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By | September 2, 2019

on dave colour from the young turks here
to present the t_ y_ t_ nation video and of the week last week the winner presented by jane
was professor rich so this week when i looked at the four
nominees as trite everything i could do to pick someone other then professor
rich but i couldn’t do it of the four videos three of more
terrible and professor rich had a great video giving historical background of how catholicism was treated in this country
over the centuries and calling it islam the new catholicism so if you want a find out why i didn’t
like the other videos you got it just follow me on twitter at dave colour and meantime and meanwhile i present to
you maturity nation video of the week by professor rich
called islam the new catholicism on specialists you want to history we’re trying to sort of context of the
issues of the day apartment day is that this is in fact the police’s
united states and i just want to keep in mind that we’re talking about is lost
and all the state legislation attorney sharia law muscles journal mickey he’s working a lot for comparison
between the two religions but i’m not talking about the ology also please
don’t misunderstand but i don’t understand uh… sort labs were sabko reports
thousands of course the country was founded uh… by protestants from europe mostly in england breast your was was coming out period tends often violent uh… conflict with protestants
catholics and so those are the kind of development anti catholic center in fact uh… they’re they’re gonna a major pat terrorism uh… off a little bit this of course
the guy fawkes which of course is preferred deeper than
that you know arts uh… this is often used to explain how
ivan the terrible catholics for now the focus them on three different
election tutor court cases annex general session about that the entire cutback as on the eighteen thirties did because
when it houses do you feel completely healed is the irishman over and the after party catholic two women gregory and uh… a remarkable
co-sponsor today or cincinnati fiction for the time taken very seriously about before what’s the races ahead well be kapa kha monsters in factory uh… when she was kidnapped enforcement masarik underrated forceps
priests uh… and beatings ulster so those things did not happen pieces on
that position uh… they’re widely believed time in fact reflow led to the burning down
content and she planned kidnapped her and and in fact our political allies uh… based largely on anti convulsants
bogged down in texas they call themselves ironically
nightmare uh… that’s neighborhoods though not and you never really because
it causes an intense endeavor whatever as much as ever and ever did whether in
fact aca because every dat fourteen fifty three irish catholic in new york city eighty eighty four is
used to be a massive political fight over the funding of schools uh… in fact one of the reasons for public
sloan became a priority for this country is because mostly before mostly would be
uh… might have the character long tradition sense
capsule roughly one it’s a process that the other kids in
that case personages capsules impose will anyways or attempt to take educationally capt and in the eighty four is with the
government to get from school uh… the catholic church’s uh… loreto schools wanted uh… money
from their schools this became a big political issue in the new york across the country
spirit invest public schools use the king james files which is of
course the process bible in something called and got the reader uh… in their schools uh… with a look at the rehearsal
religious hurdles the capital interpreted probably correctly as as the anti catholic and of course capsicum forces capsules
that the policy i will show you now from eighteen seventy-five talking
american river cartoons and as you can c they uh… what we see here’s the river
subcontinent bc apple background and of school children sitting there and they are being attacked by what
first appears to be alligators there’s lots of sorts news from you and
your phone number counties uh… indeed children’s terrible uh… the deposit is out of the most
they are currently carpools hopes you can tell and bypasses the and this is a greater travel when they
prosecute catholics has come in for their children and with the
administration’s how important the gas education trim handicap also kind of initially nineteen twenty two when organ passes though don’t worry
compulsory education act is backed by the k_k_k_ he’s listing like that uh… it what it says it is that also
must attend public schools and this is instead heated up happens now nineteen twenty five sprint
workshops and working compulsory education uh… and so forth today we have a
robust system of private schools in the group catholic uh… running alongside helpful but
today we think about this battle for public participation in diplomatic terms for most american
history using reality in religious or political
process catholics which i think god authorities of the five savior’s birth
in addition uh… republican senator james blaine
will propose a bit of the constitution election pass the house by specifically for big pot of money i’m
