Is Vietnam Beautiful? Countryside Life in Vietnamese Village 🇻🇳

By | December 3, 2019

That’s your house three people three, baby Hello buddy, my name is Jimmy. What’s your name? Good thing we came during rainy season Vietnam sure. It is holding up its end under rainy part So we’re actually gonna try and go out on the Meccan Delta today and See a bunch of different villages around the river. It’s gonna be about full day event we’re gonna do we’re excited to show you guys this but Let’s see if we can make it through this bucket, I really don’t want to ruin our day by meeting so And solutely much dryer The lovely day we got outside right now hope this weather clears up a little bit We had romantic on shop we had arranged a cure was not you know, she’s just like garbage bags basic That’s why Thank you, I See we just got one rest stop or kind of has to honey cause it’s gonna get soaked It might not be up top here to that okay? I know It’s good right now, we actually stopped at a pagoda and It’s a temple on our way to the MEC on rivers. Oh look at the Buddha I’ve never seen a Buddha that game because we have two different category of Buddhism This one is more like the Buddhism. That is the same practice in In Japan in China, but in Thailand in Cambodia Buddha would look different All this food is all for the monks so they were actually just beating and praying and Getting ready for lunch because as I was told do you actually the monks only have breakfast and lunch? They don’t actually have dinner So this is a very important meal for them at this time. It’s currently, you know, ten thirty four So this is like the last meal the day that they would have Surely the price of the NOLA here is not bad this only thirty thousand But I bought it for sixty because I bought it from the ship’s Lumia Family in Vietnam They use it originally because they have to protect themselves in the Sun and from the rain and This is really practical because they use it when it was raining before so this is one of the main attractions While here in Saigon or Chi Minh City is to take a ride down the mecca on River Because you’re so close to the mecca on River. It’s really nice to be able to see it and experience it while you’re here So we decided to do the full day trip Can you believe it that thing that I used to carry when I miss go in the past the Photographer in the front and then in the back. Guess what they put Kids, I never be able to get it It was a kid in the back, but I’m gonna put the kids in the front so then they can take have the kids In DotA I’m not anything in it at all They put like coconut on the front basket and then put the other coconut added back basket But it’s still really hard to balance it. So they actually bring you to the first island the unicorn Island This is where the honey is the fruit the exotic fruit from like a tropical country and then the traditional music and dancing Should I show you a bunch of different sides of the countryside here on the river? It’s so good sweet It’s like yeah really soft, I guess what I would compare it to is a a very soft version of the cherry So those instruments are actually only used for like festivals and funerals Not really celebrations and wedding at a sound of hearing right now This out. I’ve been hearing right now. Yeah, should I use them one of the five? Oh, no horn It’s really such a traditional piece of music, you know It was really cool that they were playing and then they explained the songs each song cuz they’re in Vietnamese so they explained the songs in the meaning of them before they played them the reason why they do it is because it’s originally from In the past time when they go out working in the farm and when it’s really really hot out They’d get inside the heart thinking Thinking dear Woods my sunburn and when I start to clean out a little bit and then they get out and do the family again Hey, what if the ball is a honeycombing? And then they put do this and then they put tea in it so And then they have this magpie. Banana is amazing and it was really good. This one is like My penis and like a bunch of sugar Should be good together Oh Exactly like a tea that we love for convenience soul. Like a 1-bit like honey. Lemon tea is so good. It’s really surprising like the island ice here is like so developed that I mean, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising but it’s just like Paved roads blacktop roads, beautiful houses like they must do very well for themselves for you know The honeybees and then exporting fruits and having fruits and the tourism 300. No $188,000 something. I think it’s gonna be hard to top that cuz that was delicious Vietnamese, we don’t say make up. We don’t called me home. We say so Gollum Some miss quaver go please night long miss run We just finish up at unicorn island but now we are absolutely it’s like another problems here on Mekong Delta and Once you get into the iodized that means island. There’s so many coconuts They produce the coconuts candy and actually instead of using sugar I have a chance to try out the syrup that is made it out of the sticky rice and They say that the reason why is because it makes it softer So it’s really good So they said they break down about a thousand coconuts a day And there’s just such a demand that they couldn’t keep up with it. So they actually