Is the Catholic Church Becoming Protestant?

By | September 19, 2019

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I’m your
host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet
of these End Times. This will be just a brief follow-up to my last program about Pope Francis
closing the Bishops Synod at the Vatican in Rome. And I discovered this very interesting
article by Thomas J. Tobin, the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Providence and here is what
he wrote. “He commented on the recent Synod of Bishops on the family held at the Vatican
as being rather Protestant.” Very interesting comment. I have been saying all along that
the One World Religion, even though it will be headquartered in the Vatican, will be Protestant.
“…And added that in terms of Pope Francis’ fondness for creating a mess, you can say
‘mission accomplished’. He said the bishops voted on pastoral applications and that was
a huge error. Pope Francis is fond of creating a mess. ‘Mission accomplished’ said Bishop
Tobin in his October 21st blog post at the Diocese of Providence website. Pope Francis
has sometimes said he wants to create a mess in the Church, meaning he wants to stir things
up and challenge people to do things they may not have considered.” Well, Pope Francis
is definitely muddying the entire Catholic Church and even though I believe he is the
False Prophet, that doesn’t mean we should not pray for him because prophecy is conditional.
Maybe Pope Francis can throw off his mantle of being the False Prophet and force that
mantle on someone else. Maybe he can save his own soul. Let’s hope so! “During the World
Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro in July 2013, Pope Francis said, ‘What is it that I expect
as a consequence of World Youth Day? I want a mess! We know that in Rio there would be
great disorder but I want trouble in the diocese!'” Pope Francis, that is a huge error. That is
not what a leader does. That is not what our first Pope, Saint Peter did. Pope Peter I
taught what Jesus taught and that is your job. Your job is not to water down the Catholic
Faith. We have enough of that in the Protestant denominations as it is. “Commenting further
on the Synod, Bishop Tobin said, ‘The concept of having a representative body of the Church
voting on doctrinal applications and pastoral solutions strikes me as being rather Protestant.'”
You are 100%. Where does the Bible say that morality is determined by popular vote? Here
in America, Congress has voted for legal abortions. They have voted for gay marriage and if they
haven’t voted for it, the Supreme Court has okayed it. Those are both terrible immoralities.
Democracy cannot determine what you teach to your people. If you are going to be a shepherd
to leading the sheep, where does the Bible say the sheep know where to go? That is not their job. Your job is to lead the sheep. I remember Rush Limbaugh giving this example on his radio
program. He said “what if two men and one woman are marooned on a desert island? And
one man speaks up and he says, ‘Let’s take a vote on whether to make it legal on this
island to rape women.'” Now, do you think even if he got a 2/3rds majority that would
make rape legal? Of course not. And yet, this is what Pope Francis decided, that if
2/3rds of the bishops voted on any of the propositions proposed at the Bishops Synod,
that would make it legal in the Catholic Church. That is false theology! And here’s what he
concluded, and this article by the way is from Catholic News Service and it’s dated
October 22nd, “At the close of the Synod, the bishops voted on all 62 paragraphs in
the final document Del Ratio Synode.” And as I said, 2/3rds majority does not make it
right. I mean if you were to ask Catholics to vote on artificial contraception, that
would probably pass. That would not make it legal. And by the way, I also wanted to respond
to Adam Aaron, he commented on the last video. He claimed that he talked with several priests
who said it does not matter what the priest’s intentions are, their consecrations are valid,
and I did not disagree with that under the current situation because we cannot know what
their intentions are as long as the Church’s intention is correct. My point was what if
the Church changes their intention? What if Pope Francis rules, maybe even as an experiment, that bishops and priests can give Communion to people living in mortal sin? That would
invalidate their consecrations and the example I gave to him was from St. Thomas Aquinas,
the Summa Theologica on Part 3, question 64, art. 8 where St. Thomas said, “The priest’s
intention must be the same as that of Jesus Christ and the Church”. And St. Thomas is
correct and what we are witnessing is Pope Francis in the role of the False Prophet taking
away the Daily Sacrifice from the Prince as prophesied by Daniel, as warned about by Jesus
in the Olivet Discourse. The “holy city” in Revelation 11:2, refers to Rome and it is
being trampled under by the Gentiles and this is a great tragedy that all of us as Catholics
and Protestants also must be aware of. In fact, there are Protestants who also reject
their own denomination’s teaching on, for example, artificial contraception and their
church’s teaching on divorce and remarriage. They are also those who worship at the altar
along with Remnant Catholics. St. John says, “they are who are left of the faithful church,
the true bride of Christ”. And if you would like more information, especially about my
unsealing of the great prophecies of Daniel, please visit my new website.

29 thoughts on “Is the Catholic Church Becoming Protestant?

  1. jimoconnor76 Post author

    Hi Bill, I admire your courage, unlike politicians you speak the truth.  I like you insight about praying for Francis I.  Perhaps if enough prayers are said, he will become a true Christian and even a real Pope.  This would put the evil one's plan in disarray and keep many from following Francis as false prophet into the Abyss.
    God Bless you and your ministry    

  2. Lilli pod Post author

    I think Pope Francis has a lot of secrets and that's why he nearly didn't make it on to the balcony.

  3. AS MJComp Post author

    Galatians 5:19-21
    Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God

  4. Daniel Jesús Valencia Sánchez Post author

    People have been saying that since Vatican II.

