Messengers of Peace Heroes 2019

By | November 19, 2019

This award acknowledges and recognizes the
extraordinary service of young people and their contributions towards three main things: 1. Peace and dialogue 2. Community development and 3. To bring relief in times of need. It feels honored to be here. I’m so much grateful for such a golden opportunity. We have Messengers of Peace Heroes from around
the world who have made contributions in their own community and made exceptional differences in the lives of those people that they’re serving. The main objective of this ceremony is to
inspire Scouts all over the world who pursue community service actions and projects that are lasting
and meaningful in impact. Let’s hear a little bit about their stories
and what they have to tell us. It’s about what is the impact for Scouts? What is the impact for non-Scouts? What is the change in the world that we see
now as a result from your project, or that we will see? So those are three key elements. You only have three minutes for your speech, so that’s plenty of time to get
your key messages across. Ok, so, hi everyone, I am Mourad from Egypt. And more and more people.
And more and more people… That we may live the same reality in our different
countries. Make a difference and to change the world, to change the situation for the better. And become active citizens
and great people that someday will be with us here as heroes. I’ve done so much to improve the environment
conditions in my country, Malaysia. Let me first introduce you tonight to our
first speaker. Hi everyone, good evening. My name is Mariana, I’m 15 years old and
I am from Mexico. We are full of hope and a real desire for
change. If every young person starts acting locally
we can make it happen globally and our world will be better. My project was to implement Scouting activities
with the most vulnerable kids, kids who are mainly being abused sexually and physically. I would like to encourage all of you to create
projects with a lot of commitment and love because love is peace. Scout unity is not about religion, politics,
age or colour. Scout unity is not about gender. Scouting is about creating a better world. Be prepared, thank you. As a young person, you have the energy, have
the time, have everything to gather people and work out solutions. You are important. You can make the difference. You must believe in what you are doing because
you are the change. From what we know better, we can create a
better world. Please be active. Believe in yourself because there are always
people around you who can support you in every situation and whatever it takes.

5 thoughts on “Messengers of Peace Heroes 2019

  1. Mohamed Hafidi Post author

    I was waiting for your "next gmail" but unfortunately I received nothing .
    Congratulations! to all scouts who have been chosen.

  2. charafdine Chakir Post author

    i feel more energetic when i see a big scout's meeting like this one 🙂


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