developed machines to help them Keep up with the demand and now you see behind me. They’re actually, you know heating up and making the juice and the water for The paper that she used to wrap the candy yeah, you can eat it. It’s Still weird though Not this paper, this is this paper that you can either hang on you wonder me now I Need to pick my Own office or shape? I’m happy happy upon involves me Now I need to have your own fun fact in Vietnam. If you say happy or open everyone understand means nothing. I mean bathroom toilet Washroom, whatever she put that in Cambodia Cambodia we got a small one for a $5 is this sheet but like Everything in Vietnam at least in Saigon sofa is cheaper than similar way to Tie you gotta try it try the snake one for us near the daredevil do it Come on try the snake one Just take a little swing now this one That’s the inside What is that Just a leader, please That’s okay just like It’s been this 30 seconds after I drink that wine snake wine Yeah, the coid wine tastes like vodka is exactly tastes like vodka. And if right now, my metro is pretty much burning Even though I got just a little sip, it’s really burning hardware was the other like five minutes Are we always believed the same card we say my But a provenance we asked you here in Bunter province but we have to take a boat along this canal to go to the restaurant Clément a The Lobos thing is the one Yeah, okay I’m here try. Thank you so much. Oh That’s as fresh as it gets Oh my god wait dinner was so so good lunch was so so good my bow and that I don’t even know anymore that didn’t it on lunch gonna walk around the island a little bit we have about 10 minutes until we gotta get back on the boat Oh that, it’s jackfruit See cuz it’s dawn It’s dull. It’s supposed to be wet because some jackfruit is like this big. That’s crazy Literally, I’m like a sharpie kid. Those do look so fake they look so fake like some of them open the mouth and doesn’t move at all as if it pitch there’s some animal gonna just like Walking and then walking say I’m home I asked the guy she doesn’t know evisceration, but it’s gonna be telling it that way And ten minute back, but I don’t know which this mission we are going to I don’t know what deck was city Which port no, no, we’re not going. We’re just going down the river and back paddle boat. Oh, it’s have a sightseeing bible. Yeah, basically All right Normally, you have broke two up at least one. It’s gonna be a river – oh That’s your house three people three baby ah So lovely, it’s pretty crazy to think that this is very touristy thing, but it’s so quiet Pretty weird, right? You see that along the river that is the coconut water Coconut river water do not it can grow in the water like this. It’s really cool when it look like a Mason. Ah, okay We turn now guys we turn now Just because I’m in the front of who I am a captain of this boat You’re not a bike master I don’t mind if I I will I Never thought I’d be riding a bicycle in Vietnam. Stop that first time. Oh Why you can do that pretty protected house right here, oh my golly are nice that thing is Hello, buddy My name is Jimmy, what’s your name? I really don’t think you can even do this to her by yourself like even if you wanted to because you’d have to Situate all the boats and then line up all the boats to go everywhere. I really don’t even think that’s even possible so I think you have to do a Bucket to her like through a tour agency in order to get this to her down the mecca over which is definitely worth it It’s really worth it We’ll leave the disk relieve a link in the description box below The tour company that we went through and you can check it out if you guys do want to do this too, or as well And before you put it in the slot, you know get to get it camera-ready

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    Vietnam is just a developing country. There are many things that they need to improve. I think it will take such a long time to do it. I’m surprised cuz you traveled to Vietnamese traditional crafts. I hope you had such a good time in Vietnam.

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    Divert…. You should make a Video on Ben Tre Province…. Def it going to be a hit…. Beautiful Coconut town.

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    Tah and Jimmy,amazing vlog guys.tahs voice is so cute are so polite Jimmy in other countries .i love your humbleness man.

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    This brings back some good memories when I took the tour of the Mekong river I remember the honey bees and the tea and having lunch

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    And Buddha look different in Vietnam too . There are thousands of Khmer Krom in Southern Vietnam.who practice Theravada Buddhism.

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    I stay on the Mekong Delta every year, at my Vietnamese wife family farm. Apparently you traveled the Dragon Penis River " Song Cu Long"

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    Jimmy, do you realize that when you say Vietnamese, you switch that m and n around? It's like you pronounce it Vietmanese.

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    "Snake Wine"… it's not wine, it's hard liquor (40%+ proof).


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