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the AA a they’re a the managed to each other as the man from that of the year so sudden than brilliant that. And the air and welcome to the latest end of your pall cast when the self and Jason will be going from gaining five predicting the school’s looking for the history of cool showing you want in section one: a hazardous enough number seven Jason we’re we’re given the political class because what is chasing him that while couple and their genes into the into your good evening everybody and how are you finding your own wildcard selection that some far and 40 yards and lessening by saying to my is a rare preview show enough to go from predictions and as ever just let you guys know that irby will be taking one of you guys live update to join in the self and Jason predicting for what you believe the resource base if you wanna be called a shed and you will be entered in two and was delisted and the EU competition and the self Jason Bere regarding who comes out on top that he will be the desk or they simply that the moans block of Yeltsin bloc of your has had the most and points so far rights and beyond: the Jason that you’ve created eight score predicting game for the any of your book on web site to return all this is how they can get involved and an ad to end their consoles Jason just explain the format of the web site school predictions for points: system for money as scoring prediction are some guys are they said you get 1.4 grade outcome you get two points for getting close enough to get three points for banning the money that when doing predictions are good for what history and the suggestions will be else I’ve actually entered the history team into the any of your home school prediction games and was said just to make people aware that send I will send and eight statistic: Fina this is happening in the corresponding fixtures from the last 16 weeks to history’s reflecting the last six fixtures these are two pretty good teams play games are not include family’s FA cup so it does a master it’s just those six fixtures at interestingly the statistics are actually come up from said for example in gaining one of all Federal statistics they got nine of 10 correct for gaining two got sick front end of the meetings going down since gained three and five-game win for us for access to this report are the three accent that semiannually be wise for people to this notion that statistic is where old war said five picks the more popular place for And see another FBI opening will be pretty easy as a test is hearing in the history suggests should be your best captures a bit because for the last four game weeks the history has come out on tops regarding which captaincy you should go with Sir Jason Metzger and choose somebody from the waiting room window two people in the demand that will come on like to join us for predicting gaining five schools that are going 20 Jan maps wore an inch and brilliant that of that their community and adding idea of a database, port at stake for each of a absolutely at the wheel syndicate of the game week without medical vs. Newcastle straightaway toward a game with them possible captaincy choices and I think this is going to be comfortable four military Jason and to unleash what you think and I’m thinking and tune of four of history that no one will end of the history is this going 32 would you believe that the statistic that people may wonder when the Centinela missing two of them is that the economy can too clean sheets and into this was the last two in their home fixtures that’s all the six fixtures and close the last and six at Newcastle actually scored 27 free throws fixtures interesting enough so of this is 132, captaincy perspective them up and down four players from this particular game settlement rather than Ronald seldom on infamy known knowing that runs on wild east of three games against move-in that time he’s accumulated too clean sheets and got three assists including eight Telesis in the last game cell is 24 times against Newcastle the score three goals and one assist money four games only one goal for the number has started five games and it also has made of this other parents said Intel five games may be as only got one assist GM just a minute for eight runs on Ron Selig what the best As she picks to and from this particular fixture and that just might be that histories got 32 to the formatting move on to my guys in suits and an shift the new here have think the thing with them that this particular game offensively very very tides are whether to use it whenever a motorist about burning there was another losing said in my old rights and shall not broken will be an accommodation at 71 going 21 to burn the Jason and friend of any should you put in 1/2 hour before processed into this as a friend to minister to be a thing as a droll sense of being a male and then no one should well interest in the mystery me that this tree because this is america’s favorite 21 to brighten and to burn a hole and that the fourth rules in this game two of which have been known over the last two fixtures and you actually come out on top and one GM to recall that span of moving on to jason’s send the team and in either hands and less to and what you are today is the first Jason Woolley force and as good two and see only oh percent registered wife, see think this is gonna be the stopper sources at the school to be set and I think that Mr. Again a button like to think that they went on: 21 semester I think they should win is a just a 99 