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What’s up YouTube people and welcome to
another episode of people of color in Poland. I’m sure that’s the name now. So
today we have Ebby! Ebby. Ebby, where are you from? I’m from Nigeria, yeah. Born in — State. Right 042, shout out to 042. I haven’t heard a good area code shout out
in a minute alright Yeah, that’s an American thing though but
that one I just said, it’s quite– So y’all just be shouting out area codes
too, like at…? I don’t think so, not as much We don’t rep like y’all do. 803 shawty. And how long have
you lived in Poland? So this month will make my third year, third year here. Alright, and how do you feel, three years? Quite good, yeah. Three years being independent. living on my own okay yeah that’s great
quite cool. And did you choose Poland or did Poland choose you?
I chose Poland. I chose Poland. Yeah, it was a good option for university. My living costs were low. The university was affordable. It was an easy choice. What are you
studying? Economics. No. It’s not that bad It’s really not that bad. and so alright so I guess it’s your last
year and you’re gonna stay in Poland? I plan to. Okay, so you must be really comfortable?
Yeah, so far so good. alright and just because I forgot to add,
this is actually our first time meeting we met through Michael and she’s gonna
be my new friend, guys. I knew that. I knew that coming in. I had a feeling. So how has it been for you making friends here? It was easy. you know easy so to say.
Being that I knew some people, I made connections before coming. You
know and those connections happen to be the friends live with now so through
mutual friends you know my circle grew and also it was quite easy making
friends at university because you know being there five days a week, it was obvious. and so how
did you make, you said you made connections before coming here. How did
you make those connections? Well, the initial connection I made was through the
research for and of my University, like I went through I was actually through
Facebook and I went through you know the members of the group, my university Facebook group. So I went through it,
you know found a couple of names or people that I could relate to and I messaged them. It was
a bold move. Oh thinking aback, it was a bold move but I
messaged females. And then the males I messaged was just to give me an
idea of what the university was like. actually yeah Facebook saves the day in so many ways. It does. Social media and technology and so have you tried
learning polish at all? No. Okay, did you at least try or was it just–?
I did not. I did not want to try. Okay. I don’t want to try, okay. I
think like for me to get Polish, I would actually have to dedicate some time
to it. Yeah. Time I’m not willing to, right now. That’s the honest truth you know. Okay, and so how– I’m sorry to cut you off, but do you know any Polish words? I know a few. Mowie troche po Polsku. I’ve never heard that one. Movie troche po Polsku. What does “troche” mean? A little. I speak a little Polish. Oh, I just say Nie rozumiem. I don’t understand. Moj po polsku nie bardzo dobzre.
My Polish isn’t very good. That’s it. She’s better at this than I am, and I’ve been here longer. I’m trying though. And I have more free time than you. You are in University, I just be at the house. Well, that’s great. And since you’ve been here, what cities have you visited? A couple I’ve gone to a couple
you know I like to travel even if it’s within the country alright so I’ve been to
Krakow, Gdansk, Lublin – -Wroclaw. The one that’s called War-claw. I also went to the mountains.
Zakopane. What did you do in the mountains? Mountain stuff. Like skiing, snowboarding.
snowmobiling is amazing. Do you like trees? To look at them.
Well, try snowmobiling through them. It was amazing. How fast can it go?
I mean we tumbled over a few times so it’s pretty awesome yeah all right. Ao I
went there twice so that’s why I did all that. You what now? I went there twice. okay um and how was your first skiing
lesson? A lot of falling down yeah yeah but it was fun okay yeah I might have to
try Zakopane. uh-huh because you know I took my
first skiing lesson like ten minutes away from here in Ochata with the fake snow, and the artificial mountain with all
the children no. all right so what are some of your favorite things about
Poland? There’s a lot to like about the city you know. The way the city is set up. I like it. The mixture of architecture both
old and new mm-hm that’s nice I like I like the
public transport it’s pretty cool okay and you just be taking all. I just be
taking whatever oh yeah the subway Metro the tram, the bus yeah. I know it’s cheap. what how
much is it Depends on a student card and an non-student
card because it’s reduced from the normal. The normal is much more expensive.
student life, it’s great. Gotcha yeah okay and all right so what
has been your like interaction with Polish people? How has that been? A majority
of it’s been quite quite nice. They are very receptive and quite friendly you know
despite a few a few that the select few are not very, very nice but yeah.
