Local Catholics have mixed opinions about the idea of married priests

By | September 9, 2019

[C13]MARRIED PRIESTS-INTRO Last month — First News told you how the Catholic faith is experiencing a shortage in men wanting to become priests… To fill that shortage — Pope Francis says he’s open to the idea of married men becoming priests… 27 First News reporter Christina Mullen stopped at a couple of local catholic churches — learning how parishioners feel about this change… [C14]MARRIED PRIESTS-SG [C15]MARRIED PRIESTS-PK Mixing the batter for Fish Fry Friday’s — Joseph Pilz has been a catholic all of his life…he says there’s a lot of responsbilities in being a priests. YOU HAVE TO BE REALLY DEVOTED TO BECOME A PRIEST. And he believes single men are more cut out for the job.. IF THEY’RE SINGLE AND NON MARRIED I THINK THEY HAVE MORE DEVOTION TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH THAN MARRIED MEN WOULD BE. I DON’T THINK ANYTHING CAN LESSEN ONES DEVOTION TO THE FAITH OR JESUS CHRIST ONCE YOU HAVE FOUND JESUS CHRIST, NOTHING. Geri Jaquet has also been with the catholic church her whole life… She believes it takes a person of great prayer to become a priest. YOU COULD BE MARRIED, YOU COULD HAVE CHILDREN, YOU COULD BE SINGLE YOU COULD BE A STOCK BROKER AND IF YOUR DEVOTION TO JESUS CHRIST AND YOUR DEVOTION TO THE CHURCH HAS REALLY BEEN TAPPED AND GOD HAS CALLED YOU YOU HAVE A GREAT PRAYER LIFE WITHIN WHATEVER VOCATION YOU’RE IN. NATS OF CHURCH Monsignor Peter Polando has been a priest for 37 years .. He says he’s seen many changes throughout the Catholic church — And he supports Pope Francis’ idea.. WHETHER MARRIED OR UNMARRIED, I FEEL THAT BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE CAN FULLFILL THE OBLIGATION OF BECOMING A PRIEST OF JESUS CHRIST. Pope Francis says that men who are ALREADY married could be ordained priests.. But single men who are already a priests cannot get married… In Youngstown — Christina Mullen WKBN 27 First News. Health care remains in the

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