Hail Holy Queen – The Thirsting . Punk-Rock CATHOLIC

By | September 8, 2019

Hail holy queen enthroned above

90 thoughts on “Hail Holy Queen – The Thirsting . Punk-Rock CATHOLIC

  1. Jacob Cornwell Post author

    Awsome song! I love it! Keep rockin' it for Christ!
    Viva en Christo

  2. Católica RockeR rocha Post author

    sorry deleted a comment without explanation you want to …
    but still above its explanation (translation improvised) = p google translato

  3. Louise Cialkowski Post author

    "And when our Lifes Breathe Leaves us,
    "Show us Thy Son Christ Jesus

  4. SANJUANDELACRUZ1 Post author


  5. Laura Aguiar de Meneses Post author

    very good song!
    God bless u!

    here's Laura from Brazil .

  6. Mandana Dowlatshahi Post author

    I normally hate Christian rock, but this is tolerable!

  7. thinkgreen Post author

    I've never heard of this band before, until today… great music, I've been looking for something new to listen to ^^ thank you!
    Salve Regina…

  8. effathaband Post author

    Greetings from Croatia, Europe, from Catholic Metal band EffaTha!

  9. Marcos Montanez Post author

    Ordinary you say? How many ordinary women do you know have become empregnated by the Holy Spirit? How many ordinary women do you know have given actual virgin births? How many ordinary women do you know have carried GOD in their womb for 9 months? How many women have given birth the THE Redemer? How many have given light to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Ordinary you say?

  10. Marcos Montanez Post author

    @ZLUGGO but your half right. To WORSHIP her would be almost like idolatry. Loving her above God, and putting her above God would be idolotry and breaking the first commandment. A good Catholic knows the truth about HONORING Mary as the Mother of Jesus, thus, our mother. as the wife of the Holy Spirit, and as the daughter of God. The new eve. No worshiping of any kind. Just asking for her intercession. and help to follow her advice "Do whatever HE(Jesus) tells you."

  11. Cleitom Nierotka Post author

    The best song about Maria!
    Here in Brazil, everyone I showed liked!
    Very nice!

  12. 1standupforchrist Post author

    hello fellow brothers
    im gonna teach you how to play Snake on youtube 😀

    1. Pause on 0:00

    2. Press left arrow and hold it

    3. Press up arrow

    4 Play snake now!

    5 Thumps up if it works !!! 🙂

  13. Hugorosilva Post author

    Wow! What a cool band! I loved … Punk Rock Catholic grade. A big hug from their Brazilian brothers. Jesus and Mary's love be with you. If they can enjoy the Brazilian bands will like very much …

  14. HeraldDRoi Post author

    I'm Catholic… I like punk… but I find that my faith and modern music don't mix well. I know rock, and I know Christianity, usually mixing the two is an insult to both.

    Don't get me wrong, these guys play their instruments really, really well, and their voices are excellent. But turning a prayer into a song… it sounds kinda lame.

  15. Nicole Jade Post author

    This is amazing. It's fun, but true to the spirit of the song and doesn't compromise its message. Makes me even more proud to be Catholic!

  16. JewelBlueIbanez Post author

    FWIW, they didn't really turn a prayer into a song. They just did a cover of an old traditional Marian hymn that was originally a prayer.

  17. HeraldDRoi Post author


    Trying to rock it out doesn't work though. Its like using something for something it was not designed for. It may work, but it won't do the job of the things that were actually built for the task.

  18. FayesWings Post author

    I love punk rock, but I'm also a devoted Catholic, so a mix of punk rock and catholic music is so interesting. And I really like the song! 😀

  19. watermark086 Post author

    It sounds like the song in Sister Act. It's bit like the same, but this one is even rougher! And why not sing to maria, jezus or god in this way! I think its great

  20. Andrew Rabel Post author

    Refreshing to see a group of young guys like this who aren't afraid of the world knowing their devotion to Our Blessed Mother.