reduction plans the matter is under the impression that when one of either party and not cancel each other and ongoing thing last issue when this 21 for any shore for some 99 vs. the steps that bag element of another draw think 22 22-game world in history is going 21292 then 99 rushing and beaten in the last six and made one of five of the last 60 win NT three clean sheets and that some moving on two is set for July vs. our hands and one of them or her driving games of this particular game in which I just think this can be one of those where Eva Shephard and I get: & fans were actually win the game more than cancel each other and I think the council each other and won the girls 11 Jason worked with two of them each of the letter with lenders have a weird me that all people in chat measure me a few times and shot them to just come from the shortcut of an doomed you’re in this is going too well that 32 separate united for three of the older anger and lane and resulted in a clean sheets and then they have little red Colton is to take a fixture in four and concert chairs and the score a cinnamon manager was gonna very unfair about this a little out of a of a few it unknown and not allowed us to 29 to 0107 and one lesson from the get garden strategy or logo for anything there are some tongue, and who knows how to a certain urged current and the orient and stars brought prenatal well aware of these can be reached at this game undergoing an expanded to educate 21 in history’s growing with one mail to Spans 341 deals in this particular fixture of the last six, of bend the last two fixtures of the 2 to 8 two until thick three for each team said when that you have kids going with and gown with one or two spurs that moving on to oppose vs. Chelsea and that this is for me the hardest game to cool I think this guy would have if they cancel each other and a very low scoring game that’s the way of going on: men: 11 Jason for and to Chelsea and any dish, the two to two to two, moving toward our one: organization with a history 721 to Chelsea the small bits or the previous and overrule aggregate score here where isn’t any any more, and the last three have been one win four rolls control and made and animals for certain really could go either way that 44 was really no end to all and see that the game that everybody’s talking about its Norwich and some and 60 Jason said last night eight nailed all you still sticking with a prediction my friend who any known as holy week just to or the Federal election going two less than you are going to 600, I have high just everything the dissent on an exact the same month in that house city breeding 12 I think much better treat U.N. Ian Wilson to build any Wilson Tyson is coming does he triple And where we made his point me you would if you could happen will live or for one man while this entices seven triple And whether a fence you have a lot of courage start of the idea of the half-height of the deficit and city’s grand ideal compromise six military amino acids sick smokers of 20 when the capital said it seems two weeks ago and reality as I think this could be like 331 213184 Males and demand that they were witches and Nora watch that any sure that what you think in this particular game and I’m thinking because of what the comments of management and made a lot of changes that make against any opposition to seven pages, what I can really something that no well when history’s going three milled around them the last three at Kao road and ended as being too nil metals and 13 known to man 69¢ in the last 6 to 91 three matches vs. match to display one of the accumulated boston’s were actually Norwich caller from troll in that any of those people And where a sterile, deploying a study completely hands and perhaps faces and hands of Mr. Lucky and regretted me moving on to the history regarding And George was standing aware of the deploying a standings and 827 chimpanzees vs. no action is returned actually nothing is too some appearances are Guerra has made three stops and made one so the parents and in the potential of four has scored only two goals and two assists and two of those system those two assists action came in one game in the seven MIL the threat that the messages ground and Allen said Kevin deploying that does make two stops vs. Norwich and has had one goal and one assist to having their any had been able to Sunday’s games and is these games could be quite high school and on a prediction affable movers actions edition just can’t seem to school and one goal of thing these judges can cancel each other and Jason under born of one ms and one convention to any age : 33 to have some nice 9322 words and this is going to wonder: of and the last three and boomer for them, 412 and four and one interestingly and the game’s the ball over the plane that’s good as some pop and lost or three in conceded 10 goals was a higher than the last three then he conceded three so when the AMA that can be all types and we expect that the finance Committee on CD set the name of the Sunday afternoon kickoffs appearances will continue to manage the books of verse is also would back to earth of the finger at will from ever taking to be honest with you the end of a single cynical person is three and one Jason and improper and each of which have had and each day at one of the House Committee on a goal in which to be different for more than one wealth had a lengthy there is predicting 21 to treat to watch the one interesting enough and that’s the last three games are often played against the wall for gable they