James Rolleston sentenced to 200 hours community service

By | October 9, 2019

One of New Zealand’s much loved
actors James Rolleston has been sentenced to 200 hours
community service and twelve months disqualification
over a car accident that left him seriously injured,
in the Opotiki District Court today. The boy star and his best friend
were seriously injured after the car he was driving crashed
into a bridge in Opotiki last year. Our reporter Rapaera Tawhai
with this report. He’s well known for his acting however today
he’s under another spotlight. The punishment given to Rolleston
is 200 hours community service and disqualified from driving
for a year, within those months
it’ll be evaluated further. July last year Rolleston crashed
his car into the Otara Bridge in Opotiki leaving him
and his friend seriously injured. Since the incident
he has always shown remorse. Since then he has gone
through a lot of recovery. He’s also been warning youth about
the importance of road safety. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

7 thoughts on “James Rolleston sentenced to 200 hours community service

  1. Gary Martin Post author

    Theres allways a hurdle n allways a guardian angel to shield you from that crash..everyone deserv a second chance. Kia kaha 🤔

  2. Maoriprincess _1 Post author

    Erh Thursday court in opotiki. Just the norm

  3. Tommy Rumney Post author


  4. Lynda Sutherland Post author

    Most importantly, he survived the crash!!!

  5. Stormbreaker Post author

    Im glad James Rolleston did not pass away due to the car crash James has so much potential as an actor and to make it far in life i hope James is doing well and has good support around him to help

  6. Sandra Carli Post author

    He should be a good example to other boys, instead of drinking while driving 🙁


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