Institute for Urban Education: Community impact

By | August 30, 2019

We were assigned a community connections project where you have to go out into the community and learn about it and be completely immersed in the whole community of the school and not just the building itself or just your classroom. We also had to learn about where students go to receive other services so we had to talk to the social worker. We had to talk with the school psychologist to see different services that maybe we don’t know about as student teachers. And then we also had a family action plan where we had to devise plans for how to get in contact families and to get families more involved in schools. I think that’s really important as a student teacher because it can be harder for us to get in contact with families but also to be creative as a teacher and gives us ideas for when we have our own classroom and how to contact families, how to get to know the school that we’re placed in. Here, they have all these after school nights, these parent involvement nights so we had a literacy night. We had a math night. We had positive behavior incentive program night and so, you know, parents and community members came to me and I was able to volunteer. I was able to meet my student’s families. I was able to meet other families from around the community and just immerse myself as a teacher, as a student-teacher and really get to know who my students are and where they are coming from. And I think that really made an impression on me. I was able to understand better who they are. I was able to teach them better because I really, I knew who their parents were. I knew who their grandparents were. And I was able to have those conversations with them about their child. And so I really, that was probably my favorite experience of the whole program is just being able to speak openly with parents and feeling a part of the community. I really did feel a part of the community. A local church that’s actually right around the block from the school, you can see it from the parking lot, and some of our students go there to receive meals and just told me about it. And so I went there with one girl because I was a little nervous to go by myself so we went together, which was another great thing about this program is you’re lucky enough to be in a school with someone else. You can do these things together if you’re nervous. So we went and checked it out. They serve meals Monday through Saturday so that was a really neat place to experience that I know a lot of our families go to since it’s right here.

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