Jesus vs. Horus

By | September 1, 2019

with Jesus based on the Egyptian god Horus many missis’s claim Jesus never existed it was just a copy of the deity Horus they claim there are several parallels which prove this such as Horus was born of a virgin Isis on December 25th and a cave a star in the east announced his birth and he was visited by three wise men he had an earthly father named SEM which translates to Joseph he was baptized by an up the Baptizer he had twelve disciples he performed miracles like walking on water and raised el Osiris from the dead he gave a sermon on the mountain was crucified between two thieves buried for three days and was resurrected he was called Christ and noted one the way the truth and the light Messiah son of man and many other titles that are applied to Jesus so it is pretty clear the story of Jesus is just a myth copied from the deity Horus well that might be true if any of these claims about Horus were in fact true the fact is most of this nonsense is a lie and we can’t find it anywhere in ancient Egyptian literature first off horses mother Isis was not a virgin it was actually married a horse his father Osiris and she has shown in depictions as a falcon hovering over an erectus iris there is no reason to think Isis was a version as most Egyptologist do not even claim this one legend even has Isis sleeping with the dead body of Osiris and Horus was conceived from that so there is no reason to think Horus was born of a virgin there is also no evidence Horus was born in a cave let alone a manger James Frazer says Horus was born in a swamp and there was no evidence of a star in the east or three wise men let’s also remember in the Gospels it doesn’t say three wise men visited Jesus it says an untold amount of Magi visited Christ after his birth but it never says three as for December twenty-fifth this also cannot be confirmed one reference as Horace being born in November whereas Plutarch says Horace was said to have been born around the winter solstice but there is no evidence for the 25th in particular also Jesus was never confirmed to have been born on December 25th it was just an estimate based on early calculations but never confirmed or written in the New Testament Seb was never said to be horses earthly father in fact Seb was a God the god of the earth or the earth itself and there was no linguistic connection in the name of Joseph some references say said was a father of Osiris not Horus there is no Egyptian scholar who has ever heard of Anoop the Baptizer this was just made up out of thin air by missis’s Horus was never said to have twelve disciples some legends say he had four and some just say he had an untold amount Horus did perform miracles but that would be expected from any deity as for walking on water there is no evidence of this he also didn’t raise Osiris from the dead Osiris didn’t come back to life but remained in the underworld to serve as God of the Dead plus there is no evidence of Cyrus was ever referred to with the prefix el this is just not true in Egyptian mythology there is no evidence Horus gave a sermon on the mountain no evidence he was crucified let alone between two thieves no evidence he was buried and no evidence he was resurrected he was never called Christ anointed one the way the truth and the light or any of these titles commonly associated with Jesus modern missis’s has simply lied or lack any ability to do accurate research because all these supposed claims about Horus simply do not exist in Egyptian mythology and until these mists assists provide actual original source evidence for these claims there is no reason to believe them so since that is the case there is no evidence jesus was a myth based on Horus you

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  1. Juggalo Jesuit Post author

    HI SAMANTICS (of MeetMe)
    waves like Forest Gump at lt Dan

  2. Michael kilby Post author

    Wow more and more lies from the religious…. You can take this little Christians word for it. But if you want to actually use your brain for finding facts rather than excepting other people's facts there's way more on this subject you can find yourself that will prove this clip wrong.

    But you won't go any further… You were just told by a Christian that your beliefs are justified lol

    I know you people… You look no further after things like this you love to gobble up any validation even if it's false

    What a shame

  3. LOVE Post author

    Research African history ancient kemet land of the blacks. Kemet was named Egypt by the invaders.

  4. LOVE Post author

    Bottom line is this all religions are the same taught differently. I am?not into religion i am into the spirit. My spirit and the truth which is the light and will set you free! Peace love abundance to all and always remember love conquers all ! ❤❤❤❤😘😘

  5. Ted Bishop Post author

    No one named Jesus ever existed. It is all superstition.

  6. MMA And fight advisor Post author

    You got me until the end the end until the bias was reveled . "Jesus wins" what is this King Kong vs Godzilla ? Look for the truth, that sounds like a childish reinforcement on what you were told as a kid .

