdated institution, it is unnecessary…why does anyone listen to it's non-sense!

  2. TheCrustyFry Post author

    Honestly it doesnt surprise me at all, the church headed by pope Francis is planning to release a new doctrine, a very liberal one. It was written a long time ago in the Bible, the lamb that speaks like a dragon will draw everyone in.

  3. paleocon1971 Post author

    Agnostic? No. Maybe leaving the Catholic Church and going to another Christian sect.

  4. paleocon1971 Post author

    Lumping these three issues together is morally wrong. Homosexual behavior and contraception are not clear and present dangers to anyone. Abortion kills an already existing human life and cannot be compared to sexual activity that prevents a life that never even existed.

  5. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    The catholic church like all other religions are loosing credence as a direct result of peoples better understanding of the natural world.
    Their outdated bigoted ideology just won`t wash any more for people are just too wise and this is just wonderful.
    Gone are the days when a pastor could ORDER a congregation to do as he deemed fit.
    The invention of organised religion was to keep the masses under control but the times are a changing :).
    We are ALL free willed individuals.
    Religion is fabricated

  6. TheRhinehart86 Post author

    Moderate Catholics are just like that strange breakaway sect of Scientology who still follow the religion and believe the mythology, they just believe that Hubbard was bad. The catholic church is essential to catholocism just like Hubbard is essential to scientology. Its so typical of religious people to cherry pick what ever parts of their religion they find most convenient and disregard those they don't like. Absolute universal truth my ass.

  7. carmonkey Post author

    then you don't know many or you live somewhere in the midwest/south. i know hundreds. i went to catholic school and was president of the catholic student group in college. i have gay friends, am 100% for marriage equality, i am for a woman's right to choose, and contraception. i lived with my husband before getting married and haven't gone to confession in over 25 years. hi, nice to meet you.

  8. Vport Post author

    Why? For one, People HAVE experienced miracles, which they keep private due to other insensitive people out there, like Louis. Doubting ’Thomasses’ are eager to dismiss other people’s personal experiences away, with any and all sorts of reasons (even though they have NO business doing so. Though ’supernatural’, such credible realities uphold the unflinching faith of the PARISHIONERS. And this is merely a portion of the legacy of the faithful ~ which keeps Catholicism going strong.

  9. Vport Post author

    David said [re: a poll], “only a third say homosexual behavior is a sin”. Were they asking about pre-marital sexual behavior? .. or just behaving deviously outside assigned gender? Sex outside of marriage is adultery and it a sin. In some cultures, you get the death penalty for it. In other cultures, no one gives a damn. Now that gays can get married, they’ve elevated their responsibilities. Now they have to watch out for doing sex outside of marriage whereas before, they had no recourse.

  10. Vport Post author

    Some people like to say, ‘God is Love’. This Love is heart based. Not lust based. Playing with the heart, cheapens and debilitates the heart. Adultery is one of the sure-fire ways of debilitating people’s capacity for heart based love. This is merely scratching the surface as to why Adultery is a sin. An act of unselfishness is when religious leaders offer understanding that gay people WANT to love and be loved. Its not so easy in the gay culture of hurt – to find true love.

  11. shwwnn Post author

    Interesting, I thought religious people didn't have any moral intuition of their own.

    Since they always use the Bible and the church to know what's right and wrong, and they say things like: "where do atheists get their morality?", implying they wouldn't have any morality if they weren't religious. I've actually heard some religious people say that they would kill and rob if they weren't religious.

    Now, it seems like some of them ARE born with a moral intuition after all.

  12. Trev S Post author

    In UK when polled the majority of Catholics were supported same sex marriage despite an instructions from every pulpit to oppose it

  13. Big Guy Post author

    The media seem to ignore the fact that the majority of Christians even in the US are left wing progressives, they have just not been appropriated and propped up by big money like the Christian right has.

  14. Sensei Rich Post author

    The main and necessary component of religious faith is ignorance.

    Does that sound like a "good" thing?

  15. santiagowechsler Post author

    it doesn't matter- the catholic church is not a democracy its an absolute monarchy

  16. Zeldagigafan Post author

    Not to mention anti-life. If you really are Pro-Life, you need to find another idol.

  17. Felisha Post author

    Does the catholic church still baptize babies? Do white supremisist still hate black people?
    You can only expect age old entities to evolve so much. Even then, who cares. Why give them a chance? Centuries ago, there wasn't medical tech like there is today. So don't expect religious morality to shift with the time. I've not being inside a church in decades, nor donated to the tax free freeloaders and never will.
    And lets not forget the Inquisition, instigated by the catholic church.

