Is the Catholic Church the Original Church?

By | August 23, 2019

– Back to the phone lines. Ferron listening
in Piketon, Ohio, Sirius XM 131. Hi. – Hi Hank. – Thanks for taking my call. – My pleasure. – I have some Catholic friends who of course claim that they are the original Church,
and that Protestants can only go back to the Reformation and Martin Luther, and I
wondered if you had scripture or anything where I could use to I
guess refute that? – Well I think what you have to look at is the fact that
historically there was only one church up until the Great Schism of 1054. And
there was a schism ostensibly over a phrase – the Filioque – and the son that
this was added to the Nicene Creed, and as a result of that there was a there
was a split, because the the Roman pontiff – or patriarch at this point
is now adding something not in a collegial fashion with the other
patriarchies but just by himself. He’s adding this phrase to the Creed,
and so you had this great schism. This was sort of the straw that broke the
camel’s back to be honest with you if you want to go through this with a lot
of detail from a historical perspective. But again, there was no split between the
East and the Western Church until this point. Now you have a great schism, and now you have a fractured church. You have the Roman Catholic
Church, and you have the Eastern Church. You have the Church of Rome, and you have
the Church of the other patriarchs as it were. The Reformation happens almost 500
years later. In 1517 there’s a split between the Roman Catholic Church and
the Protestant Church. And a lot of people now think that Orthodoxy and
Roman Catholicism are very similar, but actually Protestants and
and Roman Catholics have more in common than Roman Catholics and Orthodox. Now
what we do have in common for those that adhere to mere
christianity is the essentials of the historic Christian faith – what we always
say, in essentials unity, non essentials liberty, in all things charity. So I
personally have great differences with Roman Catholicism, but I believe it is a
truth church with some significant error.

23 thoughts on “Is the Catholic Church the Original Church?

  1. Matthew Salzer Post author

    Yea the eastern orthodox and roman Catholic churches can trace their history to the original unified church but roman Catholicism is not that same unified church

  2. John Obeid Post author

    I am a Catholic and I feel I have much more in common with Orthodoxy than with Protestantism. I think you are only partly right Hank. I think some members of the Catholic Church want to see us shift to a more Protestant-type church. These are the group known as modernists. They are heretical and are a “bad seed” in the church. The rest of us (I call us “orthodox Catholics”) feel much more at home in orthodoxy. I pray that we may one day be reunited. One thousand years has been a terrible sentence for the sins of our fathers (on both sides!) who caused the schism out of pride and arrogance.

  3. Big Spin Post author

    The TRUE and Original Church is only ISRAEL.

    CHRIST did not die, and raise from the Grave in order to come back for denominations. (Catholic, Baptist, Pentacostle, etc.)

    There is ONLY one CHURCH of the Bible (/assembly/congregation), and that is ISRAEL of the BIBLE. (NOT the Anti-CHRIST Churches of JUDAISM & CHRISTIANITY. Both are RELIGIONS that on the surface, Mimic what is to be a way of life for the Bloodline DECENDENTS of ISRAEL.

    ACTS 7:38
    This is he, that was in the 👉🏽CHURCH IN THE WILDERNESS 👈🏽with the angel which spake to him in the mount Sina, and with OUR FATHERS: who received the lively oracles to give unto us:

    Acts 5:30-31
    The God of OUR fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.

    Luke 1:68
    Blessed be the Lord GOD OF ISRAEL: for he hath visited and redeemed HIS people,

    Matthew 1:21
    And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for HE SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE from THEIR sins.

    The collective body of Israelites are the original and ONLY Church.

  4. John Proffitt Post author

    He does not refute the claim since it is irrefutable. He claims the Catholic Church has serious error, but he didn't enumerate any of those errors here. The schism of 1054 and the Protestant revolt of the 16th century through today are one of disputing authority. The question you have to answer is did Christ give authority to Peter or not? Seems clear from scripture that He did, and that authority has been transferred through the Latin Rite or Roman Catholic Church through the entire history of the Church. We have had some real stinkers as Popes for sure, but the line is unbroken. We need to have a discussion on how to resolve differences of doctrine – who has the final authority? Right now we have thousands of churches, denominations and sects that all believe different things, and claiming their own authority, or even claiming the authority of the Holy Spirit – I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the Holy Spirit isn't schizophrenic.

  5. Jerry Correa Post author

    I love Hank…..But did he just couldn't bring himself to say clearly "Yes…Yes the Catholic Church is the Original Church Along with the Orthodox."

