JFK50 A Catholic President and the Church — James Carroll

By | September 2, 2019

I was a freshman at Georgetown University
and was fall of nineteen sixty eight i use to uh… hangout across the street from John
Kennedy’s house in georgetown I use to eavesdrop on pierre salinger is briefing
the press at the end of the afternoon i was a young democrat the election John Kennedy for me a young catholic patriotic a member of ROTC uh… a person sort of schooled in all of the American
beliefs of nineteen sixty it was a dream come true you know what’s not fully appreciated it is it while knowing
how John Kennedy changed united states of america by being its first catholic president few people understand how much he changed the catholic church by being so American when Kennedy told the protestant ministers in Houston that
he would resign his office he didn’t say he would resign his office if you came in conflict
with the vatican he said he would resign as office if he came
in conflict with his conscience the primacy of conscience was his watchstone and uh… what really strikes you when you look back on that was
he was anticipating the second Vatican council which can be summed up as the catholic church finally
affirming the primacy of conscience over doctrine over church authority even John Kennedy was a uh… a liberal modern second vatican council
catholic before the council

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