have a clean sheet into those three and then also, though stirring up and the other three games and the wall for the 12-winning 21 study Harry daugherty’s action on something that has fallen into Monday night football and its task for the worse is western united and-C-one-game to be honest with you on the game 212 west and Jason wood wrote in each rider for 10 November tune in to land a study by the total best argument have with this is going to want them to west and one has been and four clean sheets within this fixture three of them to west avenues long been for us to Miller said this could be a bit more of the time to gain that Shabazz said as a predictions everybody just reminds you got any history the captaincy why is it looks like it’s suggesting you want to go return of the john Rommel sell a history in the respective fixture vs. Newcastle planners on Ronald has played Newcastle three times as and too clean sheet and got three assists in that game cell was played new cast to four times the score three times and got one assist server and for anybody that the dame has to captain it suggesting some local train and it’s on Ronald for an age all usec for gaining five my friend yells that I think that with us at the teams are capable of two days behind the winner of the center for democratic senator Anthony you planning on And intercepted a game and I and others are unpaid cash and seven you’re going saddle cell at the same as lawyer and why you choose instead of that cell that will make us up and press gently can defend for as much have no ability to defend them. But a darkened parking fee to see them working less than 85 4th before you even if an integrated data on the nature of the game and other sections will impact: judge Monday and adults are close to the fact that said Olson march and then the managers which just basically gave up before they even went on to the pitcher ever but at the time these times this is where Nancy he went in and not necessary that keep that they still have them the money they still have absolute the top quality players in the dns and the monks and yet have only as I wasn’t completely change the rest are playing everything can they are actually and can actually top quality team special incomes that any then into the history always seems to come up trumps it seems server one will say to everybody watching this now is that need it and adjacent will be doing all sectors suffer from some of its offense Saturday said between 3:00 two and a juror Indian origin and city game you have followed me and Jason reaction lying 2:00 AM in the day’s action and then ceyhan Norwich do gonna get some answers in Escondido one hand over eight Denny and end absolutely any strength to joining us from a friend and had no shoes clear-cut case that the boot in opening the way the team Jason in the dosage a second server is not watching last 97 Jason approaching stream where Jason revealed that an incredibly sick as well, and at this and I’m telling you now the slipstream and walk ready to everybody that joined us last night I personally four that was the best stream that myself and Jason along with you guys the corners and have done so that far this year said thank you for making and such a great forecast last nike’s lives just missing limbs and intent was just watching the replay that somebody had a withering sign of Mrs. Olsen Mazur and discord and bringing on courses said that the one for information received a known as Ann, confusing Jason essentials such evidence any valid arguments Wilson Jason is doing jason’s start his team in the redwood team for anybody that does an El Toro regard the school buddy guy’s industry for short summary will post a link into the description and chase am sure it has teamed up on screen and well-off 451 Jason a Durango three aware of the people listed morning and then you move: within five: this particular team opened gold and Wyoming and won the right of the highest reading my 2¢ regarding this team here I just look at it and face of upside down EL sheik and from the glare and I’ll turn rights and to the born the son standouts where your main bulk points are coming from without today York as the highway saying you’re consistency of.scores event all but were beaten down and James had at the moment: four that’s the question you’ve got one guy that’s started two games escort that he speaking they won some parents amend his first stop eagle gold boat ride to the first all he starts into the cup and gone gold the words from AltaVista overall suggesting that he’s going to be attacking that sweet and doing half its it’s a good choice and a medicine I just think was Peter Hausmann Iran and as ever as we mean you can stay and we’re not sit silently and a voice on the edge is two gloves and just chat about how seriously we take and fancy focal and the cash you need to be respectively participating for this season of course it is with you guys and the DB audits and have some of the things the police today at the back people take down but that’s actually it any benefit from it and the most recent example being about a lot of arguing about me having Canada pointers And vs. brighten the state without knowing I fell for the crown the ones standing at whether there were others said keep away the two mentioned one that’s what with new money and for process than a minute into it and I’m thinking bright gold, that will be at my head turned me as saying that any Messina said that about some battles and basically saying he’s committed just review system that the doubt about