Local Eagle Scout builds “blessing box” for community service project

By | August 30, 2019

A SOON-TO-BE EAGLE SCOUT BUILT A BLESSING BOX THROUGH HIS BOY SCOUT TROOP. KSN’S SAVANNA CYR LEARN THE STEPS IT TOOK FOR HIM TO EARN THE HIGHEST RANKING IN BOY SCOUTS. SAVNNA CYRDILLAN RUSSELL BUILT A BLESSING BOX AS PART OF HIS COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT TO BECOME AN EAGLE SCOUT, THE HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT IN BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.Dillan Russel, Life Scout of Boy Scout Troop #34″It was really cool to see its been used. Its awesome to have and to know that it’s being used as its intended and people are just, i’m making people happy and helping with what they need”TO BECOME AN EAGLE SCOUT, RUSSELL NEEDED TO ORGANIZE, LEAD AND MANAGE A LEADERSHIP PROJECT. WITH THE HELP OF HIS BOY SCOUT TROOP, FAMILY AND FRIENDS HE WAS ABLE TO BUILD THE BOX AND EARN HIS RANKING. Rodney Bechdolt, troop #34 scout master “Dillan is a very uplifting young man and cheerful. He is always willing to help. He’s a goal setter. He’s a hard worker.”Savanna Cyr, Reporting”Inside the blessing box are donated items anyone could pick up such as personal hygiene products, clothing and canned goods” LOCATED IN FRONT OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH IN DOWNTOWN NEOSHO, PEOPLE CAN LEAVE ITEMS FOR OTHERS TO PICK UP ANONYMOUSLY.THE BLESSING BOX GIVES PEOPLE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE WHAT THEY NEED AND LEAVE WHAT THEY CAN. Dillan Russell, Life Scout of Boy Scout Troop #34″You never know who needs what so its just easier to make something that everyone can take from” Rodney Bechdolt, troop #34 scout master”We hope that the people are using it is in need that finds a resource here that can fill their needs”IN NEOSHO, SAVANNA CYR, KSN LOCAL NEWS. TONIGHT RUSSELL WILL APPEAR IN FRONT OF A BOARD OF REVIEW AND OFFICIALLY BECOME AN EAGLE SCOUT. AN OPEN HOUSE IS A GREAT WAY TO SHOW OFF THE PROPERTY YOU’RE TRYING TO SELL. BUT REALTORS ARE WARNING SELLERS TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT

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