going to try to education now is this because and he was a foreign teachers
unions of exporter publication absolutely not uh… this was because he was intact
happen plans but we think the capital city uh… he’s trying to use transcendental
tools now player will run for president in
nineteen eighty four it generates were clean and days before the election he will be
in a bit more uh… protestant minister stand-up and call the democratic party
wrong rheumatism andrewtani rebellion for three references civil war
was what happened uh… relatives closely to the side of it and return to
drugs uh… drew the ire german patents
retention although in reality the process of being
consideration practices yet and of course romanticism uh… which is reference to the caplets
now there is one of the remember this but wanted to give us the democrats were
great clever uses hoped for a catholics in new york city uh… e which swamy election broke
windows and win this election my point including only a thousand four votes in
the state of new york which is the same his victory but it does show you then
eighteen side eighty four company attacking catholics was
considered others in the political tactic onto
backfire blame looks like it’s nineteen twenty eight now the democratic party was founded
increase was broken into things around uh… you know put up a
series of electoral map from eighteen eighteen twenty twenty four in detention its nineteen twenty eight and i just want to look down at the
south eastern part of the united states which isn’t seen in years uh… it to the solid blue uh… during this time period these are the old unreconstructed
confederates angry about the civil war rejected the republican part and this is
an intensely races uh… and also intensely anti-immigrant
increasingly intact happen voting now interested in recording up to the
movies we’re winning elections five when the exact opposite they’re actually
appealed to him it appealing to captain voters so the democratic party’s the infraction
along these lines in nineteen twenty-four affecting
campusidea candidate uh… northern democrats want penthouse and
music applicants l from new york city butterfly william
academe who’s more the bigoted uh… southern politician based on how much can be in nineteen
twenty-four get killed in the election in nineteen twenty eight they’ll fight it out they’ll have a gazillion obsolete charge mentions enough for what was nominee and here is that i think twenty
electoral and want to see if the first time uh… growth the south of the book back
at the civil war only once the southern states effect in
the republican party and really this doesn’t happen again intelligences for uh… when barry goldwater braces uh… states rights he said and uh… election now the next election when you talk
about of course is a warning that second in nineteen sixty when john f_ kennedy is with the
president not i’m not going to happen is that many prostitutes pat was that they were good report on
americans but they serve a foreign master with
apollo the idealist happened for both of the united states is that they were
moved to file and therefore at not only was it was
their questioned whether or not and it could be president facing a
catholic uh… because that would be indirectly the will reader uh… vehicles if you could be assesses
the united states the accountant because says the united states is not allow to get these forma uh… the death of the art of the time in
nineteen sixty-eight cable t_v_ and and make them progresses b explaining that as president he wants to
do with the pope paul coursework hasn’t changed a lot since nineteen
sixty and federal article on propped uh… their their prom catholic civil
rights movements religiously at dreadful time birth black athletes that
knockout alone and this is because in nineteen seventy
three groping waiting to see would support the player warren’s legal assistant abortion is the units and this of course for the greatest live now the republicans are very quick about the uh… pro-life side side because of course uh… and and by nineteen seventy six e in life to the press for instance the
are in problem uh… are katha pollitt ways of thinking about right very explicitly invite people who are going on religious
issues in the republican party usually much better dot republican sen
for with captain low in fact i did not allow that balancing
the uh… catholics have become so important to the republic priority that is really made a concerted effort
to recruitment is amazing satisfied about change in
attitude catholics at the first time in three supreme court
justices alaskan supreme court justices six that uh… part of the six point by
republicans in fact uh… the last ten supreme court
justices only one of the process dates here uh… incidents material of the performances from court justices
fine rituals of the last six three words you can of
course today the entire supreme court has i think after too much of justice and probably matt uses change but after looking at his side these legislative attempts to try to drive is lol uh… bara are government i suppose it’s partly
standard just wanted to thank you your car uh… about the long history uh… in our politics and in our
government’s uh… anticancer oppresses stuart yesterday photographs of other videos uh… mormon

