How We’re Using G Suite as a Business? (G Suite Business Solutions Review)

By | December 9, 2019

– One of my favorite and most
used tools as a business, team’s most used tools
as well, is G Suite, which used to be called
Google Apps for Work. And in today’s video I wanna show you why it’s worth investing in, the type of value that we get out of it, etc. So, let’s run through
my review of G Suite. If you don’t know, G
Suite is a way to take the free version of Gmail,
Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar and
customize them for your business. We use this for all of
our email address, etc. The reason why we use G
Suite instead of Outlook or some other email software is because a lot of the tools we use, especially Yesware, plug
directly into Gmail. So this is an easy way to use them. It’s also fairly cheap. It’s like five bucks per user per month. Something like that. Very, very simple. So we use G Suite for two main features. One is email and then the
other one is Google Drive. So for email, it’s very
simple to just go in. Whenever we hire a new person, we can just go in and
basically add them as a user. First name, last name,
email address, hit create. And then it creates an account. If we ever need to reset
a password as well, to jump in and see what’s
going on in an inbox, it’s very easy to just
put a password in here and then all of a sudden the
inbox’s password is changed. Very simple. It also let’s us clearly
see who’s on the team, who’s off the team,
the last sign in dates, everything there so we can check how often people are
logging in to their inboxes. And it’s very easy from
there to tell who’s working and who’s not working. Besides the ease of creating the inboxes, there’s also these
reports that let you see who’s using their inboxes, how many Google Drive files are created, what’s going on, how many
video Hangouts are happening, so a lot of analytics around
how active people are being in the company, which I
find super interesting. It’s always interesting to
be able to take a step back and see what people are
doing in their inboxes. The only downside I’ve seen for this Google Apps
email is in order to read other people’s email
addresses on your team, you have to log in or
change their password, which usually requires them knowing that you’re checking the inbox. I’d actually prefer if I
could go into people’s inboxes without showing them
that I’m going in there, but I guess that’s a security
issue or privacy issue. One day maybe Google will
implement that, maybe they won’t. The other thing I love about
G Suite is Google Drive. It gives you access to all
the same stuff you might get in a free Google Drive, but
it’s all here in one spot. You get 30 gigabytes, so
it’s similar to Dropbox in that way you could store files on here. You can even upgrade your storage
to add more if you need it and it stores all your files in one spot. It also lets you grant company access. For instance, I can go
into this Google Doc here. This random traffic source referral doc. Hit share and it’ll let
me share with only people that have an Experiment27 domain
which makes it very simple to share something with the entire team. Anyone at x27 can edit, comment, view, or its got the same sharing settings as other Google Drive apps. which just lets you share
with everybody on the web. Very simple. If you found value in this video, be sure to like it to encourage this type of content on YouTube. If there’s any other tools you
have questions about in terms of what our process is or how we use them feel free to ask below in the comments. And if you need marketing
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