How to Improve Community Service Volunteer Impact – Matt Curtis

By | September 5, 2019

Erik: Why is it not only important to participate
in a scene but also to contribute? Matt: I’ve been focusing more and more on
trying to educate people on the importance of community service with the idea being you
actually have to contribute. You know, it’s important to contribute to
what you’re working on. Often times what I find with young professionals
is they get what I call “over-boarded”. They wind up going on boards and commissions. Then they sit there and they go to their once
a week board meeting, or once-a-month board meeting, but actually doing something on the
board, that’s what makes the difference. I started to realize that I was not able to
accomplish much being on different boards and commissions, and what I would prefer to
do is go help a nonprofit, accomplish something rather than just sit on their board. That’s the way I can contribute. It’s the only way we make the world better
is if we actually contribute. If we’re just sitting in a meeting, nothing
is gonna happen.

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