Inside the Ecology Youth Corps

By | December 3, 2019

I applied because my cousin told me about
it and he said that it’s a lot better than it sounds picking up garbage and he actually
had fun. My brother said that he had a lot of fun last
year when he applied and I applied and got the job, so I’m hoping to do the same thing
as him. I hope to be able to help the environment
and also make a lot of new friends to make new friends more friends some friends hopefully make some friends. Have some fun. I’m excited to learn with them, work with
them I think it’s going to be really hot and sweaty,
but it shows dedication. It’s a really great college reference, and
it seems like a lot of fun. It’s pretty fun. It’s hard work, but it’s
really fun. There’s been a lot of weird stuff you picked
up. We found children’s books that were perfectly
fine. I found a rubber ducky on the side of the
road and we brought it in the van and I named it Gavin. Yeah, we never know what to expect. I’m just surprised about how much litter is
actually out on the highway. I didn’t think it would be that much. When you’re driving by it doesn’t really look like there’s that much, but then once you
get out and start picking up it looks like a lot more. When we went on the field trip to Mt. Rainier I learned a lot on the stops on the way up there. I learned about different kinds of wildlife.
I learned about the importance of hard work. If you want to achieve something you have
to work hard for it. We found a lot of cans. Once we put all the
aluminum cans together it was kind of crazy to see how much we actually found cause you
don’t see it on the highway, but once you dig in the grass there’s a lot. I learned about hard work and working as a team and also having a lot of fun too. I got more job experience, I learned how to work with other people better. It might seem like really hard work at first but in the end it pays off because I’ve met
a lot of friends and stuff, had some good experiences. I’d say it’s a great job. It’s really respectable. You’re able to help the environment out and
make our highways look a lot better. We all made nicknames for each other and had
a good time with it. First of all you get to earn some money, and
it’s a good first job cause it kind of disciplines you on how much hard work you need to do,
but also it’s really fun.

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