How to Show All the Services You Provide and the Importance of Posting them on Social Media

By | September 3, 2019

We have a client, that’s a technology client. And two things here: We send every new client a capabilities deck. And in addition with the proposal. Sometimes we include a little bit of the proposal and the capabilities deck. And that basically just says here’s what we’re capable of doing, right? And you guys have access to this in your RAS member’s area. You have the exact capabilities deck that we use. So, we have this Healthcare SaaS client and I use the HubSpot tracking tool. Anyway, we send every new client a capabilities deck with the proposal. And it just tells people what you do because you know, I’ve said this before, you guys, but like, if you don’t tell your clients like everything you can help them with, they’re not gonna know. So, they might go and hire someone else or you know, not having and idea that you can help them with X, because they only signed up for Y, which is WHY the capabilities deck and letting people know everything that you can do is so powerful. Because we have this client we work with for a few months, I use the free HubSpot sales tracker tool that I think I posted for you guys last week, because Tanya was asking about this, a free tool to track email opens. And it’s just HubSpot Sales. So, I noticed that I had like 10 opens on this super old email, that’s literally like the subject line was like I think, it was like your proposal and Mod Girl’s capabilities deck or something. I said, why the heck are they opening that up Like that’s weird. So, they kept opening up the email with the proposal and the capabilities deck. like months after they’ve already been working with us I was like, hmm… That means they’re probably interested in another service. That or they’re just like being total creeps. [laughing] But why would they spend time being creeps on that? So, I saw that and I get with my lead, my team lead on that account. And I’m like, hey, by the way, they keep opening up the email. Like just a heads up and be a lookout for them for an email. Well, then, sure enough, a few days later, I get an email from them and it says, hey, Mandy, I saw you post on LinkedIn that you guys do website optimization & UX. We are needing that for our website and we would like to hire you guys for that too. I’m like, okay, awesome. So, the moral of the story here is: one, post what the heck you do on your social media channels, especially, LinkedIn for B2B clients. You should have frequent posts of the services that you guys provide in a valuable manner. Right? Give them a tip. Give them a statistic or something and then, at the end, we can help you with that. You know, let us know. So, in literally, I think it was like a blog post or something. Like it was very non-salesy, the post that he happened to see on LinkedIn. Just when you think no one’s looking at your LinkedIn posts. Uhm, and so, that’s the first thing, post on social media what you guys do. Post about your services. You have to be consistently posting about the different services that you guys provide. The second thing is send people some sort of capabilities deck or something that lets clients know all of the services and solutions that you provide for them.

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