How To Deal With Disappointment (by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)

By | August 29, 2019

(gentle music) – How to deal with
disappointments and loss. Maybe you’re sitting today and you’re discouraged about something because you’ve lost maybe an opportunity. You tried your best, but
it just didn’t work out. You did your best at work, but you got passed over for
a promotion and that’s gone. Maybe you tried your best with your kids, but they’ve lost the faith. Maybe you tried your
best with your spouse, but for some reason your spouse has left. Maybe you’re sitting there and you tried your best
to look after your health, and now your health is gone. Maybe you’re sitting
there and you’re thinking, I did the best with life, and now life is taking
everything away from me. How should we respond? Well, let’s look at the life of Jesus. Jesus for three years had
a pretty rocking ministry. It seemed like things were
going pretty well for him. Now, there were some
points of contention, yes, but think about that moment
where he’s riding in on a donkey and everyone is hailing him as King. Seems like everything
is going pretty good. However, you know the rest of the story. Soon everything would be taken from him. He lost his freedom when he was arrested. He lost his friends
when they abandoned him. He lost his reputation when
he was tried as a criminal. He lost his life and health
when he was on that cross. Everything that Jesus
had was taken from him. And how did Jesus respond? Did he respond in disappointment, say, God, Father, why
are you doing this to me? His response on the cross
should encourage us. What did he do? He said, Father, into your
hands I commit my spirit. Jesus responded to what seemed like a disappointing situation with great trust in his Heavenly Father. My friends, if you’re sitting there with great disappointment, understand that Jesus
knows those moments of life where it seems like
everything is ripped from you. He understands, and you
can go to him and say, Jesus, grant me the grace that you had that allowed you to trust
in the Father’s providence in life’s darkest moments. In the face of failure,
Jesus was being faithful. You see, for Jesus, it
wasn’t about success. It was about faithfulness. So, my friends, where
do you find yourself? Are you on the mountaintop or the valley, the hill of success or
the darkness of Calvary? See, it doesn’t matter where you are. It only matters that you are faithful. And when we are faithful, we will rise again like
Jesus to everlasting life, to heaven where there
is no disappointment. My friends, my name is Ken Yasinski from Catholic Speaker. com. Thanks for watching. (inspiring music)

5 thoughts on “How To Deal With Disappointment (by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)

  1. jocelyn wilson Post author

    Thank you Ken for this video. Like most, I've delt with disappointment and loss, and can honestly say without Jesus, wouldn't have gotten through those times as well as I did. Not saying it didn't take time, but like said couldn't have done it without Jesus. With that said, I'm not always in the place I'd like to be in my prayer life, but hopefully someday I'm where I'd like to be.

  2. pauline galloway Post author

    Thank you Ken I believe in Jesus Christ Amen could you please send more videos in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  3. fun-with-nickline Post author

    "Jesus I trust in you" amen🙏⛪🌏⛪🙏.

  4. cantor 01 Post author

    Thank you for these wonderful words. I have been thru many rough spots in my life..divorce, 5 lay offs, a cancer diagnosis…but I have gotten thru all with prayer and trust in the Lord. I can now see where those hard times led to better ones. Trust in the Lord.

  5. ruchika salian Post author

    Hiii thanks for making this video.It was the need of the hour for me


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