100 thoughts on “Islam, The New Catholicism – TYT Nation Video Of The Week

  1. Little Pinky Post author

    And if you REALLY knew Muslim's you would know that. But apparently you don't. So who has the thick head dipshit?

  2. Wotanraven Post author

    No. A religion is a religion of peace only if its doctrines are peaceful. Islam is not, whether you want it or not. As I said countless times now, whether most Muslims are peaceful (they are) or not is utterly irrelevant.
    If you have 5 minutes, watch this video which is an extract of a speech from Sam Harris, who is a very intelligent fellow. You might learn something and stop believing criticizing Islamic doctrine is equivalent to being a douche. Please watch, I insist :

  3. genie0390 Post author

    "The vatican looked the other way while nazi germany was killing millions of Jews."

    and what exactly should the Vatican have done? marshall their vast military and stopped Hitler?

    funny how you expect the vatican to have spoken out against the Nazis persuaded them to stop, but when the Catholics speak out against evil they see in abortions, Americans mock them, throw them in jail, remind them of the separation of church and State. Hitler could have done the same so your argument is bogus/crap

  4. Little Pinky Post author

    Lmao so one person who says something means that your point is valid? No hon. And no I'm not gonna waste my time on some boob who thinks he knows shit. And yes hon it does matter. It matters of how someone interprets things. Like I said each person interprets their religion in their ways. And like I said my belief in Christianity brought me to being a Communist. Why don't you stop believing in right wing clap trap and YOU stop being a dick?

  5. Little Pinky Post author

    There's plenty in the Bible that is violent. Even a passage where Jesus talks about bringing a sword to people who don't follow him. I don't see you going around saying Christianity is oh so evil and not of peace. Dumbass. You have a thing with Islam and it's weird.

  6. phoboskitty Post author

    the israelites lived in ancient Jericho in 8500 BCE,it was dug up in 1995,the temples to Yahweh were discovered there along with 2 other gods one of them a goddess,thought to be the middle eastern goddess and consort to Yahweh,ashara who was worshiped in israel by women until the Rabbi's stamped out the practice,there was also a 3rd male god, this is all old news, the idea that the earth is 6000 years old is laughable almost think you are a troll for saying it as not sensible person thinks this

  7. Nomiss9 Post author

    Really, the Israelites lived in Jericho 10000 years ago? Do you have ANY kind of evidence suggesting that? If so, that certainly isn't old news.

    It IS old news that Asherah was worshipped in ancient Israel though, but we have evidence of that from as late as the 8th century BCE. What's this third male god called though? I bet you can't tell me, because you're bullshitting.

    Obviously I don't believe that it's 6000 years old, what I said was that if you study the Bible that's what it says.

  8. Wotanraven Post author

    Did I say Christianity was a religion of peace? Did I? Quote me on that. Go on, find a quote, fucking idiotic bitch.
    You're totally missing the entire point I've been making since the beginning. It's like talking to a fucking wall. You're really, genuinely stupid. I rarely say this to people but for you I'll make an exception. Your answers to me have all been totally off topic. Just go on, I don't expect you to answer anything relevant to my actual point.

  9. Little Pinky Post author

    Talk about someone being stupid. You obviously don't get it with religion and that Islam is a religion and religion can be whatever someone wants it to be. Looks like YOU don't get it. You just want to yap some stupid shit. Your point is garbage.

  10. Little Pinky Post author

    I don't expect you to do anything but yap the same shit over and over again. You think you're shit and you're not. Talk about someone being stupid. And I'm not like you. If someone is stupid I happily point it out and you are stupid. Go yap to someone who gives a shit about how you think Islam is oh so evil. Guess what? Don't give a fuck. Bye bye loser.

  11. Little Pinky Post author

    Just go on hon go on about how oh so intelligent you are and you think you know Islam and you know Muslim's and how "evil" it is. Yawn. You aren't impressive sweetie. And if you're trying to be some big shot on Youtube wow that's pretty lame.

  12. Little Pinky Post author

    Don't bother responding to me cause you're just some pathetic loser here on Youtube trying to be some big shot wannabe "scholar" on Islam like you're someone of some type of important authority to listen to about Islam. LOL. Sorry hon but you aren't anyone. You're just boring repeating the same claptrap over and over again. 'EVIL! EVIL!" Try something new. Pat Robertson called and he wants his shtick back.

  13. Shtzweak Post author

    @zenguin13 hahaha actually I'm not catholic nice try, I'd say I lean a bit more towards atheism then anything else, and you must be confused when you make a comparison of two things you don't include evy other thing that could be used as an example. Am I saying Catholics are not guilty of their own misdeeds, not at all. I am not trying to defend one religion over another

  14. marcarmstrong88 Post author

    I can't wait.. are you scared! ^.^

  15. Wotanraven Post author

    Each time you answer me three comments at ounce to say absolutely nothing and yet you have the audacity to imply that I'm the one rambling on. The fact is that it's not even clear what you're getting so emotional about. You haven't denied a single thing I've said. I'm an atheist, I criticize all religions equally. You're getting all emotion because I dare criticize one religion in your presence, and you're defending it like your life depends on it. Fucking pathetic. I own you, stop trying.

