India: The work of the Catholic Church with indigenous people

By | September 11, 2019

Welcome to Aid to the Church In Need’s Where
God Weeps — weekly program dedicated to the situation of the suffering Church around
the world. Arunachal Pradesh – a state lying on India’s
Northeastern edge at the foot of the Himalayas, a region bordered by China, Tibet, Burma and
Bhutan – is inhabited by twenty major tribes as well as a number of sub-tribes. Apart from
traditional animist beliefs, and Hinduism introduced at a later stage, Buddhism dominates
in a number of tribes. The tribal way of life is also reflected in
the way the faith is lived and experienced — a way that is full of joy, zeal and openness
towards charismas, not unlike the early Church. What they want is — they want somebody who
loves them. What they have seen — somebody, which is involved in every aspect of their
life. Before I become a Christian, I had four wives,
two already died It happened when my son was walking on the
road near here. A big stone rolled down and hit him on his back. His backbone was completely
broken After 18 days we shipped him to the hospital
in capital city, in Itanagar. The doctor made a x-ray and said that he can’t do anything One of the greatest successes, if I would
call it, was that the people felt that in the Church they found somebody, who walks
along with them. It is not somebody coming and giving them some plans or some projects
and say – you do this and you will grow. Or you pray like this and you will be saved.
No. So we brought him back here. He was completely
paralyzed. Then lots of people from our village come to pray over him.
They prayed days and nights, and read the Bible for 24 hours. After few days he stood
up and started walking. This was in Good Friday 2007 There are no religions, which our missionaries
have not reached. They’ve slept in the tribal houses. They are living with the tribals.
And these tribals can walk in their houses anytime. They also have their children to
study all over the India. And when people were sick, they have taken them for treatment.
Not even to the Northeastern hospitals, but to ???????
Not for conversion but so that the people make it well. On the humanity of the person.
And people see this and accept it. This is based on the witness. On your witness.
Yes Jesus is the greatest doctor. When we call
the name of Jesus Christ there is no need to pay anything, no need to pay single of
this chicken or hen. Jesus has never asked for anything, only to believe. That’s why
we believe Jesus. He is a doctor. Whenever sickness is in the house, we come to pray
over, and the sickness is cured.

5 thoughts on “India: The work of the Catholic Church with indigenous people

  1. John John Post author

    Beautiful video! Thank you, Bishop George for the wonderful witness and your work to bring the light and love of Jesus to the many families in Arunachal!

  2. Constantine XI Palaiologos Post author

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner…

  3. Ravi reddy Post author

    Scs in India are wrost one in the society because of that they call as chinkiss don't be more faith on christanity that divideds india into different religions groups they are converting into hindus to Christans and giving money also they are so much active in India and other countries not good do not change religion not good all North East Indian


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