Is Courtesy Required for Catholics?

By | September 3, 2019

Okay, I have a book in my lap.
We’re gonna use it … I have a book in my lap
and I’m not afraid to use it! Hi, my name’s Fr. Mike Schmitz
and this is Ascension Presents. So, a little while ago, I was able to visit New York City
for the first time — a couple years ago, I think. And I remember I rode in the subway —
I’d never been in the subway before — but one of the things I noticed
was how people behaved on the subway. There were all these signs that were like
“Hey, on the subway, do this, do this, do this. Hey, don’t, like,
put your makeup on in the subway, don’t put your feet up on the thing… There were all these rules
that people seem to be not only accepting, like, yeah,
these are the rules of the subway, but also
they seemed to be following. And I thought, “This is remarkable.”
And it actually made… the subway experience
more enjoyable. Here, from Minnesota,
what do I know about subways, right? I’m thinking “I’ve seen movies from the 80s
where the subway is the worst place to be.” This was actually like taking
a nice little train that was under the ground, and it was a little adventure
for Father Mike. Why was it an adventure?
Why was it pleasant? Because of courtesy. You might be like, “Oh? It was ‘cause of courtesy?
Nice. What a great topic.” But do you know that…
did you know that courtesy is a virtue? Courtesy is not
one of the four cardinal virtues. It’s not one of the three theological virtues,
but it actually is a virtue. Now, it comes from the word —
courtesy, courteous — comes from the court. So back in the day, if you were in the presence of royalty,
in the presence of the King, there was a certain way that you would act
AND there was a certain way the king would act. Here we are we’re in this unique situation
where King is talking to, you know, servant, where Prince is talking to pauper,
like, this kind of situation where, “How do we address each other?” Well, here are some rules of the court.
(Courtesy, right – court-esy?) Here are some rules of the court
that help us communicate in a way that acknowledges the person speaking,
acknowledges the person being spoken to, and acknowledges the dignity
that’s owed towards both. This is what it is to have courtesy because courtesy,
ultimately, is rooted in human dignity. You know, St. Paul, he wrote this… he wrote this to the early churches. He said, “Anticipate one another in showing respect.” In so many ways, that invocation, that command to anticipate one another in showing respect is St. Paul saying
‘Have courtesy towards each other.’ Because just like on the subway, hey
we’re in a crammed — we’re in a closed space. So here’s the deal:
On the subway, behave in this way. Not because we’re stuffy here on the subway,
not because this is all about the rules, but because here we are in this tight,
confined space and without knowing how to behave in this area, we’re going to interrupt each other
and we’re not going to help each other. We’re gonna get in each other’s way in a way
that doesn’t assist the build up of the people around us. In fact that’s why I like this definition of courtesy — it’s by a man named Father Romano Guardini,
and he writes about this, he says, “Courtesy is what? Courtesy is a little consideration for the mood of our neighbor. It’s sympathy for his weariness,
it’s smoothing over a painful situation…” and so forth. It goes on to say… he says
“Courtesy is a constant attempt to make life easier and to obviate the many
and often strange threats that endanger it. That’s courtesy. To lack courtesy
is to only be concerned with myself. To lack courtesy
is to forget there’s people around me. To lack courtesy is to be the person on the road
who doesn’t let anyone in. Why? Because, Elsa, I got somewhere to go
and you’re just there. But courtesy
looks up from oneself and says “Okay, how can I lessen the weariness,
how can I lessen the sadness? How can I make life easier
for the people around me? Etiquette gets a bad rap. We do an etiquette dinner at least once a year
here at the University, and in it we want to help students know ‘Here’s how you have good etiquette at a social hour,
here’s how you have good etiquette at a dinner table. Here’s how you have good etiquette
at a job interview.’ And at first people are like “Oh etiquette, that seems
so stuffy, it seems so formal, it seems so foreign. And yet when you learn the etiquette, when you learn
“Okay, here’s how I act in this kind of situation…” it’s not merely oriented …
it’s not at all oriented towards stuffiness. It’s oriented towards freedom
and it’s oriented towards caring. What I mean by that is this:
if I already have the etiquette, I know how to use knife and fork. I have freedom
to enjoy this moment. Not only do I have freedom to enjoy this moment, I have now the ability
to care for the people around me. Because here we are in this social situation where I don’t
know who’s the boss, I don’t know who’s getting fired, I don’t know who the king is,
I don’t know who the servant is, that kind of thing. But if I have etiquette, I now treat people in a certain way
and it gives me the freedom — not only to interact in this moment, but also gives me
the ability to care for the people around me. To have real concern,
even if it might seem extraneous. Because courtesy will slow you down. Courtesy will cause you
to have to take detours. Courtesy will get in your way because what you’re doing
is you’re letting someone else in. Courtesy might lead you to do something
that may have no material value, but could have incredible human value. Here’s my painful example. When I was getting ordained,
I sent out invitations to my ordination. I was like “Well, I don’t care. Anyone.
You know the date, June 6th, come if you want. Awesome. But I’m not ‘super formal’ guy…
I’m kind of like, whatever.” My mom was like,
“You gotta send out invitations.” So I send out invitations. And then she says
“You gotta send an invitation to your uncle (her brother). I said, “Well he lives in California,
I mean he can’t make it to this ordination. And I don’t want to impose on him.” She was like,
“Just send it to him and your aunt. And let them know that, you know…” I was like “Well no, they can’t come.
They’re in California, it’s a Friday afternoon. They won’t want to make this whole trip and
so I’m not gonna send an invitation.” ‘Cause I was thinking like
“Well no, I mean, it’s impractical.” I did not know… until after… [clicks] he died that my… wow …my not sending an invitation to him was interpreted by him as
‘I don’t want you here.’ That’s not what I meant. What I meant was, like, ‘No, it’s just impractical, I mean,
he can’t make it. Why would I send an invitation?’ But courtesy treats people like people rather than like practicalities. Because of that, courtesy might lead you to do something
that’s not practical, like sending an invitation
to someone you know can’t come. Courtesy will take time.
In fact, that’s what Fr. Guardini says as well. Courtesy takes time. Causes you to take the detour, causes you to let someone else in, causes you to do something
that’s impractical. But he goes on to say, “Life takes detours.” That’s what life does. Life takes detours. “Life squanders — or rather — life consumes time. Life wants to linger, life wants to delay.”
Life… wants to…
wait around for the extra things. And if I don’t have courtesy then I don’t have those beautiful elements of life,
that delay, that linger that wait for the extra things. See courtesy not only — like etiquette —
not only gives me an interior freedom to be able to be in a situation,
but also cares for others. And I can’t care for others
unless I have time for others. I cannot care for others
unless I have time for others. So how will courtesy be in your life today? How will you fit a little bit of courtesy
into your life today? St. Paul:
“Anticipate one another in showing respect.” Be courteous. Be kind. Take time for others. From all of us here at Ascension Presents,
my name’s Fr. Mike. God bless.