  16. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    How can Allah tell you to do anything when he isn't even real?

  17. omegavalerius Post author

    Of course the books those women wrote about how they were raped by catholic priests were fiction, everyone know catholic priests rape underaged boys and not grown women.

  18. Little Pinky Post author

    Uh psst it's the ATTITUDE of Americans towards the Muslim's is the same as Catholics. Duh the reason's are different but the ATTITUDE is the same. Keep up.

  19. Little Pinky Post author

    Sure hon sure. You think that if it makes you feel like you know some shit on Youtube and the interwebs. Lol. Blah blah blah. I love YOU calling someone else pathetic lol. Bye bye hon. Go tell someone who gives a shit about how "evil" Islam is like you're some great religious scholar lol.

  20. Little Pinky Post author

    Psst why do you think I give some shit about you? You're just some loser who wants to look like a hot shot on the internet. Now that is pathetic. Now fuck off loser bye bye. Get a new shtick. Your whole "Islam is Evil" thing is boring and not original.

  21. ProfessorxVile Post author

    Reid claimed she was raped by the priests, and the prof tells us that never happened.

    Of course it didn't. Everybody knows priests only fuck little boys.

  22. Brandon Jones Post author

    they occupied for 700 years and bred 80% of europe women at that time so there is no way they died off! who do you think the kids are?

  23. Mohammad Ali Post author

    He never said that. Send me the video where you got this information. I've read his book on Islamic law, and that was not in there.

  24. bones5616 Post author

    Muslim terrorism is tiny?

    October 28,2010 – A Muslim extremist is arrested in Virginia after participating in a plot to bomb the Washington DC subway system. The suspect conducted video surveillance,made diagrams of three Arlington Metrorail stations and provided suggestions as to where explosives should be placed to kill the most people.

    December 25,2009 – A Muslim extremist attempts to detonate explosives hidden in his underwear on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 over Detroit Michigan.

  25. bones5616 Post author

    November 5, 2009 – A Muslim extremist shoots and kills 13 people at Fort Hood Texas.

    January 9,2012 – A Muslim extremist is arrested in Tampa Florida after plotting to bomb buildings and machine gun bystanders. He had aquired what he thought were a car bomb,a suicide vest and firearms from an undercover FBI agent.

  26. bones5616 Post author

    Google 'U.N. secretary general assails Taliban over civilian deaths'

    80% of civilian deaths in Afghanistan have been caused by the Taliban,not US/NATO forces.

  27. Wotanraven Post author

    Apart from spouting pseudo-poetic and unsubstantiated claims, there's nothing to keep in your little comment. When will you despicable proselytes realize that you won't convince anyone by doing that?
    Does it convince you if I tell you this ? :
    The fountain of Mimir, from which the allfather God Odin brings the light of knowledge to mankind is the way of things, and his almighty son Thor protects his creation from the depths of Chaos! He, is the way to awe, bring the light in your heart!

  28. phoboskitty Post author

    use Google bro I ain't your search engine… and you should at least flip through the Bible, The Qumran and the Torah…. the fact that these three religions all worship the same god has ALWAYS BEEN UNDERSTOOD just not by people like you i guess… i do not even practice these religions and i know this…

  29. Nomiss9 Post author

    Clarify please, because I think you're seriously misunderstanding me.

  30. Nomiss9 Post author

    "The Qumran"? Either reply to my comment, or stop pretending like you know what you're talking about. It's easy to tell someone to "use google", it's a little more difficult to answer questions when all you've got is bullshit.

  31. M1nkss Post author

    The Qumran scrolls is I believe what he means. And telling someone to google something is a fair enough response if it looks like they don't know anything about the subject and YouTube only gives you 500 characters which makes any sensible debate fairly much impossible.

  32. TheOracle12 Post author

    Dave Koller-the most interesting man in America

  33. M1nkss Post author

    I didn't know that for a long time, it was never mentioned in bible studies or church and my parents didn't tell me either. It wasn't until I started studying various religions that I picked it up.

    When I mentioned it in passing to my father I found out that he didn't know which is why I didn't find out from them I guess. Not that I ever remember my parents talking about religion to me anyway.