  18. Juan Federico Post author

    Agree with everything you said. Except we don't have free will.

  19. gundamzerostrike Post author

    The Catholic Church and Catholic people are two totally different things. Nobody in Brazil agrees with the Catholic Church, but 60% of the country is Catholic. Unlike protestants ministers, who are always trying to say what you have to do with your life, Catholic priests here don't talk about these kinds. The Pope is very conservative and retarded, but Catholics and even most Catholic priest are progressives or neutral. In Brazil the homophobic people are usually protestants.

  20. Marvell Post author

    Contraception is the individuals business not the churches. Unless to homosexuals are groping and tongue bathing in front of your kids, who cares what they do in private. Same for heterosexuals.

  21. Dyvim Tvar Post author

    This is exactly why religious cons around the world hate financing fact-based public education and favor for-profit religious mythology schools. The more educated in reality one is, the less likely that one will be duped into believing old stories that have no corroborating evidence to support them outside those same stories.

  22. tricksterhuaun Post author

    This doesn't change the fact that people would still wanna believe in some divine being

    But of course, as long that doesn't harm other people, it's okay.

  23. tricksterhuaun Post author

    You're saying that only the deluded believe in gods, which I have to say, it's generalizing, and really offensive.

    Some people needs something to rely on because they don't have anything else.

  24. tricksterhuaun Post author

    Everytime I see someone saying "Religion's stupid, and everyone who believes in god is stupid too" it makes me cringe. I'm not saying that religion have only good sides, hell, I'm a atheist, couldn't care less about religion.

    But there's some people who hates religion just to feel a smug sense of superiority.

    For these type of people out there, I just want to say, no, you're not smarter than anyone who believes in god or not, you're just a childish prick.

  25. Abnormal Wrench Post author

    You better buy a lottery ticket, because you're far more likely to win at that.

  26. elitemathlete Post author

    Even the pope doesn't believe the bullshit he's peddling anymore. The catholic church is dead everywhere except the more rural and conservative areas of subsaharan africa.

  27. aaron Post author

    remember 99% of people who consider them christians never read the bible

  28. Avernalism Post author

    You're wrong. People are not any wiser. You're trying to share the limerance of a new, culture of web connected atheists and the (perhaps merited) feeling of intellectual superiority over religious peoples. In reality our technology is advancing in a way that allows us to satiate our needs (typically sins) more quickly and more often, which in itself creates a conflict. Since religion is not innate it softens over time to allow more frequent consumption of sex, food, and entertainment.

  29. ReliableInsider Post author

    I didn't realize that a majority of American Catholics favored gay marriage! That's really good news.

  30. HippiDippiWeatherMan Post author

    it was a simple way to keep order when education was tedious. so it was reserved for the elites.

    the rest would have to be kept in check through brutality and superstition.

    after the printing press (the road to freedom through education for all) – the elite refused to relinquish control.

    then came the age of compulsory schooling and propaganda

    then came the INTERNET. and now we see a new struggle to maintain power and "the order of things" – this could be the orwellian perpetual war era.

  31. E Wagar Post author

    Well it sure says something about believers if they buy every word of ancient scripture without the shadow of a doubt without any proof even if it means treating other humans less because your scripture says so. I don't look down at religious people at all, I just would like them to be more tolerant. I'd rather live in a world of "asshole atheists" than "the worst of the wingnuts", because those really scare me…

  32. Charge Post author

    if you believe in God you believe that homosexuality is a sin, so those who do not believe what is said in the Bible should reevaluate their thinking on why the church teaches this.

  33. Swidhelm Post author

    Good. Because honestly, their hate doctrine is getting really tired.

  34. Swidhelm Post author

    But if the catholic church goes through reform . . . I don't know if you've noticed, but Christians currently, at least in the west, do not stone people for working Sundays, or put cities to the sword if they turn from the religion. They have to evolve, or they will become obsolete.

  35. Dyvim Tvar Post author

    People who hear voices in their heads that no one else can hear, or see things that no one else sees, are known to be suffering from delusory auditory and visual hallucinations which are cured with anti-psychotic medications. It's only if you claim they are of your version of "god" that you can get away with it.

  36. FilterExel Post author

    Fancy that. Seems like a lot of religious people can be quite reasonable. Huh.