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    This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing that story. I am always blessed by your talks.

  2. Aaron Clark Post author

    I would definitely be interested in more information on fascinating topics such as this. For example, who has the authority to define which rules constitute "common courtesy"? How far does that authority extend? Who has the authority to enforce and interpret those rules?

    What if i freely and intentionally violate one or more common courtesy rules? Is it a mortal sin? A venial sin? Neither? Depends?

    What if you are expected to give up your seat for someone else to use if you have a certain gender or skin color? Is it morally acceptable to violate a "common courtesy" such as that? Is it morally obligatory to object to it? (What about Rosa Parks, for example?) Can such rules really be called common courtesy in the first place?

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    I needed to hear this. I find myself being so occupied with what I do or have, that I'm becoming less courteous and less focused on who I'm becoming. Thank you, Fr. Mike for your lesson and vulnerability!

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    #AskFrMike I think that maybe I try to be good mostly because I'm not good at being bad. (Like at some point I tried to be bad, and it didn't work out, so I stopped. But if it did work, I might well have continued happily – not truly happily obviously.) This seems to make my virtues less virtuous – which is kind of alarming. I know that somewhere I'm wrong because, in the end, it is a good thing that I'm doing good not bad, but it feels like the merit of my good is completely false. AND IT IS FALSE – because I have no merits really other than being loved by Jesus (I think). I'm seventeen and blessed to be Catholic. Can you please help me, Fr. Mike?

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    I dont know what subway you took in NYC, but I never had a courteous experience. Brooklyn and Manhattan subways are full of rude people, violent people and people who if they had courtesy wouldnt need signs telling them how to behave. Federal law requires seating for those with disabilities and discourteous, non disabled people will sit in them, put there strollers in wheelchair parking on the subway etc……. Im glad you had a nice experience, but its a rarity.

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