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By | October 15, 2019

– Sex is important
in a relationship. Damn right. For me, it’s the difference
between us making it and us not. DARIN: So you’re saying
all you care about is sex? – No, no, no.
– You’re not listening. It’s important. That’s what you
just said, though. No, that’s not what I said. Sorry, y’all. I apologize, I apologize. I said that sex is important,
and if it’s not good, then yes, it’s a wrap. JOHN: I heard somebody’s
having sex around here. Man, you’ve got to sit down. I heard some sex right here. Hold on. Because I’ve evolved so much
mentally, it’s a connection. Has to be there. It makes the difference
having an orgasm or not. Everybody’s talking about sex. So I’m like, hold on. This is going to be interesting. What I’m hearing is, lust and
sex is controlling these women, and that’s the reason why
they’re in their situation. JOHN: This is how I look at it. You in your lane,
and I’m in my lane. But, I’m celibate for two years. My thing is– Really? Oh, yeah. Two years, what? I’d take my hat off
to you, if I had one. Somebody like this
[INAUDIBLE] though. He’s been celibate
for two years. Two years! You just barged in to
say that so fast, John. You should have waited till
the third [INAUDIBLE] John. Don’t tell me we ain’t
doing it off the riff, John. TERRELL: Hey, two
years, does it work? I love you, John,
but as soon as you tell me you were
celibate for two years, I was Speedy Gonzalez. Meep, meep, good
to see you, John! I’mma tell y’all something. Listen, listen
what he’s telling. Let’s hear it. The only way I
was able to do it is because of my spiritual side.
– Right. All right. So it’s a “you
reap what you sow.” We do. Thing is, I’m finna pursue
you, pursue you, pursue you. And I know in my spirit and my
mind that I’m playing a game. If I damage you, damage
you, and damage you, He gonna make me pay. So I have to hold myself to a
high level of accountability. So, what does sex look
like for you the next time when you do have it? When I’m married? OK. You my wife. I’mma be your
freak, and I’mma be everything you want me to be. I think that John is very
intelligent in letting us know, this is what I’m here for,
and this is what I believe. I’m celibate, and
here my reasons why. And I really respected that.

56 thoughts on “John Declares His Celibacy to the Singles | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. colettep9 Post author

    Celibacy is valuable and important in the discovery of self! I applaud you!

  2. N Epps Post author

    I didn’t think a man like this existed, and now that I know they do, that affirmed for me that I am waiting for my man of God.

  3. Tiffany Jackson Post author

    I'm celebate almost 2 years, how can I hook up/meet/link up with John?

  4. Belinda Lindsey Post author

    It didn't go over well. He didn't speak well of himself.

  5. Ms. Wade Post author

    I applaud John for openly speaking his truth in an intelligent manner. Celibacy has allowed me to be more focused and I am mentally physically spiritually and emotionally renewed. Bless you John and best of luck in your search.

  6. NaturallyNerdeeNicol Post author

    I was disappointed there didn't seem to be a woman that appreciated it. Bald headed is also a truck driver #alex2.0

  7. M I Post author

    Unconditional love is like the love a parent has for a child.Is John his original name or
    was it something else?JS

  8. Doward Washington Post author

    Ok, I understand that a lot of you applaud his celibacy. I feel that it's noble although making that statement at the table in that moment was definitely bad form. I think I would have held that secret in my pocket until I was one on one with a young lady I was interested in on the second or third date. Just my 2 cents 💱

  9. Nurse Malkia Post author

    Much respect to John👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  10. Heather Thompson Post author

    Love everything he said. Honest, straightforward & unwavering in his faith. BOOM 💥

  11. LaShonda Rochell Post author

    These women are complaining about not finding love or being found by the right man, they need to take notes from John. #celibacyisworthitinbeingfoundbythemanwhoGodhasforme

  12. Pretty Classy Lady Post author

    The only way I can be with a man who is celibate is if I really love him and I know he got some inches. Because then we'll having something to work with on the wedding night. Lol just being honest

  13. MsBdoll87 Post author

    This is so encouraging for those of us women who are waiting until marriage. Black celibate men do exist.