  5. HackerOfTechnology Doc Post author

    Pope Fnracis isnt the false prophet the False Prophet is mohamad the creator of islam

  6. Filip F. Post author

    I must repeat. The consecration is valid only if the intention concerning the consecration is the same as the intention of the Church. Providing communion divorced is not the intention of the Church, but it is not related to the Eucharist. Sir,  you're wrong broadening the scope of intention.

  7. Elissa Green Post author

    Dear Mr Tapley,

    This is slighlty off-topic but I do hope you'll give me an answer. I'm not sure if you've covered this in one of your other videos – as there are so many now that it can be a little hard to keep track! – but who or what is leviathan? I'm sorry to take up your time if you've already answered this, it's just that for some unknown reason leviathan has always stuck out to me.

    Many thanks, Elissa

  8. Jjade C Post author

    Mr.  Tapley. . please take a look  at this link

  9. Bernard Joseph Post author

    sin is sin. never call it anything else. But we must love and be compassionate to all gays and post -abortion women and divorcees . They will recognise their own sin in time and with The Lords guidence, but you cannot but receive them into the Catholic Faith. For that is the remit of the RCC to give out the good news and manage and feed Christs sheep and lambs… God bless you//

  10. Luis Santiago Post author

    Is the great babylon and mystery babylon the same? Pastor paul begley upload another video of great babylon Jeremiah verse 50 about isis taking over banks of iraq and little about syria.

  11. Warwick Lake Post author

    Yep I agree the "False Prophet" is starting to show his true colors,

    So when is the "Pope" going to elect A muslim military leader from ISIL / ISIS as the worlds new Emperor???

  12. Gerard Horn Post author

    Hello mr tapley. God bless you and.mary keep you. Thankyou for your great work. Does obama have to go to hell because he is the leapard of the south. Who must go to hell. Judas was destined to, but I wrong. Who does.revelation say must go to hell. Also okay to for a person to say God sent them if thay consider it Gods commandment for all of us to share.our faith and not hide it? Thanks soooo much.

  13. Luis Santiago Post author

    Will america be wiped out less in two years??? Their are rumors president barack obama might go for a third term

  14. Luis Santiago Post author

    Back in 1994 my mother was in a christian band with a group of people recording music, they only sold 22k copy's not much but my mother got a free copy of her cassette album and played her favorite song call ONLY GOD. Weeks past by she played her favorite song but something record over it, it was a deep voice slow motion voice we couldn't understand it, she took it back to the studio in passaic, new jersey two jewish men knew the problem they press fast foward and play at the same time the voice was cleared at the same the the music was playing but low. In the tape the voice we heard was peter a angel saying the world will come to its end, all this must happen.. theirs more I can't remember this happen back in 1994 my mother still have the tape. The two jewish men was upset they don't believe it was peter speaking from heaven they even banned it to play it on live radio.. till now my mother still have the tape it speaks about the end times and its near.

  15. Peter Rappit Post author

    I protest; I'm a member of the holy Catholic church . . .

  16. TomANDGaming Post author

    Carmel Scicluna 24 Oct 2014 

    OK. So we know that this ridiculous clown leading 1.2 billion Catholics is a heretic. What are Christians going to do now besides praying the Holy Rosary and Sister Faustina’s Chaplet?
    Somebody to answer this question, please: Jesus said : Do not give my Body to the dogs. And: do not throw the pearls to the swine.
    If my parish priest supports this anti-pope and false prophet and accepts to give Holy Communion to homosexuals and others living in mortal sin, does that make the Holy Eucharist invalid to me and my family?

    Remnant Clergy 24 Oct 2014 

    Once the faithful prelates stand up publicly against Francis, then we will have the formal schism, and the Remnant Church will follow the true faith while the rest will go into the paganized one world religion established by Francis and the Antichrist. We saw some faithful resistance at the Synod, but not enough. In fact, the majority of prelates (not 2/3 majority) support, by vote, valuing sodomy and giving Holy Communion to adulterers.
    If a priest validly consecrates the bread and wine, then you receive a valid Eucharist. It is an error to say that if a priest gives the Eucharist to the unworthy souls (i.e. those living in mortal sin) that such an act invalidates it for you. That has been going on in the Church since the early days.

  17. TheRoadPilgrim Post author

    Things are becoming soo watered down  its like Kindergarden Christianity.

  18. califgirl11 Post author

    William. I challenged someone who is Catholic, about the Christmas so…Mary did you know.  I told them it was not a Catholic Christmas song…for one line only.  "The child that you delivered, will someday deliver you"  I explained that Jesus did not need to save Mary. Mary is the Immaculate conception.  Luke 1:46, says that God is her Savior.  It's so apparent, that Catholics have no understanding of their faith.  I got lectured…but I feel I am right.

  19. Peter Rappit Post author

    There are catholics and there are protestants – I am both

  20. marie leopold Post author


  21. Peter Rappit Post author

    I, Peter Rappit, am a member of the holy catholic and apostolic Church, filled and baptised WITH the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and moving in the power of God.

  22. Delawanna Post author

    Yes. It is de facto Protestant now. Since Vatican II the wolffish lefties have. Even destroying from within. The current man who occupies The Chair acts he is a Lutheran.

    Find a Latin Mass or Easter Rite Mass. The NO is a horrible liturgy.


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