  7. Moore Point Post author

    Is horus,then a myth ? You ain't making a case for either

  8. Christian Social Media Post author

    If you are watching this video is because you are debating the existence of Christ. If you like fairness, listen to both sides. Jesus is The Truth, The Way, The Life.” Below fins the testimony of ordinary people who have experienced him as well as a documentary on him.

    Do not be deceive by the adversary Satan, the snake. As a snake he knows how to make you doubt that there is a God and that there is a savior. God Loves you whole heartedly, please watch the following and enjoy the walk of faith:

    1. The Bible’s Prophecy never fails. What was written thousand of years ago came true, please watch this:

    2. Testimony of people who have experienced a near death experience and saw Jesus Christ of Nazareth to later have a change of heart:

    3. Muslim man encounters Jesus and has change of heart:

    4. Woman with cancers has an encounter with Christ:

    “Ask God with all your heart to show you who Jesus Christ is, believe!”

  9. Kingiux Kingas Post author

    At the time when jesus was born there was a lot of jesus araund world they are all rip of from Horus .

  10. rajeev rahul Post author

    How foolshing you are takling horus born before the jesus in 3000 years ago

  11. brian smith-Jones Post author

    Why dont you do anyone v anything without the stupid background music…

  12. Afrikan Power Post author

    jesus is not the real name plus he did not born on 25th anyway plus what u know about black people history because all of them was black and white people copy alot of things from africa and change it all around makeing black people a fool to this day and yes horus is real everything is on the wall what white do is take them off and there is not a name Egypt in Africa its kemet nothing was white back then until africa help u get out of the caves

  13. Moore Point Post author

    Did you just acknowledge that horus perform miracles and you just confirmed horus was a diety .. do you even realise that?

  14. Greg Morrison Post author

    Or is Horus Jesus.. and someone mixed the names. .. ??

  15. Sadoxell Post author

    There are so many mistakes in this video. Good try thou! I been hearing a lot about this topic recently and am very interested

  16. BolasDaGrk Post author

    Hey, lets all remember the gospels… the least credible reference on Earth.

  17. BolasDaGrk Post author

    If people want to make up stories, then call it research, it is equivalent to using the bible as "research."

    The only difference between the bible, is that it has multiple separate cave dwelling authors, and has been rewritten and altered over 1800 years. The first credible documents that talk about Jesus are dated over a hundred years after his death.

    Try playing telephone today, about a story of a person you never met, then add 1800 years to it. Now consider how educated people are today versus a hundred years ago, none-the-less a thousand or so. Just be honest with yourself, and others… and just say you have faith. Stop pretending you do real research, because if you really wanted to search for the truth, you'de abandon the very thing holding you from it.

  18. Robert balibrera Post author

    what a load of shit it's the shitstain race trying to take credit for something they didn't do very typical with low IQ shitstains these days they think they're geniuses they can't even pour piss out of a boot let alone read

  19. Pinda Butter Post author

    HIS name is YESHUA there is a meaning in the Name, maybe you miss that one, egypt bible is their wall so it still there if you wanna read it or if you can read it, we still amazed what the egypians back then had archieved, we still wonder about the technology the had back for me is easy to believe in horus bcoz he had Sun on his Head, meaning the story of the Son in the Bible and the story about the Sun as our energy bron is similar

  20. J Holyroller Post author

    Jesus Christ was true an Horus was a demon or Satan one God explains Satan an his agenda an ways of doing things he is king of lies Prince of the air he wispers in your ear lies to you non believers in Jesus name you believe in these aliens that are nephlim demons lying to you all please find truth Jesus Christ is truth anthem only way to the Father you will burn for eternity if you don't choose Lord Jesus 🙏 I pray u all that don't believe do

  21. Curio485 Post author

    The convincing truth concerning Jesus as the Son of God, the Christ, The Messiah, The Savior of mankind, and Lord of Lord is not left to the proof and confirmation of accurate history, or theology but is evidenced in the changed lives of those who believed in this Gospel. If the New Birth experience did not occur, the stories of Jesus would have died soon after his death. Because this spiritual reality cannot be comprehended with mere intellect, but is spiritually discerned, those not having experienced the new birth are vulnerable to skepticism concerning the historical man. The research is found in the heart, not in the head. Those who have believed are immersed in the Joy of his living presence which seems foolishness to those without.