  14. Lily ZeMengist Post author

    @1:53 Glad you respect it! An A for that but you ain't getting none from John though

  15. R. Lewis Post author

    John is my type of guy regarding being celibate until marriage.

  16. Ms Patterson Post author

    Yaaaaaas John we need more single folks to keep them legs closed

  17. Oseyan Kelly Post author

    Ashima is a hoe. Very loose and distasteful, she's Been Around the whole city..

  18. Not At This Time Post author

    John was the first to go, but he was the only one Ready to Love. Women like them complain that they can't find love, but they're not ready for love. They choose guys based on looks and wonder what happened after they get played.

  19. John Aristotle Post author

    Godly men get eliminated on this show quick. Last year was the pastor.

  20. Melissa S Morris Post author

    He doesn’t need to be in this group. These women are foolish and that’s why they single and thinking from the physical.

  21. Kay Taylor Post author

    Brothers like John truly do exist and don’t play games. Despite the negative portal push out Thru media pertaining to black men

  22. D H Post author

    I knew he was outta there lol. These dudes lame af on this season.

  23. Notary Wellness Mentor Post author

    That’s the problem with y’all. If you want you’ll learn more to know a man ain’t for you. Y’all so fast!

  24. Tammi B Post author

    Give this man my number
    He is exactly the type of man I am praying for. 😊

  25. Omonike Efunyale Post author

    Celibacy is a beautiful thang. One can accomplish so much during that time.

  26. SARA Post author

    I can respect John for his decision…its refreshing having a guy get to know me as opposed to wanting to immediately get physical.

  27. Nichelle T Post author

    I'm so happy to here that a man still believes in me hope

  28. Sabah Squared Post author

    He is way tooooo mature for these ladies.We pray for men like him

  29. Lisa Love Ministries Post author

    Sorry John a strong godly woman isn’t on a reality tv show.

  30. KimberleeDeeJ Post author

    A celibate man is a refreshing find. Unfortunately, the second John said he was celibate it was a wrap. The ladies didn’t give him a chance. Honestly none of the men this season are standing out at all.

  31. Private Person Post author

    I can only hope that SOME of the women who voted John off did so because they genuinely didn't like his personality. If they ALL did so because of his celibacy, it's very unfortunate and a reflection of the time in which we live. I wish him the best and hope he stays strong. There will be someone out there willing to walk the path with him.

  32. mrs kay Post author

    He seemed like a nice guy and very genuine. But his approach was too much…almost desperate. He was trying way too hard to make them believe he was the "perfect" man. He forgot to try to get to know the women and create a vibe with them. His approach was a complete turn off.

  33. Penelope Parks Post author

    Yassssss, I LOVE JON!!!! Nah, I'm good, he's nice, tho🥰😂🤣😂I've been celibate, 5yrs & it isn't that hard-Nice ta see a, celibate man-mmmmm-

  34. Penelope Parks Post author

    Also-Celibacy teaches control, gets you in tune, with self-Really opens your eyes, if you're not in denial-Do we think about it? @times, but when I think bout, all the heartache, from past relationships, I'm good. No one can love me better, than I love myself😍🤩

  35. K Aaron Post author

    I’ll say it, If John was more attractive and celibate the women would have kept him. I don’t think his celibacy sent him home, his looks did.

  36. kierra grant Post author

    Celibate for 5 and he gives me soooooo much hope that my husband is waiting just for me!! God bless us all on this journey.its not easy but it's worth it.

  37. kay Jack Post author

    Nothing wrong with John. Better than being out here hoeing😂

  38. Sabra Hardy Post author

    Also dated a person who was about 5'2" and had a 9 inch monster and couldn't put power behind his thrusts and his tool was no good because he had no heft to back it up. I'm also near 60 years old. When younger I met a very well endowed person who was too rough and it was painful. So hopefully when he finally gets some he knows how to handle it.

  39. Courtney Gibson Post author

    I need a John… someone who is spiritually, financially, emotionally, supportive and caring to be with

  40. Sunshine Bethereason Post author

    They don’t make John’s anymore. A man who knows the path he would like to walk.

  41. De'Loria G Post author

    I'm sure he'll be married in a year or 2, he's a focused man, a wonderful lady will be his bride. 💞🥰


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