  34. M1nkss Post author

    Phoboskitty I'm guessing you arent' American? If you are I'm kinda surprised that you don't seem to entertain the idea that Nomiss9 might very well believe that the earth is only 6000 years old. It seems to be a belief that is held by quite a few of the strongly religious.

  35. hamrite Post author

    My question was to find evidence OUTSIDE of the written words, actually as in real Material proof!

  36. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    I don't give a rats arse about contradictions. I want to know how you let a book written by a pragmatic man on how to govern people proves the existence of Allah, and how his word means a damn thing. Hell, considering what a worthless job he's done in preventing atrocities, including against Muslims, even if he is real, despite the apparent evidence (or lack thereof), is such an absentee and sadistic deity even worth listening to and worshipping?

  37. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    And here's a quote I found:
    "Men rarely (if ever) manage to dream up a god superior to themselves. Most gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child."

  38. Nomiss9 Post author

    Except he doesn't know anything about the subject either.

  39. Nomiss9 Post author

    I don't know why everyone seems to believe I was saying that the earth is 6000 years old, when all I actually said was that it's less than 10000 years old according to the BIBLE.

    My point was that there's no evidence at all that suggests that anyone worshipped Yahweh 10000 years ago (when he claims the Israelites were in Jericho, already worshipping Yahweh, Asherah and some third bullshit deity he just made up), and even the Bible contradicts his claims.

  40. Ryan Shaw Post author

    Yeah great idea. Call the people that took the time to send you their video "terrible". Even if their videos were terrible, you shouldn't diss your audience like that. Not like I really care about their feelings, but it's bad marketing.

  41. SuperBenzid Post author

    I think that it would be more likely that some sort of civil conflict will lead to some sort of Muslim dictator. If you look at places like Nigeria, Sudan or Thailand it seems likely that Islam will attempt to exterminate or enslave non-Muslims when Islam reaches a certain population level in the US.

  42. bulbinking Post author

    Except there is evidence. Look it up yourself, it not difficult.

  43. Nomiss9 Post author

    But you can't give me any, because it doesn't exist.

  44. bulbinking Post author

    Actually, I don't WANT to give it to you, because its too much time and hassle (especially through youtube) and you probably wouldn't change your mind no matter what evidence I COULD find for you (c'mon, be honest about THAT at least) I believe (and studies show) you would be more likely to accept evidence that YOU were able to find yourself, versus accepting something presented to you by somebody you view as "your enemy". Wouldn't you agree?

  45. Nomiss9 Post author

    Maybe that's how you operate, but personally I'm only interested in the truth. I don't care who gives me the evidence, if I can verify it I believe it. However, since writing didn't even exist before the 4th millennium BCE, I kinda doubt you could find Yahweh's name on a tablet or whatever from the 9th millennium BCE. So, let me make this really quick and easy for you: give me ANY evidence of Yahweh from 4000 BCE or earlier. Shouldn't take more than 500 characters.

  46. Prelude610 Post author

    Pastafarians should start getting into the schooling business.

  47. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?

  48. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.

  49. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    Explaining all the atrocities and horror of this world away by believing life is a test, does still not account for the immense sadistic nature anyone watching over such a test would have. If God is real, he is certainly inferior to man, guilty of all of our sins, breaking all of the rules he himself handed down to Moses.

  50. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    Islam Exposed 6A – Quranic Contradictions

    Islam Exposed 6B – Quranic Contradictions

  51. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    That still implies he willingly allows torture, rape, genocide, etc. That indicates traits more commonly associated with Satan, or Shaytan/Iblis, as he is called in the Quran. And on top of this, we have only the word of one book to go on, with no scientific or physical evidence to back it up, especially because Mohammad had a nasty of killing all who opposed him. All that we know about Mohammed, and therefore Allah are largely based on writings created by the man himself.

  52. Sumayyah Cargill Post author

    That implies that "evil" is something negative, something that should be prevented by God.The idea that humans should not suffer atrocities and that bad shouldnt happen doesnt make sence to Muslims. Everything is the will of Allah and no matter how we feel about it doesnt affect the worthiness of worship of God. The prophet once said that if God threw everything into the Fire,angels,planets,human beings, that is not injustice,because we are his creation.The assumptions of your point are invalid

  53. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    You have already contradicted yourself. You say we have free will, and yet go on to say everything is the will of Allah. Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh as he is described in all the religious texts, is a petty brute, incapable of understanding, or displaying love, yet frequently demanding murder in his name. Man is and always will be superior to such a conceptual being.