the question his ability but he did when I left the Ly is no great ideas and two D pass at the local cast just now and 352 and the tragic and he is and also found that pretty much said that to the same thing that sub else is integrative yolks of thing, self do when she get the word being for sub else whether were displaying abortion turned on to do this on the uneven good because of the battle of the nineties know what can happen is that you are just repeat what you were searches is the cancer Sunday and you’re then arriving at what we’ve been saying was timing issue again said one actually do not transfer initial defense Jason and goalkeeper I’m looking back and I just think that is a horrible that could add to shoot the work he yet yet know we get me know that you are banking on the fact that it looks of the high possibility that will keep the clear she does you have very very high in fact I would say is about an 85 to 95% Charles Medical keep a clean sheet vs. Newcastle you redouble up there that will compete as your urges Tottenham can’t seem to keep a clean sheets lundstrom and the windows is capability that does is stalling an everyman to get these parties and pitcher won all and coleman’s compared to dean your business and compassion many demand deems just brushing aside the end it’s those four acquire and deploying a cell on standing and he got two that world from the old gold cyst already down and James and one day is the classic thing that I was mobbed teams at 15 of which plays what taken right now what gives that team property and to death in their careers six or seven and one yet and other parts of the house’s point and make buying their shots are things names are shows a regarding the very simple: he made for the bucks me as not attack on anybody, call from the actual play themselves and Evans had to turn over word including data which also last season ways to court and annexed the wealth of much of that is like an amusing witty: a defined name is that I couldn’t care less if the plan is the worst player ever so the bringing facts focal points and will be the season got three goals and eight assists and Benny clay Crosse of the plays like 15 or 1800 minutes for all sold and yet he still managed to get that amount of attack is a landmark she held for the firm and united in place 1500 minutes is still goal and an estimate because the high amount of selling fanciful returns and if you are to basting spread across the season fees to tinker individuals were to start every single game that’s just wrong in saying saying double back attack on you and I were because goal that the view from its age six goals and 16¢ a subset in ad and I think there will be is is some even really is going under the radar and and bright gold I think that actually owns 79 actions since may do it today and bringing the word before sub else I think that that transfer may actually be done is 5.9 and four of them and then easily go out and the Tories is not the highly and to mean everybody slide and often suffering as is a quick look if he played a game playing and the 2000 minutes 20 and jewels that will 70% of the season and all three goals and eight assists and I think that is an absolutely fantastic but if actively looking at his own oval history in ads and nearly 1500 minutes and 26 and sensible three goals five assistants just is just three goals and in 2718 and in the 1900 minutes in game three goals five assists and last season I just mentioned from the 2003 goals as it’s been a diva down all former coach made a point about the well be that he would actually happening as also coverage because he just doesn’t drop from offensive local perspective the distant one again because he was serves six million pounds and 5.5 you know he may be kind of idea that many and locate choice because the summary then start every game of 5.593 or six your bank is good enough and I think that’s an filtering now I feel the sleeper it said speak of the videos are: thing what your team of last night I stepped up but one will say I still think your regional team nor regional team is better than is just too balanced is one of the fact that I personally went in two penny per week when I’m seeing the you have them and I can train colleagues on raw mode of thinking well that is amazing that you’re paid to have those two plays dedicate a brown you can argue whether is a good choice and like it doesn’t matter as essentially is one key battle about as I miss into the replay last night there from last night essentially the words that can carry out as you hit the wall called on to get into Guerra which is apparently died on the menu can’t argue the point that when Andy and the 19982 and came on the format on the four and notional reaction to what you done and you argue the point where the the date you personally are expecting him to get you a potentially infinite or can double And ceo of 2526 points per batch you’re expecting him to get your minimum and double figure return me personally I think that Guerra is the best captaincy option of gaming if you work on dependence on that because the next best thing which is standing simple as that the and yet the net and I keep a key battle about this joy myself and Jason live ensuring the game to see what happens as it is going to be absolutely cracking entertainment watching what happens in up to take a game on Saturday evening at 535 that I think that teams still means I can’t breathe, I apologize for the three individuals and maybe you court and I do think it does need a premium defender person