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By | September 11, 2019

I come from an insular community that does not give a voice to women. – This is why I’m here to
help break the systemic issue that’s going on in my community. – Keep it simple, like me. (upbeat music, whooshing) It should be that women should
be reinvigorated to stand up for themselves regarding
their own representation. – I started the Instagram
account Flatbushgirl. Funny videos that specifically
address the Jewish community, women’s roles within the Jewish community. Honey, I made you dinner. I’ll have that message from that one girl every so often that’s like I can’t stop. I have to do it for that one girl. (lively music) Hi, my name’s Adina, also
known as Flatbushgirl. I’m a social media influencer and I also just ran for
city council in Brooklyn. (upbeat music) So I grew up in Brooklyn,
which has a thriving and very diverse Orthodox
Jewish community. And I always just felt myself questioning you know things I was learning in school, especially with regards
to certain standards of modesty for women and certain roles that women were asked, you
know, suggested to play. One of the restrictions that was put on me is the restriction and limit to accessing the internet. And already in fourth grade, I convinced my parents
to let me go online. And I think that was the first time in my life where I sort of
like exited the microcosm of Brooklyn and sort of understood that there are other people
practicing other religions, living in other family dynamics, experiencing life in their own way. And it just helped me
like really understand, observe, and analyze femininity and the way it was being
displayed around the world and you know in ways that I
would have never encountered had I not gotten online. (jazz music) I started the Instagram
account Flatbushgirl, that’s my alter ego persona, around two and a half years ago. And really it just exploded. You know, today I have
almost 50,000 followers. (in deep voice) My name is Rabbi Stein and don’t even think about
getting a second earring hole or nose ring. You will never get a shidduch. (soft orchestral music) (in normal voice) I would
say I lost all my friends. I sort of had to like build
it again through Instagram. But, I understand that
that’s part of the burden that comes along with
bearing a certain torch. – Hello! – Thank you so much! – Take all those critics in your life, take all that negativity,
and let that pump you up! What began as just you know churning out very humorous videos that had that subtle message at the bottom then become sort of this need that I saw within the community for
more vocal female activists. So I’m about to enter
the Amplifying Her forum, where women are unified
to elect other women. And I’m so excited to be here today and sit amongst my fellow candidates! In 2019, Jumaane Williams
won Public Advocate, which then created a vacancy for his seat. It was for this district,
the district I grew up in. And I just felt that I was not seeing any other Jewish women
trying to fill these seats or running for city council. – Our first candidate to welcome
to the stage is Adina Sash. (applause, cheers) – This is why I’m in this race. I come from an insular community that does not give a voice to women. I love my community. I’m so proud of my roots. I’m so proud of the progress
that my community has made. But when it comes to putting females in the front and when it comes to giving equality for women’s voices, we are still stuck in the dark ages. And everyone is afraid to speak out because they’re stuck in their role. There was a lot of backlash. The synagogue lists, the email lists that rabbis have to communicate with their congregants were flooded with messages on the importance of not voting for Adina, AKA Flatbushgirl. – Oh, comes across, I
can’t control comes across. – Actually, I’ve had money who called me and thanked me. There were magazines that
of course rejected my ad because my face was you know
is offensive as a female. I sort of tried to use like
their logic against them. And I had a series of ads where
the first ad was my father, a picture of my father talking about his daughter Adina
and why should vote for his daughter Adina. And then the next one was
my husband and my two sons. And then I’m very proud
to say that the third ad that came out in that series I was able to convince the editors of
two prominent Jewish magazines to publish a picture of my
85 year old grandmother. Okay, come on in! – I’m not an old women yet so I don’t want blanket
on my lap. (laughs) – This is Safta. Safta, aren’t you proud of the fact that you were one of the first women to be shown in the FJJ
Magazine with your face? – I didn’t believe it but they put it. – But were you proud?
– Of course! – But how come they put it? – Because I convinced them to! – I was so happy when I saw
with my [unintelligible] to make a picture. And to hang it on the wall. (uplifting music) – She’s a trailblazer. She’s
out on the battle field all the time. – So I see myself as a person
who is less concerned about credit and more concerned
about being that catalyst for other people to wake up. And if that, if the
backlash is gonna be on me and I’m gonna lose clients
and I’m gonna lose friends and I’m not gonna get any
credit and no one’s going to remember that I started it.
That is fine, that will just be my role. What keeps me going even
though there is so little, you know, resources of
encouragement that I can find is really sometimes that
just one voice of that one girl. Who will reach
out to me privately or anonymously and just say,
I can’t message you from my real account. I hope that girls can learn
to cultivate hearing their inner voice. Hearing their
instinct. Hearing their gut. And questioning any other
voices that are overlaying certain expectations on them
because of their gender. Or because of societal expectation. – Do you know what change we could cause? What ripple effects it
could be across communities, cities, states if each
one of us could that stand in the area where we most
have where we’re most passionate? – It’s amazing – Yeah. – Yeah. And that’s I think
that’s part of with it being a Jewish female and
part of being part of the Jewish religion. Is having that responsibility
to repair the world in the ways you can while you’re here? – Right. – And I think there’s nothing
more Jewish than doing your part in repairing
the world, so that it can be given over as a more healthy
legacy for our children, for generations. (upbeat music)

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  1. Jennifer Montgomery Post author

    She is an awesome lady. It is such a shame that she would have to use the faces of her male family members in her advertisements before she could use her face in them. That shows the levels of masogeny, sexism, and bigotry we women around the world have to deal with everyday. Keep fighting the good fight, sister.

  2. RonLarhz Post author

    Brooklyn??no wonder gilead report to brooklyn main. Another rl reminder of the handmaid's tale loom.

  3. Tina Yael Severinovna M. Post author

    Oh she's inspirational! You go girl!!! 👍👍👍👍

  4. Gaia Carney Post author

    Thank you for sharing this story about Adina Sash! She is very brave, smart and inspiring🕊

  5. Craig White Post author

    So the left likes Jews if they speak against the Jewish religion. I see she has the hubris to be a lefty. She arrogantly believes that her way of thinking is superior to all others. What is it that comes before the fall????


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