  54. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    "The prophet once said…"
    All of that is again, conveniently by the only man Allah deigned to communicate with. Much of the Quran is made of laws that were designed to control the masses, like all religious texts and doctrines, and cater specifically to the Muslim male, while demanding women conform to male, often with brutal punishments against those who don't comply, and forcing a humiliation tax on Jews and Christians and demanding the murder or forceful conversion of infidels.

  55. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    In short, it is a death-cult (literally- as Islam forces it's followers to follow, behave, look like and emulate a man, not a God, in every detail) that brainwashes it's followers from birth into believing the irrational, and far worse, accepting crimes and violence against others as God's will and righteousness.

  56. AmNotHere911 Post author

    "Much of the Quran is made of laws that were designed to control the masses, like all religious texts and doctrines"-Flaw 1) The Quran actually has few commandments beyond monotheism (e.g. outlaw of usury alchol etc) vast majority of the sharia – which you alluding to – based on hadith. "Forcing humiliation tax on Jews and Christians"-Flaw 2) More accurate to call it a non-conscription tax furthermore it was more enlighten then the its contemporary christian counterpart which was convert or die

  57. AmNotHere911 Post author

    Am no expert but I did study Islamic theology at university for an elective when it comes to issue of 'free-will' the Islamic view is this: The only free-will a human has in life is the choices he/she makes everything else is already decided for him.

    "Man is and always will be superior to such a conceptual being" – thing is Man has tried 'atheism' at a state level (e.g. Lenin's Russia, Mao's China and lets not forget Hitler's atheism) the end result was ar more nasty then monotheism.

  58. Sumayyah Cargill Post author

    Though i didnt mention humans free will,It is the will of Allah that we have free will but we can only do things within what he allows e,g we cant fly or go back in time but we have some choice about what we do.Other beings dont have that luxury.Humanity has great potential but some human beings choose to be like animals,narrow minded, blinkered,only able to see a small portion of creation and with their own simple perspective.We all die but some deaths are better than others.

  59. AmNotHere911 Post author

    "with no scientific or physical evidence to back it up" – One can subject the Quran to a falsifiability test (i.e. test that it sets that if failed proves by it's own text that it's false), here's the first one the prediction in the Meccan verse Surah Lahab that Mohammed's uncle wouldn't convert, he didn't and he died when Mohammed was in Medina, 'killing all who opposed him' – the vast majority of them weren't killed they joined his armies during the Arab conquests Abu Sufyan was one of them.

  60. M1nkss Post author

    I wasn't actually saying that you necessarily believed that the world was only 6,000 years old just that Phoboskitty shouldn't be so stunned if you or anyone else was because it's not uncommon. There wasn't anything in your comments though which suggested that you did.

  61. Het Pad Post author

    Lol, why should you? Just read the bible and the quran and make your choice which religion makes more sense. let me give you a boost..:

  62. Pennywise Marhakesh Post author

    Dear professor, the two Irish women you mention round about 2:30-2:40 were right. Sexual abuse, rape and kidnapping happened frequently in Irish catholic monasteries in the 19th and even in the 20th century. There is a film about it, too. The Magdalen Sisters, based on ture facts. Maybe you should watch it.

  63. Dhani Post author

    tell me one verse that says that and ill go check it out myself

  64. Dhani Post author

    yeah im pretty sure god caused the war in iraq, afganistan and all the brutality that happened there oh wait US caused that

  65. Juan Federico Post author

    In Matthew 13:41 Jesus (supposedly) said "The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; 42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth." Jesus again in Matthew 25:41 "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels" Revelation 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

  66. Juan Federico Post author

    I noticed that you didn't just simply refute me by stating that you don't believe in hell but instead threw out a red herring about whether or not that idea is in the Bible. Just be honest with yourself and answer the question: do you believe that people who do not believe as you do will be cast into hell or not? For what it's worth, I used to believe in hell….but eventually, the concept of hell played a role in my decision to free myself from the slavery of religion.

  67. peacemachine101 Post author

    apparently all white Christians are ignorant and discriminatory towards all other religious and racial minorities. you are stereotyping yourself

  68. Rich Kelly Post author

    If you haven't seen, I have a new video up over at TYTNation. It's on Arab Nationalism and the Suez Crisis. Check it out!