may I just think the premium of them as they do like trades alternatives on Ron Van Dyck that they get UD is the potential getting the city is stored all died at sea bass the only thing with whipped cream defenders and outsourcing white paper must take the absolutely a ally just looking back and II are still sticks with guns and we were able to amass want to be proven completely wrong and was again a service to the house ran the one that based on the factoids in teaching seven think what you end up his know you’re not used the list are you are very very lucky guy when it comes to fancy footwork and you’ll probably end up getting hundred points this game we were as people of the cell to be open today the knoll and Arizona and medicine committee get what for 40 and use for up to framing him into the top four in an all cash and in the balance surprise me whatsoever send us an e-mail and inherent in unheated what you mean making the revenue meanwhile you don’t have to worry about welcome to semi-wearing a while, and use it when I feel absolutely necessary to use it to me were and an well have one can say is a new goal mall and less than 124 hours together with a 20 26th and 26 of 31 hours to go wherever it is in turn the deadline and the user you’ve got your this is going to be your team all see another leading man, II don’t think that’ll be the case of thing that can change completely buying Saturday 1130 by reading icon can’t see this being seen out again are either dead thing that the defense can be the same I really don’t like I can’t see huge stake in the defense mean that if the fed to go with it at the behest of wrongdoing in their than 70 and those who are corps after saying only about a wildcard team and their feeding head: game we tried the moment for and won the 500 and many governors drop down two and two said center Jason Hadden had more and more akin ties to two start with anybody was a joyous to live on the showing just let me state that the one just get into the disk or waiting room runs at about 10:00 3 to 1 40 minutes or send them to get the pools and discussing the annual teams ahead of gaining five and brilliant idea would work or dissolve it’s not easy as just a stance region has not slowed from earn my art work or are we a long time ago does not cause a stuffed items 40 years in a large than it used to call upon solid team and the sea and are installing extra team lock lot better or the bath in what seems pretty son’s bar you will force one afternoon with clients included at the winery of the stain issuers will have as artist Walter tonight old toys and just an door bytes of tire fire. Israel’s acquirers and Mario Milligan + sleep, borrowing the outdistancing I’m sure other extras he’s been scoring block from somewhere . You were split my locker last week so and still beat really tough to minimum of two books for what seemed, the rest of the of knowing that you can’t call warnings . Was there no idea of a huge assignment last week in lawsuits are some limits on what about instant working because of the new server as part of its if the U.N. and some just looking and that’s a team headed down on just thinking you know will it stay as we will coordinate any of your community template team, I think it’s a very very good team and aid for Ukraine be going with that 1343 formation that Olson rotates in with some surroundings and to you and I think that he’s a very very good team to the planning Any , while appealing a sea of its auction begins Saturday will I consider legal standing and deploying avoid buy and sell see a light sauce can be more charter street and long nights in a car special and why not start as a little like to international games so lucky loser beat pressure are repeating war against Newcastle well beyond doctors are exhibit, which advanced at special interests might fall by newsletter that are sold as conference which eyes are getting stolen last week and you might also not feeling good about the meaning while the blast were caught you get a little orphan what think you ought to start washing is also the one of those three strikers in Europe and in which one should should be done about the only had the duty at two key based on fixtures that unless it is a question of if you bring in any new ½ the money to upgrade not strategy of any money the bank will have a zero points. USC got no money and about what’s ever turned into a wall art is taking dropping one of the strikers and ending up about, well that’s art and brought up the days of westerners but the question is will as striker and a waltz 16,000,000 deaths from any machine you what you bring in two key first item in Greenwood and upgrades to the someone like Kenny to dean your summer as something along those lines, and trim or just a month to strikers, and start nine mark their bodies are outnumbered listen and Friday are not taking all you guys are any other suggestions and in some point it’s is I visited him more time he and press and I think that you’re not allowed on a single option that when you’re an access to dynamic center have really but when she claims your Aston villa play in town means every single week and faster question and has just append to me that the people icon of weeds to go get that many clean sheets said it’s really doubt that any safe points each gap and then the moment and Jason deeds have Tony and and he still beat me last week because of Safeco’s second half of that and Esteban or boyfriend on whether that’s what you’re seeing our blocking caught wind in require any calls for a sport star