Is Contraception OK for Non-Catholics as an Alternative to Abortion?

By | September 8, 2019

Let’s go to Kalima in Portland, Oregon listening on
Mater Dei Radio. Kalima, you’re on with Trent Horn. Hello, guys, I appreciate your
show and I listen to it as often as I can.
Well done. Good taste. I have a question, I guess it’s all kind of now kind of been
tied as far as contraception goes, because I understand our
Catholic theology–I’m actually attending RCIA, the local parish here, so soon to be,
you know, chosen, among the chosen–but I do have a question: As far as abortion, and
people who aren’t Catholic that don’t necessarily believe as much as we do in
life, and the thing to see of marriage and that sex is for procreation and
procreation a search for those who are married, how do we convey…I don’t know,
kind of effectively–I guess, how do we get people to our side, so to speak?
Because I would obviously–abortion shouldn’t exist, it shouldn’t be a thing
that should be legal, and I think in my state of Oregon it’s legal through all
eight month which is–nine months, which is atrocious. So is there no moral ground,
then, for proposing contraception in place of abortion for people who are not
Catholic? Like, is that a moral stance we can take? No, it’s not, because what we
would be doing here is, we’re answering one evil with another. For example, that
would be like saying, “Well, let’s try to answer child molestation by
giving pedophiles child pornography instead.” And I’m not–and it’s just an
analogy, I’m not saying people who support abortion or contraception are
pedophiles. It’s an analogy that to answer one evil with another evil, that
is not the how the Church should approach these issues. And I’m
also skeptical of this method working, because I know people say,
“Well if you give people contraception, there’ll be less unintended pregnancies
and less abortions.” My thoughts on that would be as follows: First, the goal of
the pro-life movement, the goal of the Catholic Church on this issue is to
restore the right to life of the unborn. And so the problem here is that giving
contraception doesn’t change people’s attitudes to see the unborn are worth
valuing, that they deserve a right to life. It doesn’t contribute to that
in any way. Second, if anything, it may devalue that. It may cause people to
think that, you know, the unborn don’t matter as much. I was at a university
once and a student said, “Why aren’t you passing out condoms?” And I
said, “Well, there’s condoms at your campus health center.” He said, “Yeah, but that’s,
you know, 200 yards away from here, I don’t want to walk that far.” So you
see that, but in promoting contraception we’re promoting an anti-life, anti-responsibility mentality towards children, a contraceptive mentality that
leads to an abortive mentality, and I talked about that a little bit in my
book, Persuasive Pro-Life, which you can always check out to see more, but thanks
for calling, and we’ll pray for you in your RCIA process. Keep moving towards
the truth.

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