Mormons and Catholics, WORDS OF WISDOM/ RVING FAMILY

By | October 9, 2019

We got some very good friends here in Villa Corona Justin and Leilani and their family. Very good guys Introduce yourselves Por favor. I’m from here from Guadalajara Near Villa Corona. I’m right now living here I’m a seminarian. I hope to be a Priest in four years from now Jose, in Spanish Service and I’m Jael Casillas. I’m a seminarian too. Just like Enrique And he made us Mola. My mom made Mola Well I live in Guadalajara to, I am here in Villa Corona I teach classes and school It’s seven Doing some other things in the parish then here’s the first place we met Justin and Leilani Ok so one thing of advice, what is your word advice I think what you are doing and Family meeting people meeting people I think is the best thing you can do in life because you You know what love is what anger is what Fun is and whatever you share it with with people. So get to know people and love people Si advicia?????? Want to know though Kids your family super important see because you witnessing something that many people here around the world on a Mexican or Catholic or whatever they’re afraid to have kids a Big family. That’s what he says and you you are like it some witnesses. They’re witnessing something about it, which is cool Well my advice First of all, don’t don’t be afraid of Mexican And well keep your family together United that’s a good testimony what you both do with your kids It’s really nice. And that’s what most of us need to learn to be together and you Know good things and bad things but together that’s not my advice love and love a lot Figure this what’s your word of advice? Wrapping this up we’re wrapping this up. This is our last night in Villa Corona Mexico My advice is that I teach my children that people are lifes greatest treasures and that’s true! Adios Mexico See you soon Leilani and justin, we will see you and your family soon You have a home here in Mexico That that we don’t have The ability to say no and the world allows everything And that’s not how it should work. We work with boundaries We work with limits and we have to know that to know them and to be able to handle them and nowaday nowadays Millennials then they don’t know what boundaries are because everything comes to them so easily You can find them in the internet. They can find it with friends. They can find it wherever That’s too bad because they can’t handle Frustration they don’t know how to handle a boundary and we are made of boundaries Jose what can we do what can we do (as religious leaders for individuals and communities?) Go ahead One of the things I can see New generations grow up later emotionally, mentally, because of the parents Are they responsible for it because parents they don’t want me to suffer what suffer what they did when they were kids So they spoil them. They give them everything they want and they give it right away. And that’s what he says because they don’t mark them Because they don’t set limits, children grow up depending a lot on their parents If parents don’t get them they don’t know what to do when they have to face life by themselves they scared They want to get the easiest way, just run away, which is…. death And that is why parents have the Solution for it, I heard this thing’s giving me here in Villa Corona. I don’t know where or who I heard it from He said parents need to educate kids their own children with a little hangry…. umm. hunger hangry, hungry They need to… hungry, hungry… and a little bit of cold So make them uncomfortable because they need to, by themselves how to get that comfortably Because if they don’t get it themselves, their parents… will not be here forever That’s why they need to be… parents need to make them… strong people for life. Not people depending on another people, another person That’s why kids right now, they don’t know what to do. When they grow up. So as religious leaders what What can you do for people? versus like a psychiatrist or a social worker like what is your a role I will ask Jose first. I Think well, I have kind of two answers for this first of all We have to understand what religion is Because it just came to my mind in the state’s a lot of people say I’m not religious right and to To say that they don’t practice any religion or any belief, right? and everyone every person it’s by a sense religious because religious comes from two terms in in Latin really getting to tie once again and People are tied to each other and to something above people right? So we’ll everyone is religious and Not everyone practice certain belief or a certain Way of life or church or whatever, but everyone is religious. So What the religious leaders must do guide this tying again one’s Soul and the other person’s soul to something more meaningful to them and I think the first thing that we have to and this is the second part of the answer the thing that we have to Work with people or to teach in people is a correct the concept of freedom because today and The concept of freedom is understood as to do whatever you want and that’s not freedom freedom is to do what one must do and one is made to do for example and They say that I have freedom to choose Whatever ice cream I want but if I go to the ice cream shop, and there’s no chocolate ice cream Then there’s no freedom for me because I cannot choose chocolate and I want chocolate. That’s not freedom but freedom Resides in me freedom lives in me the power of choosing of Choosing what I can choose and right now I cannot choose chocolate So my freedom does not depend on chocolate But on me knowing that there’s no chocolate and I can choose whatever else there is And this is a very basic example, but take for example I don’t know one of the hottest topic right now gender equality, right and People nowadays say that you can choose from 48 or 72 or whatever genders there. Are there can imagine in the country, right? But that’s not right you can you can’t choose what you are. You are made a or a man or a woman and Choosing everything else. It’s not your choice because there’s no freedom in that So we have to teach people or or their religious dating stuff I think depends on the correct concept of freedom and when one person Finds out that correct concept of freedom then you can live freely and you stop being slaves or of Lies and stuff like that. I think religious leaders need to base in their Me with them know them because that’s the way we could know what they suffer how to help them that part and the other one is Not to be afraid of guide them to God or tell them about there’s a God because God is true God is the truth and he is love and that is the only answer they can get for the right And people doesn’t want to know about it well That doesn’t mean that as religious religious leaders They should stop talking about it because that’s why they are leaders of for faith They need to guide people Not to their faith but to God And that needs to be brave for everyone And I think that is one of the greatest solutions we can do Love it. I love the freedom portion. Look, I’m sorry Jose. I didn’t understand a word you said I’ll have to go back and listen I heard Casa and ummm A Que and a couple others But the freedom support, I love it because in America when we started America The way we we found freedom is the pastor. It was called the black robe brigade and a pastor would go and teach Sermons on freedom and what it meant and that’s what started the revolution in America. So I love that things that Oh, We need masters to do that again To understand freedom And be more bold and talk about God Think as Catholics and Mormons and all of them religious people We need to be more bold or we’re going to lose the freedom. We need to discuss God

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    Nice video interesting points of view, mormons and catholics having a good chat. Greetings from Provo Utah, Ricardo López de Villa Corona Jalisco México


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