  6. Admiral Murat Post author

    The Roman church idea of original sin is simply Manicheian cultic ideas. Faith alone can't save sorry LoL.

  7. Admiral Murat Post author

    Augustine is a heretic beyond imagination. The man's name should never be held to honor. Absolutely a heretic

  8. Admiral Murat Post author

    Original sin. Error. Augustine should be flogged for such insane ideas. Nobody can inherit guilt.

  9. This is George Post author

    If I hold up at a distance a red apple and a red tomato, the viewer will see the similarity in the look of the fruits. But, if looked at closely and cut open, you begin to see that the two are very different! The. If at a distance I hold up two apples, one green and one red, the differences would be obvious. Cut them open, and you will find nearly identical inner qualities.

    The first example is that if Roman Catholic and the Orthodox. The second is Roman Catholic to Protestants (generally speaking).

    If you understand the underpinnings of each groups doctrinal standpoints, and the particular leanings of the theological perspectives, you will see how obvious it is beyond the historical fact that Roman Catholics and Protestants have more in common on a deeper level. What lies behind it is Saint Jerome’s mistakes in the Vulgate, read and understood off the mark by Saint Augustine, further expounded by the Scholastics such as Aquinas, and once again taken to its fullest in the Reformers and especially Calvin. It is legal/juridical… quite different from the Orthodox understanding of soteriology and theology in the greater sense.

    Cut open the fruit!

  10. Joe Smith Post author

    Orthodoxy and Catholicism have WAY more in common than Catholicism and Protestantism.

  11. Awakened sky Post author

    Church means those body of Christ who follow Jesus. Catholic ( church ) buildings are institution just as our government public school institute where people are purposely fed lies with disinformation to negate what Jesus did on the Cross to save us. Catholics are not bad people but duped folks by Roman free mason perversion of their bible into Mary Worship, Saint worship, daily confession rituals, statue idolatry , etc etc.

  12. Bao Duong Post author

    I’m surprised by Hank’s answer that Catholicism is more similar to Protestantism than Orthodoxy. I would question in what ways. The Eastern and Western Church have so many things in common with each other. Real presence communion, priesthood, bishops, confession, anointment of the sick. Allowing God to work through us by his grace/Divine energy.

    I’d say that his Orthodox background would blame Catholicism for Protestant beliefs. Orthodox would blame Catholicism for giving Protestants the distorted view on original sin perhaps? And other things no infant baptism.

  13. steve365 Post author

    Jesus said "you will know them by their fruit" and the fruit by which the catholic church is most know is………….CHILD RAPE. Sad but inarguable, undeniable.

  14. Timothy Connelly Post author

    Hank! It's time for you to go to Mount Athos and learn from the Fathers there. Go to the Russikon or Vatopaedi. Rome is NOT "a Church with some significant error". Rome is a sect. In point of fact her Protestant offspring often come closer to Orthodoxy in some ways that the Vatican sect. Go to Greece and seek out Metropolitan Seraphimos of Piraeos. Google his statements on heretical Rome. They're available in English on line. But of you meet him he can instruct you well. Don't half-convert to Christ's Church, Hank!

  15. Daniel Aquino Post author

    Why is this even a debate Catholics welcome all to participate in worship and non-Catholics do the same what’s the issue when we all pray to the same God with the same intentions?

  16. Sherri Greeydelinarez Post author

    When we stand before the Lord, he will be looking at our heart and our Love for him and did we Love him above all else! My church is the Real church or your church is the real one. The Good news is Jesus Christ is coming and he is the king of Kings and Lord of Lords and he will make All things New! Out righteousness is as dirty rags , oh men Look up Man's ability here is going to fall, he's just allowing it to Play out ! his was are Not Our ways it is so much higher than anything we can imagine! Man always tries to explain Everything, need to let go and let God for he is the only One that Knows are his Purpose and Ways under the Sun!

  17. Marco Pesenti Post author

    Well, having the Presence is something we share that the Protestants don't. I would say it is essential, but there is also: Purgatory, the Communion of Saints, Mary Mother of God, the first seven Councils, The hierarchy, the 7 sacraments, apostlic succession…and I could go on with liturgical things…I don't see how one can say the Catholics are closer to the Protestants than to the Orthodox…I really don't…the Protestants split after, but time hasn't no importance in judging what (who) the Truth is.

  18. Dan. Sss. Post author

    Finally someone who's well spoken and doesn't believe in sola fide. Subscribed.


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