Mason and Partners: Impact on Community

By | September 9, 2019

[Music] The MAP Clinic is a really important
partner in the community because they are the first point of access for many disenfranchised
communities. They really serve the most in need population
and the most in need communities. We are a no-barrier kind of initiative and
what that means is that we don’t ask the question about immigration status, we do ask questions
about their ability to pay because we don’t get charged, we don’t charge anything. So becoming a no-barrier clinic means that
we are open access to anyone. That means that we get patients in and we
really are able to help navigate them to the services that make the most sense in those
counties for them. So I think one our biggest impacts has been
the ability to not just provide the direct provision of care, but to really help them
navigate resources that they otherwise would not know about or would not be able to navigate
on their own. It has been a very valuable resource for us
here in this community when we have a child who is ill, and they have no resources to
go to a physician, we can reach out to the MAP clinic. These folks are now connected to a medical
home so they don’t have to keep going to emergency departments to get care or going without care. We have patients from 108 countries and they
speak 48 different languages. We care for the most vulnerable in our population,
and we also recognize the barriers that newcomers to this country have. We offer language services, we have translators,
medical assistant translators in place, and we also work with the local refugee resettlement
agencies very closely to be able to help them navigate their patients successfully. I think that the most surprising thing that
I’ve been able to see since the beginning of 2013 when we first started is the need. I think that I wasn’t aware of how much need
was actually there, and it’s not even about the direct provision of care, but it’s about
the ability to navigate into this very complex health care system that is such a need. The other thing is that the ability to do
strategic planning with our community partners. In academics we’re able to see what’s on the
horizon and this opportunity has really allowed us to impact into the community faster than
I think we normally would have been able to, because we have a practice site to actually
do that implementation. I think that as the clinic has already made
a great, great impact in the community and I believe that is going to be even better. I think it’s a great impact here. I think it’s a blessing for the people who
live around here and have access to this clinic.

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