Integrity In Leadership – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (28 Aug 2019)

By | August 30, 2019

Very often, people have a mistaken understanding
of what is leadership. They think a leader is to command, a leader is simply to lead,
and to tell people what to do, and to order people around, and to get people to serve
them. This is not leadership. This is being dictatorial. In fact, the greatest challenge
of leadership is really to lead an exemplary life, a life that is worthy, a life that is
consistent with what we believe in. So it is a real challenge for us to be leaders because
of the need to to be consistent in what we believe in. So it’s very important that we
need to be true to our identity because this inconsistency confuses people. And so, they
become counter witnesses. A good leader, therefore, is always hardworking. Leaders always have
to make sacrifices. In fact, if you are a leader, you must be the most hardworking in
the whole department. You must be more hardworking than your subordinates. That is leadership.
A leader has to plan ahead. A leader has to think through issues. It is really one that
is self-sacrificing. So a leader, therefore, must demonstrate himself to be truly the one
who works the most. That is a good leader. A leader has to be impartial. A leader has
to be fair. Because if a leader is not fair, not impartial, you will create politics. You
will make people angry, jealous, resentful. A leader, therefore, needs to really be conscious
that he does not discriminate. A leader is the one who sees every worker as a valued
staff. A leader is not so much someone who controls. A leader sees himself as a father.
It’s not just as a boss. A leader sees how he can truly help those under his care to
grow in grace, to grow in love, to exercise his potential to the fullest. So a leader
is actually concerned for the well being of the staff. In fact, the well being of the
staff is more important than his own vision, than his own mission. A leader, at the end
of the day, must be encouraging. We must be the one who gives hope, the one who edifies,
the one who helps to bring the best out of every human person. That is leadership.

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