It’s Time To Quit The Catholic Church – A Response

By | August 29, 2019

Hey guys, what’s up, this is Tom and today we’re gonna talk about is it time to quit the Catholic Church check it out Welcome to Church vid TV My name is Tom and I make videos so that people in the church and outside of the church Don’t feel like they are alone. Look I’ve been mad at God. I’ve been hurt by the church I felt like I was crazy and I felt like nobody cared about me and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way so whether you’re a cradle Catholic and you go to church every Sunday and you just feel alone or Something’s happen to you and you’re just super angry at the church I hope these videos help you feel like you’re not alone and that God loves you. Just the way you are But also God loves you enough to challenge you to help you grow So today I wanted to see what was going on with the Catholic Church so I went to youtube and just typed in Catholic Church the top 10 search results were all related to the church scandal and one of the top 10 videos was presented by thinking atheist and they interviewed a man by the name of Andrew Seidel and He posted a blog that was all about the scandal and wondering is a time to quit the Catholic Church spoiler alert He says it’s time to quit the Catholic Church, you know one of the things that really stood out to me was this quote if you still support the Catholic Church you are complicit in the Rape of children and it’s coverup And you know, I would have to say I disagree with what he’s saying here and the reason for that is my belief in the Catholic Church is not in an organization of men but rather I believe in a God I believe in a divine creator who has Designed this world and designed it with purpose and he has a plan for my life and I believe at a specific point in human History this divine being revealed himself in and through a man named Jesus Christ And this person was not only a human being but God in the flesh And I know there’s a lot that people were criticized about that statement But what I’m trying to say is that my belief is in Jesus Christ It’s not in the Church of a bunch of men see but at the same time while I believe in Jesus Christ I believe he established an organization To carry on his mission here on earth and so it is in that mission It’s in the mission rooted in the person of Jesus Christ I fast belief in and so in that mission and in that I denounce these actions I did announce the sinfulness of everything that’s going on and in the same breath. I denounce my own Sinfulness and recognize that I too fall short of being a good person And so for that reason I say it’s not time to quit the Catholic Church But instead it’s time to renew our relationship with who the church is really all about And that’s Jesus Christ And when we do that when religion is not just about rules and regulations But instead about a relationship, then things can really change So the article ends by exhorting people to ask their Catholic friends. Why haven’t you left yet? And I think that’s an excellent question and it’s one that we all need to address if we are to call ourselves Catholic No longer is that enough for us to say I’m Catholic because I was raised that way instead We must look at our faith and we must say what is this doing in my life? I’m sad to say that I’m sure there’s plenty of people that would say Nothing, and they’ll leave and to be honest I wouldn’t blame them see because to step into the Catholic faith without any kind of relationship with Jesus Christ. It just doesn’t make sense How do how do you explain a relationship to somebody else when I first met my wife? It was from a distance? I was like, oh she’s cute. And then I learned a little bit more about her from her friends like oh, that’s really cool And then I started talking to her one-on-one and and it just kind of went from there so – with God, I think all of us can see some good things in this god of Christianity we can see You know Christians saying he’s all truth. He’s all goodness He’s all beauty and there’s an attractiveness to there and then we can take the next step we can learn about him from other people Who know him and then as you get to know more about him from other people’s testimonies? Whether it’s the testimony of Scripture or the testimony of a friend of yours, that’s Christian And that seems to be living out that that life in its fullness and then from there we can start to talk to God on Our own and that’s called prayer, but this is a long process It’s the process of forming a relationship and so to the question why am I still Catholic because I’m still forming my Relationship with Jesus Christ and perhaps that relationship has been damaged by people who say they have a relationship with Jesus Christ But at the same time I looked to God and I have seen his truth I’ve seen his goodness and his beauty in my own life That’s enough to help me continue to hold on to this Relationship because God has promised us that we’re here for life and to have life abundantly and that’s a promise I want to hold on to Because I believe each and every one of us deep down inside wants to be known wants to be loved and for me My relationship with God is filling that and perhaps you find that somewhere else and I get it, you know It’s not always easy to just trust and have faith But what I would say to you is that from my perspective in some way. That is God Speaking to you through that other person or through that other community Whatever it might be and for those of us that are still left in the pews. I want to challenge you I think that the majority of people that come to church today and seemingly don’t care or not involved It’s simply this they come to church and there’s a ton of stuff going on in their life right now their job sucks their relationship Sucks. They’re stressed out. They’re tired and they’re asking themselves one question. Why does this even matter? Nobody even cares that I’m here? And so it’s up to us as the body of Christ to reach out to our brothers and sisters and let them know we care to share God’s love with them by just Acknowledging them to step out in faith and let them know that they are cared for and they are known god bless Thank you so much for checking out this video, I greatly appreciate it Please leave some comments below And let’s have a discussion about what’s going on right now in the church and whether or not you’re sticking around and what that looks Like I also want to encourage you to please support our patreon page, you know I want to make more videos specifically for people outside of the church People who are hurt people who are bored people who have questions, but they don’t want to go to church and frankly I don’t blame them sometimes so help make this ministry possible by visiting the patreon page and supporting us Thank you so much and God bless You.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Quit The Catholic Church – A Response

  1. April Grace Post author

    This was a FANTASTIC response. Great job, Tom, and PRAISE be to the Holy Spirit that He has revealed all of this to you. Keep shining your little light

  2. Ruben Villasenor Post author

    So you denounce the actions while continuing to support the organization that commits these crimes. The church has been covering up scandals since its very beginning, this can be verified by the churches own documents. It continues to cover up abuse and crimes. Your faith has nothing to do with covering up crimes. The question is not what is the church going to do but what are you going to do to change the church because if you think the church will change on its own you are sticking your head in the ground. If your relationship with Jesus means it is okay for the church to sacrifice a portion of its flock to protect the mother church is that really a good relationship?

  3. Ben Veenkamp Post author

    An extremely good response. I'm a proud Catholic because of my beliefs and God not because of the men who work in the buildings.


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