Has the Roman Catholic Church Changed Since the 16th Century?

By | August 31, 2019

The Roman Catholic Church has changed since
the 16th century. There’s no question about it. And the differences that we had in the 16th
century have changed. They’re far greater now than they were in
the 16th century. All the Mariological decrees have come since
the Reformation. The de fide proclamation of the infallibility
of the Pope came since the Protestant Reformation. Things are not getting better; they’re worse. And in the recent Roman Catholic Catechism
of the decade of the 90s, all of the essential issues of the 16th-century debate were reaffirmed
in that catechism including the treasury of merit, purgatory, indulgences, justification
through the sacraments. So when people say that the Reformation is
over, they just don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s that simple. They don’t know Roman Catholic theology.

8 thoughts on “Has the Roman Catholic Church Changed Since the 16th Century?

  1. hersheystaste4life Post author

    I just don't get it why it takes 400 years to figure out that god isn't real when you can just Google search atheism in like 30 seconds.

  2. Jacob Carpenter Post author

    Bless you Rev. Sproul, Sr. for your videos on God's Reformation and Satan's Counter-Reformation!

  3. John Charles Godfrey Manuel Ferdinand Post author

    I wonder. What about the Islamic invasions and conquests of Europe and the West. Has that changed. Gotten worse in the past 500 years. What would, does, our Holy Lord Jesus Christ think about the freemason deists who fabricated the U.S.A. out of revolution? Who is man that he will acknowledge the existence of God, yet insist he does not intervene in His own creation, or, that man should, will, and does, dictate the terms of how, if at all, God will be involved in His own creation? Also…https://youtu.be/ELDfgoRmYl8


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