HCSO Homeless Initiative Recognized For Their Community Service

By | August 30, 2019

(upbeat music) – I’m moving forward in life. I have a place, I’m
looking for a job, and I have my children
back in my life and a big smile on
my face every day. God bless you and
the Homeless Unit for all you’ve done for me. – We’re specifically
getting this award today because we work
so well with ACTS and Tampa Police Department. So we’re actually getting
the Richard Brown Award for our efforts
of collaboration. He actually ran ACTS
for a number of years and passed away recently,
so it means something to us. The Homeless
Initiative basically is a group of six
deputies that go out within the Hillsborough
County community and focus on the folks
that can’t help themselves, the mentally ill, the
substance abusers. So we work closely with them whenever we get somebody
that actually wants help, we can actually call down to
ACTS, Janice specifically, and get them into treatment
and then work on the next step. (upbeat music)

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