MassMutual | Community Service Awards | Thomas Badger

By | September 4, 2019

– Pottsville has a small town feel but there are a lot of
greater opportunities here. We have a lot of helping hands
and a lot of good business owners that are really stepping up
revitalization, taking the community back
where we want it to be. – This section of town really
doesn’t have a whole lot going on and most of the community members
are seeking someplace that is safe. – As a YMCA board member,
Thomas Badger led fundraising efforts to buy and
convert the town’s abandoned armoury. As one of the chief funders
of an autism clinic in town, Badger learned that parents faced
a shortage of treatment options. – We, then, found that there was
a program here that could be partnering with the Autism Group
and the YMCA. – There’s not a lot of programs
that help provide the one-on-one support for these kids. We’re lucky to be able to be here
one-on-one with the kids. – The parents here, we have
autistic children, so we can’t just send them
to an average preschool, but we can send them here and
we know that they’re safe and they’re happy and
their needs are being met. – Oh, good job, Al! – When you come full circle
from years ago just not knowing if you could even help out,
to seeing that you’re making an incredible impact in the
community as an organization, it’s just absolutely
heartwarming to me. – This year, the two top honorees
of the MassMutual Foundation Community Service Awards each
receive checks for $25,000. In Pottsville, Pennsylvania,
the money will be used to integrate autism services
into the existing Little Learners Program
at the Schuylkill YMCA. – Can I have a high-five? You did it, good job!

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