and Indio that’s just a freak result not rise complete waste of space stop all border with macaroni and look at Macmillan to be honest with you on the edges to the park for a third act in little league of war and the tone he never just an arm mentioned his robbery, was that you choose to or was it is, say Jason a gay bar range and anybody that may attempt to transfer the name is any one team in the top 12 actually ends of whether that’s a said including itself in the two teams are tops well without cash and Indiana Guerra get the butt of data which you say that of the print shack are actually said that because of last night they hit the wall, but many test that would have had to take it and all forms to the power poles like it at that and in every packet dollars in school and really bad record of it, but another front in a locked up deficit that are , but that much, no unit that funny enough by E ball called as well I think we’re leading to about two months ago and I am a little bit when staring at once a little bit different side of the goals are to talk more calls were idled a year in one area in some ways the village a suite of standing to bring sought and where and when it’s a bit weak elsewhere rocks are completed without fault is that Citibank will get one of only two will call since requires their loan in Arkansas, not the above changed for the IDG Post a team in the red 19 and 20 or 25 and this whole ball can’t even see as yet, said to be the reason we’re on the pentagon’s on roman string dean you’re standing cell deployment a gain of eight, and that two key and then can Wilson she and Kenny on the bench into account of this egg and it is the any of your committee template hit you go understanding of the cell cap conceding that edition forces to one and one that still a change on click into this interview will spark off before the record date on this weekend if a list because I’m really 50 15th street seven the fact that encourage just mastered the goals at best thing to be a different city council gets Conchita we can make its bustle think was night she could see the lead me to 34 calls spree which are began from your old . And good will to Sargent against Governor Chris judges and a long-term Mr. Curry please bring on now as well to feel defender while he’s in any way and because he’s actually activate is the free fiction of the Vegan to get four votes that it a result, lead me you’re getting, which are call about wanting wall switches shuttle Atlantis is at full speed filled up the official recalled getting the lighting is legal for quick takes a quite like that come Robinson and seamanship and I came up from unique setting these are not blocking the police we’ll fight against inside and that’s when the money for local beach arranges the 4.6 weeks filled up to watch or Kingston and the week for sulfites walked in the same game of the old that was what will lead his economic and look wrote a book that only were the Christie 734 for it and the ethical and legal ways, three for tunneling. The awards will be used up reworked or don’t like banks to open a branch in which you know always been three defense 343-3528 but you should be 3521 like I just want the body in a cramped cockpit the ad placed in the sentience to the strongest in the plan is that you cannot pick up the fed is one of the stage at dirty and at school art theaters in the P street is a cheap that she defended the party’s message 844.1, is for Courtnall signing preschool kids call 42 dollars each other and Middle East would know many people around and replaced them , their digital will that mean 11 final question oval office and Evan how many are absolute detriments to be in this team by the 1130 that once after an endearing single change would be at Mckeon bench and E. Kelley silicon into more change renovate the mediators of Ronald Reagan, beating some are starting to break care will be able to attend a preschool to be until such as really get with the network possibly, not all like the idea of a judgment and are taking a late in getting and upgrading someone to wear when a second query 5.6 somewhere near the school record for the season 1% will get a site yet but you need to repair defect with all the air of it just a few days and our own knowledge of you know , but try that and just above chris’s team action and 2125 is is free if you figure for a hit and wizards can quickly through LDAP said Henderson gold dean yet even the 532 Kenyans from Vandyke Massey, is on content deploying that Michelle saint standing and that the Guerin And what he hits the three hits chip defender doing really well in our own cash many young talent it up and left last weekend was a mistake but we liked dreaming and do something I’ll walk up and saw -16 , falls off the map and I’ll like shrimp been taken me up and up the dumbbells like trying to figure all, transfers to build around animals happened so while thinking don’t take this 1:16 AM most lieu yes no matter how not an act that a young adult, and that’s the thing, but the matter was so bad that I fall, I know that it’s too good to do all the time of great park plant a week resulting and a dad like a lot of stock to two lead like bowling before the play upon subtleties, played at the local Kings, Tennessee. So all , I was thinking that if I could lead to good disk a week made did not like you to free it was like an attitude use quickly or something but maybe it in all out since umpire yet. We got a gun, Mary and you can’t get the middle to -16 it’s get through the receptor limits you asked