  37. TheCrustyFry Post author

    No way, what I am calling him is the false prophet an ally of the antichrist.

  38. Trueantitheist Post author

    Ya but not believing in iron age myths is one step up.

    Science is the future religion is the past deal with it.

  39. tricksterhuaun Post author

    You must know some pretty interesting people if only the catholics you know hear voices or see things.

  40. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    People are not any wiser you state,now thats a stupid thing to state,would`nt you agree.
    As for the feeling of intellectual superiority over others,I have no such feelings and never will have,As my comment clearly states,`we are ALL free willed individuals`.
    Technology drives our species forever forward unlike religion which tends to stultify EVERYTHING including a free mind.
    As for more frequent consumption of sex,food and entertainment,bring it on 🙂
    Religion is not innate,that says it all lol

  41. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    Tell that to the victims of religiously motivated killings.
    Thanks for your comment as its really appreciated.

  42. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    Great comment and thanks so much for your time.
    Every thing you state is fact.

  43. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    When using that expression I did so, for it to be read in a broader sense.
    In other words,as free willed individuals we should not be forced by anyone to believe in what others think we ought to.
    Thanks for picking me up on that point.
    And thanks for your comment.

  44. Herb Burnah Post author

    The catholic church is in total contradiction with the teachings of Jesus. I believe in God but I respect atheists because they have a logical and intelligent viewpoint. The fact that the catholic church even exists is evidence that God may not exist. Why would God let religions murder, rape, and molest people? The catholic church does not serve God. The catholic church serves the almighty dollar. I guess it makes sense being that money is fake and made up.

  45. Herb Burnah Post author

    You do make a good point concerning actions being what is of value. I do have to disagree though about the A- hole atheists acting elite. This is why, when an atheist disagrees with a religious person they may act superior and they may insult the intelligence of the religious. That's the extent of it. But the religious wingnut will kill anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest. Religious texts are filled with stories glorifying violence against those who have a different opinion.

  46. 2MakeTheDifference Post author

    1Corinthians 6:9-11 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
    Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
    And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

  47. tricksterhuaun Post author

    If someone kill other people because they are motivated by religion, so, as any other type of killing, this person is mentally unbalanced, regardless of his so-called 'motive' to kill.

  48. Dyvim Tvar Post author

    I really think that asshole theists, acting like they alone are better than everything else in the whole of "creation", and talking about fact-based scientists as if they're retarded and sub-intelligent, are WORSE than the worst of the wingnuts.

  49. Cloudsol Post author

    If you cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, then you have a mental illness.

    Not quite as bad as retarded.

  50. Alex R Post author

    How can you call someone who is preaching peace and love an antichrist? Doesn't Christ himself teach the same?

  51. Alex R Post author

    You do realize that catholic means universal? If the Catholic church can't include anyone then it will die.

  52. Ian Tester Post author

    As long as Catholics go to church, they're giving it money. With that money they can then build more churches in Africa and push anti-contraception lies, or campaign for "anti blasphemy" laws in the UN along with Islamic countries. Or any number of backward measures. And all tax free!

  53. Avernalism Post author

    It's difficult to make your intent perfectly clear with so few characters. I dont think we, as a whole have become more miraculous because we all understand and accept the scientific method, or can apply that sort of rationale to our daily lives. I just think that as the things once called sins become more readily available, and no longer pose the threats our ancestors once favored, we are free to satiate our needs, and no longer rely upon the rigid interpretation of religious texts.

  54. Avernalism Post author

    And no, people are not wiser, they let the acheivements of a few guide them, and their new understandings are spread. Everyone does not have the time to deeply understand what the academics who study these as a profession do. For most of us, these facts are simply passed down to us, to be understood only as a measure of someone elses conclusions. Mostly social, but functional when applied constructively. Most people wont do this. Not JUST religious people.

  55. Greg Marat Post author

    If there was a way ti find out if a fetus was gay would Christians abort it?

  56. glitterjeezy Post author

    I feel like we should say Iran as Irahn and Irahnian… Eye-rain-ian would be the worst way to say it.

  57. glitterjeezy Post author

    Why would the Church become "obsolete"? The Church adjusted to accept women as equals in a marriage and slavery as wrong, and it will adjust, EVENTUALLY, to accept that gay people are equals and deserve equal rights.

