Jenny Doh and Manuel Gomez – Leadership and Community Service

By | December 4, 2019

And I think um the the phrase that you use just sort of he knew everybody in Academia. He could I don’t know make [something] that was trying to gain some recognition within the world of academics or By just his recognition of it and and we were involved together in El Sol and and that is an example of how Generously Jack Peltason Lent his voice to help us tell the story to a larger community because of course after Uc Irvine I went to ucLa for my masters in social work and then Was a social worker and then took sort of a detour to help with else’ll for a couple of years The Charter School public charter school in Santa Ana Mainly because that’s when our first child Monica Who’s now at UcLa? was entering kindergarten and she was we wanted her to go to El Sol, and it was a fledgling charter school and of course I was running around trying to Rally the The support from my UC Irvine friends you included jack included Martha included to and my former Dean Willie schoenfeld, ETc, ETc to tell everybody what we were up to our vision and again, I was so humbled and and excited [to] Receive the support for El sol because I asked and because I told the story of what we were trying to do Jenny is it to me another great example honestly of the kind of leaders that emerged student leaders out of this? University they [continued] their community service like your involvement with el sol and It’s not just community service and not just Engagement, but it’s an incredible dimension of quality that is part of the engagement as you know el sol recently Received a number one charter school in the state of California. That’s uh that’s Pretty Impressive really given all the charter schools in the state and this school has all Generally first-Generation poor Low-income students Going to the school

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