Local Catholics react to grand jury report on priest sex abuse

By | August 29, 2019

new at six so far the Archdiocese of San Antonio has not had any claims of abuse by a San Antonio priest named in a stunning grand jury report in Pennsylvania one week ago it says a thousand children were allegedly abused over seven decades by 300 priests among them father David Connell the former principal of Antonian prep school and the pastor at st. Thomas More Church died in 1995 our jester degree audit reports Catholics she spoke to say despite those findings they still believe in the church teachings of the church attendance at the noon mass was sparse but obviously devoted perhaps it’s why they made time in the middle of the day to be here but news of the decades of abuse by priests in Pennsylvania still on the minds of some Catholic churches Universal and this is just shaking up to show us that we did it wrong and that we’ve got to get it right it’s pretty awful that we’re here for the church and for Eucharist and not for any individual priest who may or may not have done anything wrong priests are human they will come and go and they are the church Archbishop Gustavo Garcia cn also has told other parishioners that he is praying and fasting for the victims and for God’s forgiveness and that the victims have to always be at the forefront of our concern victims first he said and we are working to ensure that these crimes are never committed again even though they can also contact the Archdiocese the Archbishop urged victims or anyone with knowledge of sexual abuse to call police the Catholic Church has shown us over the past 30 years that they can’t police themselves and the last thing you want to do is go to the church a victim at 10 and now an engineer in Houston Miller says the latest scandal is sure to trigger memories for many even now the Miller urges them to call the national hotline for snap that’s a Survivors Network of those Abused by priests we’re live downtown Jesse back we gather case had 12 News

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