  22. Expose Evil Post author

    Silly pagan
    Bible exposes pagan gods!

  23. freethesky10 blue Post author

    There is scant historical evidence of Jesus. Furthermore, there is zero evidence Jesus was the Son of God.

  24. vendella watkins Post author

    Hourus ls a false god…Jesus was the REAL WAY AND THE TRUTH!…Jesus said John 10th chapter…'"they are thjeves and robbers'."…devils and lieing wonders are all the mythical dieties.

  25. Chris Music Post author

    Horus was not crucified nor was he born on the 25th of the 12th month. Born of Virgo Isis and his father Osiris, Funny when Horus Head the falcon/eagle actually represents Scorpius. The Arabs & Egyptians, Jews called him Isa then the Greeks named him Jesus Christ. Isa was named after the Sirius star. Horus & Jesus had 2 things in common 1. Both carried the rebirth of Osiris 2. …………….. won't say but will say that the dates are wrong but the Jesus & Horus were real

  26. Read Nigga, READ! Post author

    if you actually read the bible you'd know Jesus aint GOD Acts 2:22

  27. Nyk Sun Post author

    The guy compares Jesus life to Horus not Horus to Jesus. The story of Horus comes first. The fact that Horus never existed is the Key. He's trying to convince you that the people who "worshipped" Horus believed he actually existed, NOT TRUE! Horus represents the Sun, he forgot to mention that. So if you replace Horus with the Sun, you will see the resemblance between Jesus and Horus.
    1 • Show me a picture of Jesus not replacing the Sun. Almost every picture of Jesus, has the Sun behind him.
    2 • The Sun has 12 houses or the 12 zodiac the follows it. Jesus has the 12 disciples that follow him.
    3 • The 4 seasons, the four gospels
    5 • The Sun sits on the cross of the zodiac, Jesus hung on the cross
    6 • Dec. 25th, The Sun appears to be born again after not moving for 3 days straight. That's the day you celebrate Jesus Birthday. Who cares what a history book with no dates in it says.
    7 • The Sun dies and resurrects itself every evening and morning as to sacrifice itself so that all life on this planet can live. Ain't that what Jesus claim he has done?
    8 • The S-U-N vs S-O-N. This ain't rocket science people…

  28. Elliott Nicholls Post author

    Many people before Jesus have been described the same way as him including Horus and nearly 100 others starting before 1500BC, Jesus is based of the sun, the son of god. His story is based of the transition of earth through the Egyptian view of belief, where through the zodiac circle and the formation of the sun in the sky from Bethlehem has created a cross in the sky. Three “wise men “stars passing across finishing this peice which is the sign they worshiped as the sun have them warmth. I believe Jesus is fictional and there is a lot more to it that will make sense by watching Micheal haggards videos however they are almost impossible to find as the top societies keep people under control following the rules of a fake cause while in the process stealing money claimed from the church. I was able to find these videos by buying one of those sketchy tv boxes which gives access to sites where you can watch low quality movies from when they have just come out etc..

  29. Diana Vee Post author

    Fallen angels have given many false accounts of there own "Jesus version" to corrupt the masses, then tried wiping Jesus off the map which they unsuccessfully did. It's sad how brainwashed we have become to the thought Jesus is not real. If he's not real why do ppl spend so much time picking on him? Why do we learn Greek mythology, Allah or LGBT in school but not this Jesus that's supposed to be false? Why is his name so threatening if he is not real?

  30. jason freddy Post author

    I'm Muslim and I'm glad that Jesus won . Jesus is love

  31. Shellz A Post author

    It's an astrological literary hybrid, about Sol solar the sun

  32. TwoCan VanDam Post author

    The most powerful in the world must know something we don't because they use Osiris' penis (The obelisk) in most important places in the world. e.g. The Washington monument, London, Central Park NY, the Vatican… Israel supreme court founded by (both the court and the country as a whole the Rothschilds who basically own every central bank of the world. And they are by far the most wealthy and powerful entity in the world. If they did a REAL world's richest list it would be filled mostly with the Rothschilds. All of that is FACT but as for why they are obsessed if ancient Egyptian mythology is another question.

