Maori Catholics prepare for Te Hui Aranga in Tauranga

By | September 4, 2019

Maori Catholics
throughout the country are preparing for Te Hui Aranga
being held in Tauranga this weekend. The event is a significant
celebration for Maori Catholics as a time to celebrate the
resurrection of Christ through sports,
entertainment and prayer. Easter is known for the chocolate
Easter rabbits and eggs, but is its significance to Maori? For these descendants
of Tauranga Moana their Catholic faith
is the first priority. We celebrate the resurrection
of Christ our Saviour. Each year, an event
is held over Easter to bring together Maori Catholics
throughout the country to celebrate the
resurrection of Christ. Coming together to celebrate
the rising of Jesus Christ. They don’t just pray, but play sport
and entertain one another also. Today Tauranga is preparing
themselves for the event before the wider Maori Catholic
community arrives this weekend. Entertaining our family
who may not be present for Te Hui Aranga this year. So we are giving
them a sneak peek at the haka group and
the choir’s performances. Te Hui Aranga is a family event
and why I like it so much. Te Hui Aranga has been
running for 60 years. This year, it is being hosted
by Te Puna, Tauranga. We will welcome the crowds to
Tauranga for the Hui Aranga. You don’t have to attend, but if you are faithful to
our Catholic Church. Tauranga Moana will host
this year’s Te Hui Aranga. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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