Integrating a Catholic life with parish life

By | August 30, 2019

My name is James Deveraux. I have been a member of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Kenmore for 42 years. The parish is welcoming, caring, inclusive and an active one. It has over 20 community groups operating at the moment and I am proud to be involved with 3 of them. The St Vincent de Paul Society. A small care and concern group which visits local residential and care centre for adults afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. And finally as the Co-Ordinator of the parish group which delivers Christmas Hampers. This is what Catholic life looks like to others. Leading by example and giving up your time for others. It has been a very rewarding experience, knowing that we are able to fulfil a need. In the case of the Cerebral Palsy facility we distribute the Eucharist to those who wish to receive it and then have a ‘sing-a-long’ of 5 or so old songs that they like to sing, followed by some hymns. They often just want to hold your hand, be hugged or listened to. This will bring a smile to their faces and those that can speak will often say ‘I love you guys’. Being involved in these ministries is a very uplifting way of connecting with members of your parish and sometimes with other local churches.

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