Misconception That Secularism Is The Path To Unity – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (18 Nov 2019)

By | November 18, 2019

What is the best way to promote unity? Is
secularism the way to unity and peace in the world? Do the people become more
united? Are they more holistic? Are they more gracious? Are they more forgiving?
Are they more sacrificing for the country? Or do we have a people, because of
secularism, a people without a soul, without a conscience? Because of secularism,
today many people have no more conscience. They cannot tell the
difference between what is right and wrong. They cannot tell the difference
between falsehood and truth. And that is a real danger. Because people are blind
to truth and because that is what relativism is all about, promoted by
secularism, since there is no God, no truth. At the end of the day, people are living for
themselves. And the world is dangerous because when people start living only
for themselves and for this life only, you will not get people sacrificing
themselves for the greater good of the country, for the greater good of the people.
The world today is confused. This inconsistency. On one hand, we want to
promote life. On the other hand, we destroy life. That’s the reason why the
only way today to promote unity in the world is precisely what we are doing – a
multi religious, a multi cultural nation, where there is deep respect for
one another. And so today, we pray that it is through this mutual respect of people’s
culture, people’s religion, that we can truly promote the common good of society.
We have reasons to give praise and thanks to God because there are very few
countries in the world where all religions are respected, where all
religions can not just live together but can support each other.

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