For the majority they are very nice and they are always willing to get to
know foreigners some of them yeah and then this question that they love to ask
anybody. It’s like Why Poland? They’re genuinely curious as to why why are you going to
choose Poland and there’s some people some people really receive that question
badly you know mm-hmm they were like so some of them receive it in a such a you know,
tone of voice matters so if you say Why Poland? They can receive
that badly but from my perspective they are always willing to know like
seriously, there are better countries out there in the EU
you know why Poland? I also think it’s like some people are like when you say okay yeah I’m
from the USA and they’re like oh how long have you been in Poland? Are you visiting?
Are you living here? I say I’m living here and they’re like welcome to my
country like thank you. I’ve had you know thank you for choosing Poland. I’ve had that
maybe like twice but the question is you know why Poland? They
love asking that. And do you have like a little–? I just tell them
the speech, it’s cheap, it’s affordable. I came here to study, and I intend on staying, yeah.
and so I mean you know how the interactions with people are now because
you’ve been living here, but what hesitation did you have before coming All the hesitation only pertained
to the possibility of racist encounters which I really haven’t really
experienced you know but from what I heard from people that lived here even
longer than I have is that the racist encounter are mainly towards male. Yeah, so if you ask a man that has been living here, a black man I think I think he
will have a lot to say. See that’s kind of bothersome because you know like if my
brother ever wanted to come visit me that’s something that– I think that he would
definitely have more encounters with Polish men being racist towards him than
you would. so is this an appropriate time So is this an appropriate time to ask about your dating life? Well, when it comes to my dating life, there’s nothing Zero? Zilch. It’s not alive and breathing. Okay, so you’re still in school. You’re much younger than I am. Much, much younger? Yeah. When I
your age I wasn’t concerned about dating like that okay yeah I was just graduated
college, was trying to move to a new city– many people feel like now’s the time for
them to start dating. Wait, what? To be more serious. At your age? Yeah. Possibly,
possibly. Because I feel like I’m playing catch-up
you know I look on Facebook my friends are either married, engaged, or
married with kids and I’m up here trying to figure out what’s you know, can I get a 3rd date? But when it’s your time, it’s your time. You’re right. I’m
about it it’s more things like I just not pressed about it. It’s more things like I know how old I am and I know how old my
mother was when she got married and when she had kids and then you know I also
have like family members. I remember last time, well when I was home. I
hadn’t seen one of my cousins in a while. I just walked in the room just seeing
how he was doing. And he was like what you got going on? You know, I’m just home right now. So when you just gone sit down
somewhere and have some kids? I’m like Sir. I just came to say “Hey.” I just get comments like that. But do your parents pressure you about it? No, my daddy always told me he feels sorry for whoever ends up with me. My Dad tells me the same, so.
My mama tells me keep hope alive. That’s what they say when the hope is dead. That’s what they say when they’ve given up.
is giving up I guess they got my brother I don’t know? I guess they have my brother so maybe they’re looking at him like
okay maybe he’ll do something with his life. So that’s that, I feel you. Yeah. One day we’ll both– I’ve been on I suppose
one date. Only one? Did it go to a second? No, it stopped there. It was one date, just one. That’s it. There was nothing further. Did you eat? I mean yeah. He paid too. Okay! From woman to woman, I must ask how has your hair care? How have you been
handling that? but it’s not so bad, well it’s not all bad.
