Interview with Man Tortured by Catholic Priest — Nicaragua

By | October 10, 2019

Stay there, don’t move! They tortured him, using pipes and rocks to beat him up. They verbally abused him for being a sandinista sympathizer. Sander Francisco Bonilla Zapata Shares the suffering he endured June 21st at the hands of groups manning the roadblocks in Leon to sow terror. One of the ways I was tortured was when they would light plastic bags on fire and stick them to my skin They would hit me, hit me all over my body, on my head with the metal pipes The torture took place in front of an evangelical pastor, and the priest from the Catholic Church, “Laborio”, in Leon The evangelical pastor, Figueroa, who is the coordinator of a children’s project “Manos de Compasion” in the neighborhood of “Las Tortuguitas” And the second person, from the Catholic Church, is father Berrios of “Laborio” Church Both these men were present in every single one of my tortures, witnessed every single beating, and in every single word they said. Men who know the word of God, professed the desires of Satan. I received a lot of verbal abuse from the evangelical pastor, Figueroa who would tell me to… force me to.. kneel down in front of everyone around me who were beating me up, who were torturing me and he was telling me to ask for God’s forgiveness ask for their forgiveness and then ask for God’s forgiveness, because he said I was killing everyone in the village along with other peers, the pastor Figueroa would say to me in those words. And on the side of the Catholic Church, Father Berrios- didn’t care to look at me when I would beg him over and over again to untie me and let me go free because they had already done everything to me, they had already beat me, tortured me, they had already made me bleed I asked him to let me go. What he did was simply tell the others He said “I’m going to take him, take his picture, I’m going to take him, but don’t upload it.” Don’t upload it, I’ll just take him Stay there! Don’t move! Don’t move! {Priest}: We’re taking him now Don’t move F**ker! {Priest}: He’s going with me, right? {Sander}: Please let me go… No, he’s not going to let you go! Look that way so we can take your picture! Stay there! Stay there! {Priest}: Don’t upload it, Don’t upload anything! you hear me? These aren’t people professing peace These are two individuals who are murderers, torturers- who are calling for violence and hate. The mother of the young man was harassed by the bishop, while she waited for her son to recover in the hospital. He wanted them to speak in his favor, since he was getting attacked on social media for his participation in the torture. The Bishop tried to manipulate people online affirming that the mother was thankful to him. I feel.. I feel.. like.. like pressured, more than anything, by the catholic priest- -Father Berrios Because he is a priest, Father Berrios. I feel pressured, I feel pressured because he is harassing me- the fact that he wrote that on Facebook So I am here to deny everything, everything he said. My son told the truth about how things actually happened. This catholic priest, Father Berrios, as well as this evangelical pastor, Figueroa- -are guilty for everything that happened to my son, because they were there Sander, said that the aggressors covered him in gasoline to light him on fire Infront of the bishop as well as the evangelical pastor. From there, they washed their hands- gave me new clothes- because the clothes I had were not those. I was wearing… I was wearing a shirt, I was wearing a shirt, a Hollister jacket, and jean shorts. They took all these clothes away, because all of it was drenched in gasoline. That the government, that the {Sandinista} youth, none of these. The responsible ones were the students and those delinquents that are in charge of the roadblocks were the ones that beat my son. Yet they are trying to blame the {Sandinista} youth. That’s not true! The young man has stitches on his left eyelid on his right eyebrow and on his head.

6 thoughts on “Interview with Man Tortured by Catholic Priest — Nicaragua

  1. Taya can Post author

    I am against violence !! However that fool got what was coming to him for being part of a murdering government fsln !!! As a matter of fact..the time is 3:38pm pacific standard time and in Nicaragua that goverment this fool and his mother belong to…..killed 3 people and injured about a dozen with bullet wounds. One of the dead is a teenage girl !!!! This fool got what he deserves !!!

  2. Roland Laycock Post author

    The Catholic Church at it again but then again they have god on there side, I bet the CIA are there in the background

  3. Present Sort Of Post author


  4. Marls Go Post author

    This man is telling us that he was tortured; that among the tortures two men, one a Catholic priest, & another an evangelist, were part of the group. The beating and torturing was filmed. Yet some individuals want to deny this mere fact.

  5. Maria Castillo Post author

    Nadie tiene el derecho de decir de que esto ocurrido es verdad o es mentira por que nadie estuvo ahí, a mi opinión yo como NICARAGÜENSE nadie tiene por que golpear a nadie solo por que piensan diferente, la política es lo más sucio que puede haber y si una persona quiere ser Sandinista o no lo quiere ser esta en todo su derecho pero nadie está obligado a tener los mismos pensamientos que los demás por que para eso existe la libertad de expresión, no dicen los de la derecha que no los dejan tener su derecho de expresión ? Y por q ellos la quieren quitar también ? Nadie tiene derecho a quitarle nada a nadie todo el mundo tiene derecho de pensar diferente y a como le dé la gana… A mi no me pueden venir con chochadas q yo viví la situación en Nicaragua y se lo q esta pasando y yo no hablo por videitos que vi si no por que cosas que viví y a mi no me pueden venir con el cuento que los azul y blanco son santa paloma por que eso ni ustedes lo creen y tampoco se puede decir q los Sandinista los son por que a como dije la política es lo más cochino aquí no se trata de quien tiene la culpa por que para culpa los dos tienen culpa de las cosas sucedidas y como Nicaragua está destruida así que dejen de querer que las otras personas piensen igual q ustedes por que para eso cada quien es libre de expresar sus decisiones. Si es Sandinista déjenlo y si es del contrario pues igual déjenlo cada quien tiene derecho a pensar como quiere, la violencia más bien deja mas violencia …


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