  33. Suicide Kicks Post author

    I rather worship Egyptian gods and goddesses instead of following God tbh

  34. J Os Post author

    I know of and practice some aspects of the Kemetic/Ancient Egyptian religion. Although Horus/Heru is a fore-runner of Christ in that he was born of a Virgin being the goddess Isis. She had never given birth to a child before Horus, Primapara. Also there is a myth that she employed two scorpions to obtain semen from the body of Osiris, her dead spouse to impregnate her, a virgin birth, in the fact that it was non carnal. Another similarity is Horus being the Egyptian God of Light, fighting against the forces of darkness. But, Horus is not the only God born of a virgin, so was Krishna, Dionysus and Mithra and they like Horus and Jesus had followers. There is no mention as to what happened to Horus once he ascended to the throne of Egypt and got older, how he died or where he was buried. So, Jesus is not all special in regards to what I aforementioned. It is said that Jesus didn't die on the cross or even ascend into heaven as Christians believe but is buried in a mausoleum along with an Imam , Islamic Holy man in Kashmir. There are plenty of videos showing this burial site, here is one

  35. Fortacion Post author

    All yall believe this white man? Who hasnt even been to Egypt to read te hieroglyphics himself and interpret them correctly

  36. Pat Smith Post author

    I'm open to the truth but didn't find these similarities in researching Horus.

  37. Trevor James Post author

    "There will be days you will seek me but wont find me"

    "Who ever finds the meaning of these words will not taste death "

    "If someone becomes < like > (God), he will become full of light.
    But if he becomes one, separated (from God), he will become full of darkness."

  38. sooraj viswam A K Post author

    So both Jesus and Horus are myths with somewhat same kind of stories

  39. Josh Johnson Post author

    What is the book that even talks about this Egyptian god?

  40. Eric Jones Post author

    Christians have a book and that doesn't give evidence either. So, you're pretty much in the same boat. No evidence of Horus and non of Jesus.

  41. Avel Silva Post author

    Jesus is nothing more than the Man that took the blame for the Flower that had to be kept in secret……

  42. Uie Universe Post author

    wow i believed this myth when i heard a pastor saying it damn you really have to fact check everyone. i should have known most of the thing you pointed it out i already learned from YouTube like Jesus not being born in December.

  43. Uie Universe Post author

    i learn that there were flood stories older than the bible from Sumerians is this true? what does allegory mean according to bible i think it means simply man made stories like a poem possibly non-fiction. i also learned this from the same pastor i do not remember his name but he has videos on youtube talk about horus.

  44. I am The TRUTH Post author

    Horus never existed either its all made up stories that where symbolic of the things that happened in nature!!!

  45. Dilara ŞİMŞEK Post author

    Anladım. Cesarion yani Jesus İsa, Horusun enkarnesi. Kleopatra Meryem de İsisin enkarnesi.
    Osiris Cebrail.
    Seth Şeytan ve İblis Ashtar İnannanın babası, onlar da sürekli enkarne oluyor.
    Osiris İsis iyi kalpli, Seth İnanna kötü kalpli sapkın.

  46. NaVi ' Post author

    If People would just read the Bible,foolish ideas Like this Would have not existed…

  47. DShaye Towles Post author

    Horus’s tombs older then any book writing in history .. so anything after that would be fake you dopes or obviously copy written .. you have no facts of none of this where are your sources .. his tomb only outdates any source so I could you call the original fake & it has nothing to do with people .. that’s just a Christian way of thinking even if you like it or not it’s about principles/ teachings .. but hey

  48. The clan 2.0 Post author

    All you have come up with is the mother not being a virgin . We all know where this is going , in the age of breaking down the family unit lets go in with religion , whether the mother was a virgin or not she gave him life , most religions shunt the mother now . Convenient .