Okay. It’s not all bad it is a bit bad but it’s not all bad
okay because you can you can find hair braiders. okay all right you can do
the braiding thing. There are some natural, but obviously they’re expensive
yeah incredibly expensive being that they are imported or what not but that’s about it.
So if you’re natural, you’re going to be team natural
all the way. Braid here and there. Have you gotten a trim? A what now? I need a trim so bad! And then they blow it out? So like a cut, a hair cut? No, a hair cut is different. A trim! No. Because I wear it, I straighten my hair. So trims
are important and right now it’s in real real bad shape. It looks pretty though. because the ends are tucked. It’s like this for a reason. Oh, they’re inside? So just braiding? Just braiding. Okay, I did bring some packs of kanekalon with me so I might– Well, you can find somebody that can braid it for you. I’ll braid it myself. Oh, that’s nice. That’s fantastic. Yeah, it takes about 2 days. –you have to be
resourceful. Right yeah because I don’t even want to know what the braiders are
charging. Oh, they’re not that bad actually. If you can afford Uber, you can afford them. We’ve covered dating, we’ve covered haircare, let’s see… Safety. Safety, okay.
Do you feel safe? Relatively safe, yeah. Yeah, pretty safe because I
have no troubles walking home at night. Except for the you know standard fears
of being a woman okay. That is forever unfortunately going to be that in the back of
your head but I mean walking home at night I don’t feel like anyone’s
following me or anyone’s hiding in the bushes
no I feel pretty safe. Okay, I actually wondered that. I was walking to the store one time at night
and I was wondering that. I was walking to the store one day or one time at night and because like– Did someone attack you or? No! But it ran through my mind, should I have went to the store earlier? That’s standard.
Yeah. Just that you have to be precautious. All right, well that’s
good to know for anyone who’s curious about safety. It’s relatively safe.
So our final question, what advice would you give to anyone who’s thinking about
visiting or moving to Poland. I would say it’s a good idea. I would say do it. Yeah, move to Poland, come here! You’ll have a blast. I mean Michael will tell you. Oh yeah, Michael’s
in the corner. This is actually his place. On an honest note, I feel like it’s a great start. There are
many you know directions you can navigate starting here in Poland. Okay. Yeah, you can start– Is it traveling? Traveling is one thing, education is another as well, because once you’re in an EU country,
it’s quite easy relatively speaking to go to another
EU country to study. Right that’s nice my perception and I feel like it’s
quite accurate and to travel as well, you can travel through to EU with a karta pobytu which is the residency permit. Have you got yours? I don’t know the
names of what I what I got going on. Oh, wow. I just submit the applications they tell me
to and I wait. That’s pretty much it, but like yeah I feel like it’s a great place
to start but some may even go as far as saying that it’s a great place to build a family. Maybe. So it’s good for traveling. I know that when my residency permit comes
through, I’ll be traveling. I don’t know where? No idea? The first place I’m going, no lie and I know this is kind of–
Paris, isn’t it? The first place I’m going to is home, really I’m going home. I’m going to see my
mom and I’ll see my dog. Pet him, say what’s up and I’m gonna go get my hair
done. Can’t you do that now? Because I’m still in my application I process, yes
and so I know that some people say you– don’t travel. Well, the rule
is you’re not supposed to leave during your application but people do it and I’m
just not about that breaking rule life. No, no I’m not about that life either. You know what Ebby. Thank you so much for agreeing sit down. We have been struggling. This is
our third take, cameras have died, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. There is a way.
So that’s it for us. Thank you guys so much for watching.
Don’t forget to drop a comment below. What are your thoughts on this video? If
you have any questions for Ebby, drop some comments or questions for her as
well and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! Can you hear me? Yes! Sorry! There was something that was so good in
a previous video and I can’t remember what it was? The previous or the previous
previous? Bye. And we finished! Done! you


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    Do Uganda next. I wanna know if Uganda is a good place for people of colour.

  60. Mark Davis Post author

    Jasmine for you to be single you must be surrounded by a lot of half-blind men.


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