Monster Hunter – Felyne Village – Quest 1:Crisis! Sandwiched on a Suspension Bridge!

By | December 7, 2019

Monster Hunter Diary: Felyne Village on the Edge G Quest 1: Crisis! Sandwiched on a Suspension Bridge! What’re we going to do? What’re we going to dooo!? We’re in trouble! Serious trouble! This setup is a little unnatural. What’s going on? Ha ha ha! Going, indeed! It’s “G” for “going”! Poogie Poogie “G”… Hello, everyone! Indeed. Welcome to Monster Hunter Diary… Felyne Village on the Edge G! I’m Miss Meow. G! I am the Instructor! G! The Instructor is very excited to be here today. Today’s theme… What to do if you’re trapped on a bridge! This happens a lot! Even to me! Should I continue being an instructor? Or take over the family’s item shop? How do I choose? I’m trapped! I’m 36 and single! Let’s get back to the story. Knyght! Ask that Daimyo to let us through! Hold on, I don’t think he can even understand me. Just ask him nicely, with a friendly smile! I don’t know about this… My dear Daimyo friends– Ow ow ow ow ow ow! Hmm. The brain could confuse the soaring heart rate from fear… with feelings of love. This misattribution was found in a study conducted on a bridge. It’s happening here, too. You’re actually kind of cute… Maybe we could go grab a bite to– Ow ow ow ow! You’re so aggressive! This romance may not work out. Poogie. Romances that begin with misattribution rarely last long, I hear. “You were so strong and manly during training!” “But I lived with you and found out you were just a boring old guy.” That’s what she told me. Unbelievable! That’s too bad. I have it! The perfect strategy to escape this situation! We must sever the suspension bridge! But the one who cuts it will be in grave danger… All right. I’ll do it! Captain! Heh… Let me act like a leader for once. Just try to make your way back to the village, guys… No! We’ll all get out of this together! And enjoy a slow, relaxing life in Felyne Village! Okay!? Kittie… You can’t do it, Captain. I’ll cut the bridge. No, Porkie. You were looking forward to that Well-done Steak. I will do it. Huh? Wait, then… I’ll cut it… Go ahead. Whaaaat!? Whenever you’re ready, Knyght! Just grab the rope as soon as you cut it. Cut, then grab… cut, then grab… Here I go… Meeeow! Cut, then gra– Huh? Everyone’s all right! Wonderful! Hahaha! How totally predictable… Remember, don’t try this at home! Bye now! Enjoy the hunting life! G!

6 thoughts on “Monster Hunter – Felyne Village – Quest 1:Crisis! Sandwiched on a Suspension Bridge!

  1. Funhow123 Post author

    I’m pretty sure that tigrex just wants a hug… also I love this

  2. DKX Post author

    I swear this game needs a international release


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