  69. Rich Kelly Post author

    But historians tend to agree it didn't happen to THEM. So it appears they were wrong.

  70. Rich Kelly Post author

    Cenk and Ben (on TYT) gave me that nickname years ago. I apologize that it is misleading but since Cenk has been referring to me that way for eight years on the show we decided to stick with it. My current videos carry a disclaimer to that effect. I am not trying to trick anyone.

  71. andiconda3 Post author

    At first I thought Google got the caption system was working… nope nope nope

  72. Ramiel Post author

    Islam and Roman Catholicis are both apostate religions. Martin Luther's writings about these two religions are great reads.

  73. Ramiel Post author

    Yes, he did. He called it Mohammedanism. I don't have any "links" to his writings about Islam since I have them in books.

  74. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    A fetus that you describe can be seen with the naked eye at later stages, which is moot, since you are hinging on a word being translated wrong, but whatever. I would however like to know why the Quran specifically states women are worth one half of a man, and why it states that Allah is merciful, yet constantly contradicts this by promising painful doom and fire to non-Mohammedans.

  75. jimjamjoeyjoejoe McJammyjoeson Post author

    I'd also like to refer you (again) to two videos called Quranic Contradictions 6a and Quranic Contradictions 6b, videos created by a man exiled from Iraq and knows well the peace and tolerance of Islam, as well as having intimate knowedge of the religion and Quran themselves.
    I did, however take your advice. I started reading the Quran here : skepticsannotatedbible(.)com/quran/2/index.htm

    It certainly is riveting, though I'm not finished yet.

  76. desertezz Post author

    The captions are really off, would've been better with out them.

  77. greg55666 Post author

    Yeah, Dave, I'm not going to be following you (or anyone) on twitter. I just thought you should know.

  78. Lamaking65 Post author

    It's obvious that in the future there will only be one religion. That of scientology. Glory to Cthulhu. Heil to the squid!

  79. Alex Toussieh Post author

    Very impressive video but you guys really have to fix those subtitles (caption). "Mormon opulence" ? WTH?

  80. liz musa Post author

    Brilliant comparison! Thanks for sharing.

  81. Ben Domning Post author

    i am Catholic and i just wanted to thank you for helping educate me farther about the history of my faith. i was really fascinated by all the incredible facts you had to offer. i am really glad you set the facts straight that Catholics are not out to get everyone. once again i thank you very much for this incredible video about the history of catholicism.

  82. Misfit559 Post author

    To the professor dip shit O.o so your telling me catholicism is the the same as Islam really last time I heard JFK was a catholic I was raised a catholic but guess what I don't read a book called the Koran I don't pray on my hands and knees to a shitty god called allah I don't pray 3 times a day I don't wear the shitty clothes they wear I'm not trying to be a douche but damnO.O When have you seen a catholic drive a airplane threw a build

  83. Thomas Fry Post author

    Not a Douche, but Ignorant… Very ignorant.

  84. Rich Kelly Post author

    You didn't actually watch the video did you? If you did, maybe you should get a friend to help explain it to you.

  85. HKISfreak1 Post author

    catholics kill people regardless, the method of killing is irrelevant, this problem is present in all religions

  86. HKISfreak1 Post author

    the quran said that god made the earth like a "carpet", while that sounds like its saying the earth is flat, its actually referring to earth's crust, which is extremely thin compared to the other layers of earth

  87. الملك فهد Post author

    Why is this video is blocked in Saudi Arabia?

  88. NicholasKreuz Post author

    4:50 that was a huge conspiracy theory by the religious about gay people too, almost exactly.

    religion isn't very good at coming up with new tricks.

  89. grlockett Post author

    Dave Koller, how high were you when you got on camera?

    Dave Koller: Yes.

  90. TheRocknRollZebra Post author

    This was brilliant and informative. Thankyou

  91. saborfrancias Post author

    4:57 … KKK related with Free Masonery… Casualities??? maybe

  92. mussman717word Post author

    Whoa! I was not expecting this from a TYT video. Most of the time, it's always a bitch-fest about religion. I'm glad to see this, and your channel just went up a few points in my book.

  93. mussman717word Post author

    Be serious. There was huge paranoia when Smith was running. Many WASPs were seriously gearing up for a Papal take-over. Hell, even Kennedy faced loads of anti-Catholicism years later. It's not the only issue, but it certainly contributed.


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