Making Progress In Our Spiritual Life – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (30 Aug 2019)

By | September 3, 2019

Very often, we take for granted our
spiritual life. Holiness is an ongoing process. Holiness is not something that
we achieve once and for all. Holiness is a journey that we take. There is no
question of “I maintain my state of life”. If you lose zeal in your mission, if
you lose zeal in your ministry, if you lose the zeal of loving people, very soon you’ll become very distant. If we don’t make time for one another to share our life,
to share our joys, to share our sorrows, to share our aspirations, after some time we no
longer feel for each other and with each other. Each one will be living their own
life. And that is really sad. So faith is like a relationship. We can never take
faith for granted. We don’t take relationship for granted. Relationship is
an investment. Faith is an investment. We need to make
time no matter how busy we are. While we say the church is growing, it
looks like, but actually how many members are really passionate in their faith? We need
to take our spiritual lives seriously. Otherwise you will lose your zeal. This journey is
a long-drawn journey. There is no question of proxy in terms of
relationship with God. You have to start praying yourself, you have to start reading the
Word of God. There is no proxy to go to Heaven. Either you go in yourself or you
don’t. So today, let us pray that we will stay
awake, so that we’d be ready when the Lord comes. We’d be ready so that as we
grow in holiness, we also can grow in wholesomeness.

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