  21. T Ace1 Post author

    *Awesome* …I'm going shopping on itunes now, and buying it ALL…cant wait to share with my CCD students!!

  22. Jeff Ricciardi Post author

    what the fuck is this…lakdsjf;alerail punk? whats the point anymore

  23. xxaznbloodflipxx Post author

    Cool..I thought catholic songs were all hymns! Not anymore:)

  24. Love God Post author

    LOVE it! Fantastic! We sing this every Sat at our Rosary- I love your version! It's wonderful to hear a such a beautiful song with upbeat, energetic music!

  25. Maria Petrarca Post author

    I love having the name Maria and listening to this song!

  26. Chris Daron Post author

    I dislike Punk (I'm a Metalhead) but I dig the lyrics!
    If you guys know of any Catholic Metal bands, please make me some suggestions!

  27. Melinda Gietzen Post author

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I'm now in Heaven! I love Punk Rock, and I am a PROUD CATHOLIC! EPIC WIN!

  28. Pauline G Post author

    I love it sometimes young people think God doesn't rock but yes and his Mother is my mother

  29. viejolobo691 Post author

    Saludos y bendiciones desde México. Dios te salve Maria.

  30. LindaBkrWms Post author

    Just when the world  is on the verge of hoping God's church  is dead a new generation of faithful  comes.  All glory , honor, and praise to you lord Jesus for your faithful promise that the gates of hell will never destroy what you have given  to us — the church eternal..

  31. LindaBkrWms Post author

    There is only one human being in history, from adam until the last to be created, that never once placed herself first.  She never was , for a moment, unfaithful to God.  since no one can ever hope to be as great as God , we turn to  the one human being who is, was, and always will be perfect and we seek her to teach us to become perfect and worthy to call her Son, our greatest Love.

  32. Nathan Lennox Post author

    haha fuck no way do people actualy listen to this shit hahahaha o no man this is the fucking most stupid song …. omfg Catholics man thay are weird

  33. Paweł Rybacki Post author

    Regina Poloniae, ora pro nobis 😉 SALVE REGINA!

  34. Stitch O'Donovan Post author

    I was beginning to think I was the only Catholic who wrote punk rock music… This is so awesome

  35. JessyBee1313 Post author

    this is cool but I feel the vocals need a bit more pep..they're kind of…flat and a bit dull. Put some energy and devotion into it!! The last verse gave me chills though. Hoping the Blessed Mother has blessed you all with immense blessings, success, and gratitude. happy Sunday!!

  36. Antonio Aguilar Post author

    El mundo necesita música como esta. Necesita esperanza.
    The World needs music like that. And needs hopeless…

  37. D. DeVille Post author

    Oh GOD, this is amazing!!! Salve Regina!!

  38. Kalee M Post author

    In the comments below, I have seen the Blessed Mother referred to as Mama Mary. Please refrain from using that reference as it is very irreverent. She is Blessed and Holy, so please respect her as such. She has different titles that are fine to go by, but that is one that is so offensive as it is's mocking her devotion to Jesus.

  39. AI 0891 Post author

    Mama Mary, bless these sons of yours! Love how their fresh take on the faith.

  40. Mike Irish Post author

    Being a traditionalist this goes against everything I hold dear but damnit if it isn't fun to listen to! lol

  41. Tom Rosete Post author


  42. Walter Johanson Post author

    Now compare it to this version: https://www.youtube.com/embed/f1CNNf9iU9Y.
    The music is wedded to the text and to the rite. "The Thirsting" version of Salve Regina doesn't fit together with neither the text nor the rite. It makes ugly what is beautiful in our church. Shame.

  43. Manu Petaia Post author

    Does anyone know if this can be used in the Liturgy during Mass? (Im not a Catholic but am researching music in the Catholic Church)

  44. Catholic Resistance Post author

    I'm gonna blast this outside of a Protestant Church

  45. Rann B Post author

    I thank the Lord Christians make such awesome music!!!!

  46. Knight of the King Post author

    Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy 🙏💓👑🌹🇻🇦 Pray for us


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