Humility Is The Key To Letting Go – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (18 July 2019)

By | August 31, 2019

So long as we are in this life, we will
always have burdens. It is how we handle our burdens. All of us have burdens. God
knows how much we can carry. God knows how broad our shoulders are. He will give
us the right burdens, the amount we should carry. And that is the reason why
when we carry the burdens, it is important to know that we don’t carry
alone. Life is difficult only because we think that we have to carry the burdens
all by ourselves. But if there is someone carrying the burden with us, we know that
God is especially on our side, then we will not feel so burdened. If we want to
implore the help of God to help us carry our burdens, we need to come to Jesus. First, we need to shoulder the yoke of Jesus, secondly learn from Him. To shoulder the
yoke of Jesus, means to carry the yoke with Jesus. So when you carry the yoke
with Jesus, then of course the load is shared, the load is lighter. So when Jesus says, “shoulder my yoke”, means that we are called to carry our burdens, not alone
but always with Him. So when we carry the burden with Jesus, you’ll feel much lighter
because you can rely on Him and on His strength. To carry the yoke of Jesus means
also submission to His will. We just have to follow Jesus. We must align our will
to God’s will, then we find the yoke easy. The yoke is difficult only because we
are not aligned with Jesus. I always believe that whatever happens to us in
our life, it happens for a reason. There is nothing to get too upset, to get
excited, or get into depression, just because something has gone wrong, something is not quite right. It is part of life. Sufferings, burdens, they are all part and parcel of our life. Go through life one day at a time, one moment at a time.
If there is a problem, we will try to solve it. If we cannot solve it, we leave it. It’s
okay. It doesn’t mean to say we will solve every problem. That is ambition, that is ego. We just do our best, that’s all.
Secondly, to carry the yoke with Jesus, it means to say that we must carry with
love. The yoke actually refers to the commandments. The spirit of all laws is
always for love, for harmony, to help us, to guide us. It’s not to make our life
miserable. The laws are meant to set you free. So the question is – Are
you aligned with God’s will? Are you in love? Humility is the gateway
to find happiness in life and to find comfort.

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  1. Helen Chai Post author

    Thanku your grace for this beautiful homily and i find it very interesting.


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