  49. paul mortimer Post author

    Judeo Christianity goes back 6000 years. Egyptians come later. the first six letters of the bible in Genesis in pictographic Hebrew says – son of the father destroyed by own hand on cross.

  50. vetb882 Post author

    Hah! !!! Nailed it. Crucifixion is a ROMAN Creation, long after Egyptian demi gods were alive.

    Jesus' birthday is September 11th. YUP, that's why satanic forces chose THAT date to scar the human psyche and commit their ritual sacrifice to demons they serve.

    Baptism is a Hebrew creation, long after Egyptian deities were dead.
    Osiris is depicted with green skin, does thet look human to you? Nah, fallen angels pretending to be gods are what those beings were. Genesis 6 says they DID mate with human females creating a hybrid species of demi gods, but they're are all dead and the watered down bloodlines of the psychotic Royals of today are all that's left. They have no powers, they've stolen all the world's wealth. They continue to inbreed and are as demonic as the devils they serve.

    Jesus Christ IS LORD OF ALL. YAHweh the Father, and YAHshua the Son.

  51. Andy Tegenkamp Post author

    Lol. All those so called god's are bs… The ones before and after… Christ is the only one..

  52. Roderick's Point Of View Post author

    No one seems to realize that fallen angels became the gods of many cultures. Corrupt watcher angels/archons caused those who followed them to create these corrupt religions. Myth or not that's where all of this is coming from.

  53. DataGuy Post author

    It's easier to debunk the Bible than comparing myths with myths.

  54. Meek not Weak Post author

    In the beginning was the Word (Yeshua the Lord) and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Yeshua existed before the creation and so are the prophecies of the Messiah for they probably existed before the egyptian mythology, while Horus was created by men who were deceived by darkness. Jesus is the Light of the world believe in Him for He alone can give you eternal life!

  55. Multicultural Xenophobe Post author

    I disagree that Yeshua is Horus. Don't get me wrong I love Horus but if the zeitgeist writers actually knew Egyptology they would know that Osiris is really the more christlike deity. He died and was resurrected, was much more closer to Christ in character. Horus was a bad ass. A warrior god. If there is a biblical parallel it would be Horus/ Michael, Yeshua/Osiris. Sorry but Horus was not a hippy.

  56. Edward S Winfrey Post author

    Someone did not do his homework. Better yet can't read hieroglyphics.

  57. Jimmy Kikwa Post author

    So what u trying to say, that Jesus is real and Horus not?

  58. dariusweezer2 Post author

    That was actually pretty weak 99% of everything said about Jesus is stretching to

  59. WhipperJesus Post author

    Liar! It took you 15 minutes to study 2,000 years of history? Clever aren't you.

  60. CHILD OF THIS UNIVERSE Post author

    I am certain that God created the universe and life itself, He must have turned the right knob and pushed the right buttons to do this. But what confuses me is the evil he allows to happen to innocent children and people. Wouldn't one think if you have the power to create an endless universe of unimaginable wonder and beauty that you would be powerful enough to convince your creation you truly exist? And God must be an alien for he does not suffer from the stupidity men do nor does he need to work or get cancer or a headache . But he is terrible at handling his financial affairs with every church all wanting our money so they can build bigger churches to gather more money from his sheeple.

  61. Michael Thomas Post author

    You need to catch up with modern historical evidence. It's a fact based on scientific astrological charts and time, was very accurate computer models, that Jesus was actually born on September 11th. The December 25th was hijacked from Babylonian worship, the birthday of Nimrod.

  62. alpha beth bereshit 73 - 37 אב Post author

    🐐 Thoth-Ningiszidda/ John 🌴the baptist , Horus/Jesus , its all very similar what has been written symbolically, spiritually and subconsciously from Assyria to Egypt to Jerusalem and around the world , they were the Anunnaki.

  63. Poging Bagetch Post author


  64. Libor Tomasec Post author

    Jesus was not born in December … read the Bible, you will see. Only the Rome (Vatican) strated to say so.
    And many more things, that are on contrary to Bible.

  65. Gladys Varvie Post author

    Thanks a lot for your support of the truth and evidences. I have no right to argue or to be critical. God bless you.

