Heights AVID Community Service Project

By | September 7, 2019

My AVID students are here today
volunteering, helping the kids get off the bus, welcome them to Tanganyika,
showing them around, meeting their community service goal by
volunteering. We’re just hoping the kids have a great day at Tanganyika.
We’re just gonna introduce them to what they can do here and give them
some stamps so they can have fun today. AVID, we like to, you know,
go out see new things, colleges, and we just wanted to help out our
community. You know, try to fix it, make it even better and easier for
other people. Another group of the AVID kids are at the Food Bank. We
have another group of AVID kids at Habitat for Humanity, which it’s a
perfect day for that. We’re here helping out the neighborhood,
building houses for families that are gonna plan on moving in. We
tried to help as much as we can, giving our service to the community
and just trying our best to involve ourselves to the real world. I was
hitting the nail, and like it wasn’t going nowhere. Like, I kept hitting
the wall. Y’all should really respect these people that be working
on houses and streets, because it’s hot, it’s tiring, I’ll be wanting to
faint, it is so hot. I would definitely encourage people to be
part of it. It helps you be a better person. It helps with, just
everything. It’s just, you’re part of this community. We’re at the
Union Rescue Mission for volunteer day, so that our AVID students can
get out in the community and give back a little bit. The sophomores
split up, some of them are here with us at the Rescue Mission, some of
them are helping out a organization called “Raise My Head.” We really
want to instill in our kids a desire to give back to the community
throughout their whole life, not just in high school. And so we hope
that by going out in the community we can show them some great projects
that they can get involved in. For one; its good to help people, it
feels good to help the community. And then we needed community service
hours, so it’s a win-win. We asked them to volunteer every year a
certain amount of hours depending on what grade they’re in. This is the
first year we’ve been with the Rescue Mission, but we’re hoping to
come back in future years. Really just the experience and you know,
seeing the growth in our community is what we really want out of it.
AVID is an elective requirement, so it does count towards that
graduation requirement. But it helps them get their AVID stole when they
graduate, and they have to have 50 community service hours as a
requirement for that. And so, this is something that will help them out
with that. It gives you a good like, work ethic. Just working out and
just seeing the people around you and like, you know hearing people’s
stories of their struggle and then doing everything that you can to
help them is just really rewarding. If you have anyone that is
interested in AVID, and you’re like questioning it; AVID is a good- it’s
a good program. It’s a good- it’s a good structure, it’s a good support
system, it helps with college. All-around it’s just fun, and a lot
of people that care about you.

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