  58. politicsthatmatter Post author

    The title is misleading, it should be:
    Most Catholics Disagree w/ the Bible on Homosexuality & Contraception

    Which is just bizarre while at the same time, understandable 😛

  59. TheFrownyclown Post author

    So go ahead and do anything just accept Jesus and you go to heaven. But if you have pre marital sex and don't accept Jesus, you go to hell? Nice one "god."

  60. Saint Anthony Post author

    Frownyclown: If we will be saved we will repent of sin, not use grace as a license to continue in sin. Read the book of Romans.

  61. Saint Anthony Post author

    The church apart from the Word is not The bride of Christ: Biblical marriage is the man as head of the woman, even if people claiming they are part of the church disagree. Jesus never condoned the kind of slavery practiced in early America. Newsflash: If you work for anyone you are a servant/slave biblically speaking. Homosexuals are already equals: They will be judged for their sin just as all sinners will. Like all who will be saved they must repent of their sin and believe the Gospel.

  62. Dan MCV Post author

    Yeah, and most Catholics don't even pretend to care what the Vatican says.

  63. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    Well,you have made your point quite clear I hasten to add.
    And if I may say that your comment is a worth one.
    I take on board your views and will learn from them.
    Thanks for your comments,its appreciated that you took the time.
    Thanks again.

  64. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    In all seriousness I`m of the opinion that all that believe in a given god are mentally unbalanced to a degree.

  65. TheCrustyFry Post author

    Oh you may think he is preaching love and peace now but when he introduces a doctrine that condones abortion, gay marriage, abolishes the sacrament of confession that is where he will cross the line. And im not calling him the antichrist idiot, read the bible the lamb that speaks like a dragon is the false prophet aka a religious leader in the end times and a close ally of the Antichrist.

  66. tricksterhuaun Post author

    See? That's kind of thing that I don't understand about some atheist, some of them claim that they want people to stop believing in god, but at the same time you call them mentally unbalanced, I just don't understand. (just so you know, I'm an atheist myself even though I don't like the term.)

  67. Dyvim Tvar Post author

    Those hypocrites ignore all of the verses that say that Adultery is worse than homosex in the eyes of their god. Adultery is even one of the ten main things their god commanded his followers abstain from. Yet whenever prominent "family value" christians are caught having adulterous affairs, they are never treated the same as gays as their book demands they do.

  68. Dyvim Tvar Post author

    People who see things that aren't there, or hear voices in their heads that no one else can hear, are suffering from auditory and visual hallucinations, like schizophrenics. And yet, if you claim that the voices come from a version of whatever god, the ones who want to believe that the Emperor really is wearing clothes will give them a pass.

  69. PatricK WithaKay Post author

    live and let live my friend 🙂
    its straight forward really'
    `Faith` by its own definition is to believe without proof,hence an unbalanced mind for thinking like that.
    If people want to believe in a god,thats their choice,certainly not mine.
    I`m an atheist not an anti theist.
    The theists amongst us have had there way far too long,its our turn now to voice our opinions without restriction and to try and educate others to thinking more rationally.
    A free mind is a better mind 🙂
    thanks for replying

  70. attitudewithoutacause Post author

    who cares what any religion thinks . On anything!

  71. Zeldagigafan Post author

    Let's see. he sent the Flood, rained fire upon entire towns for the actions of the few, and slaughtered children because they made fun of a bald man. And that's barely a drop in the bucket.

  72. Eligos Duke Post author

    Catholics and Christians, Jews and Muslims.. What's the difference? Each one wants more followers, all books of God contradicts itself, each want power and control, each is willing to kill each other over religious disputes, the originality of Christianity, Jews and Muslims in the Middle East are at war with each other. Please, continue doing Satans work. It makes me giggle everytime one of "you" die

  73. mrwalnuthero Post author

    this is very true. in my church the young people accept homosexuality

  74. chubbygecko7 Post author

    I'm Catholic and I disagree with the church on homosexuality, abortion and contraception. I hope people realize that someone can be tolerate and still be Catholic. I still believe in Jesus, God, the Eucharist, etc but I believe the church's political views are intolerant of gays and attacks women's rights so I am a Democrat.

  75. Audinos Post author

    Only about 25% of Catholics in America actually go to Mass every week. The rest of them are Catholic in name only.

  76. Unclenate1000 Post author

    If you don't agree with Church teachings then just don't be Catholic. Be intellectually honest and leave, like i did.

  77. Marci HF Post author

    These are the cafeteria Catholics say this.

  78. Marci HF Post author

    I do not know any Catholics that are abortion. Some will accept it but only in extreme medical conditions.


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