  66. Andrew Meinswift Post author

    I am Horus
    But I Am no god
    I Am Horace
    I am often called Christ
    Son of man
    Gods son
    I Am the angel
    The Aqua man

    But find me a wise men today?

    Now Jesus is my King
    I serve Christ
    He alone is God
    One God over all creation

    Let me see your miracles johnny?

    Now seth hates it

    But Jesus wins

    And RA, a sun god
    What apollo say of that?

    Thor a war boar
    Mars a retard with rubber dik

    Fucking tik
    Rather sick
    I want you dead
    So come for the head
    Of the last star fighter
    And I'll shove a side winder up your tail pipes you cold scum

    Only Angel's Serve God for One Reason

    They have no other choice.
    Chaos collapsing
    We are light and beauty
    You are dark and ugly
    You are cowards beyond measure
    Yet heaven is my eternal treasure
    Your foolish philosophy is empty
    Boring and confiscated
    Your stupid is legendary johnny
    Nothing like it sponge bob
    Eh tiny tin tim
    Fucking scabs
    How many worms developed z god complex?
    Let me see your hands

    Honey look,
    See that ass riding that goat
    Some god eh?
    See that goat getting fisted?
    Some kinda god eh,?
    Retard central

    Fucking maggots

  67. Zooko23NY Post author

    Cool… Now that you've debunked everything about Horus, debunk everything about Jesus

  68. Jay Bee Post author

    the story goes, when set/seth killed his brother osiris, chopped him up and scattered his parts, isis and nephtys went looking for his p;arts and eventually they gathered them. they put him back together, mummified him and resurrected him. before resurrecting him, isis fucked his dead body basically, got pregnant with horus, then raised osiris as the king of the underworld. not a virgin birth

  69. Queen of the south Post author

    Jesus was a soul carried by many people. The soul we call jesus was first soul every created and has been incarnated all over the world at different times.

  70. Ansel Thompson Post author

    Jesús vs Anu.. bis
    2012 star of Anubiis alignment with his sign Anubis in the air

  71. Ansel Thompson Post author

    Obviously Horus is à concept of the kingdom that some say Jesus is king of, not a mortal man, no mortal man is born from the act of a none existent penis. It is the symbolism of Horus that is copied and falsified in Christianity. Christianity is the beast (Rome) deceiving the world

  72. mike axle Post author

    Brilliant Video!!! please watch it all, I made the mistake of talking before

  73. Mike Marland Post author

    Who says that if there are similarities it's not to do with slavery in Egypt when moses parted water

  74. Robert Ayer Post author

    When will people come to the realization that all of these fairy tales of magic bringing back people from the dead walking on water is all a bunch of b***** that was created 2 touch the inner psyche of what people dream about that they want to be real and reality so they construct these things in order to control people

  75. Deano Drumz&Shuutz Post author

    Lmao. Damage control for Religious dogmas. Agreed, forget this nonsense. Suggest you examine archeological truths and parallels as illustrated pretty damn well by Ray Hagins. Before you dismiss it, you might at least serve yourself the free will to check it out right here on YouTube. I personally am intrigued by it to say the least. Blessings. D

  76. blkspirit blkspirit Post author

    Egyptology says that it's mythical all to it

  77. Hardy Maritz Post author

    Love how intelligent people discuss fiction and get so carried away

  78. Shtersea Zvarak Post author

    All gods have one thing in common: they're all fairy tales

  79. charbel saad Post author

    Jesus is the light of this world and he's the truth

  80. Kerm Williams Post author

    He was born when the leaf's fall off the tree's yahshawa

  81. Jennifer Finley Post author

    Several pieces of information from both Jesus and Horus were incorrect in this video and Egyptian were the one ancient culture that DOCUMENTED EVERYTHING

  82. Farkas Gabo Beetlegabko Post author

    What is going next? Jesus vs Chuck Norris?

  83. James Brother Post author

    Don't believe this crap! This Jesus character was just another fictional character in a Greek manuscript.

  84. Meshack 39 Post author

    because Virgin means unmarried in Hebrew so Jesus was not born of a virgin either


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