for a free and it’s like if you got one liners and used a court that , on a piece of that into the area of the matter think that the fire mean I didn’t have an atypical defenders stole in all but clinched the blood of technocrats and I will deliver and copying the life of the things I think the heat it was worth it and not just the top just one quick question but why rich Olson but well out of trouble thinking about this may be a plane bottles but then again and his son Alicea under the success of the senior and up the lost the best the best that, that granted like a dream and the new year and it didn’t get a tan and other options at a bad maybe maybe the one seen a lot of tents in us know yet you if the what one can say is I’m somebody that looks and two wall and you had to manage is actually said that respect to place and what did reduce that to the Jolson again he scored two goals in his last fixture he scored in the knee cap and a mother silver came and said he just he’s confident someone to start scoring goals gallon and is the thing to being puffing potential is a bit more within the world a flock of silver please all around and say I want you to gal from the escorts the goals and Jolson marker sales command said is full of confidence you just need to get a couple of goals bank the score three and in two games whether and to forge a lot of shutting down the shore into the cup to the point is that the zone for gay men and just regarding Ashley Bartlett to have some breaking news everybody I just basically played parts and basically he’s $1.00 a player of the month awards for the shoe boxes of Plato, god is in training services baseline rights been into the race conditions, five visit your clients are others worry about 10 th I were in a Russian dollars per say that’s one thing to be a city defender I think he’s content of like a good night’s differential in the charts and one can say is I wish you more to work hard in the Welsh ginger and quit up three hits I want to go to triple medical defense to a question about what would you rather dull a sellout and to change jobs done to sell up and go for the like you and the new stock market more-than-for the most part that of the month and U.S. are unlike that choice or dead on the counter this is the classic Stephen him by saying that standings away record is and is actually pretty good but gets in the post of a cinema in and out the kidnapping by 1/4 or more like you, and not -but and the adult bed of lettuce of blocker , just to a point in all seriousness of it and to have any reason as to why the official act then open the scene to will be the consumer is saying about headquarters and the fact that people I feel defender 4 inches around a strap we have little saints and saying about how he was: a trap polls be at not working is telling you that you’re from a transfer need to get a deduction was points of an knack but on the committee odds are you’re on the stalwart before order will have a hard line on the board, rob are killed by keeping on the discord: watch rob so you’re not unlike a lot more are working toward J only for cures all our lack of you out of the four corners on a large part of health arm and bobby but the question is too short and start working out and an annual inconsolable, said the survey are order your order will or per lot of hard to see names like champions Marshall our standing out, just love horrible and what I needed a last night but one that is made to gold at least you’re gonna need to be easing the sort that NatWest initiated Wayne wang Cheney atoms bob Starr will start by Charles martial art or inhabit the week of her, four record since people injured on our fourth week honors four I will never give me three or injured I think mark shortfall in a war of words seeing on, which called for construction great restored and start training still with the group endorsed to all weeks ago so are the washer we find our teacher albums from your car or stop by part of our cards can be one of the border guards, are charged with Richard Armey score Sheffield this week are bulldog next week so on keeping for those are men in a bald spot worries were charged this week are charmed the car, but it’s so much, were still starts you have that much and startling what what was that the transfer this week on Washington tried a movie review, and TCI on what you’ve done that faces serves five ways than one can’t come up with again another building an assist school but I was in that campers do what you found on to terms on Ron one’s thinking it’s just not necessary purse Seine right now I oranges I would just be happy with having Robertson the deal failed to the wage to transfer bob Yankee starter on the flaws Sunday on the start or break were all tribes, rice that might slow walk to make a decision I do think trouble we bought scoring to find the season so I walked into her know in win the award season yet I think you’ll be the best option me it’s maybe our female light a transform of maybe, waited all but he’s, he’s the one I will go forward, £bike four or maybe next week to a fund jams Archibald saw department will find that a large swatch or what seat stock purchase a great start only a wild party stock two million starters resold some games to be made somewhat pull the pop charts are is because of taking a three Texas and on for as long length of the wall board but no one was making ego is standing in the cell on so I did a lot of great today I would watch or were not used by word anymore are drug use recent speech jetliner are really gonna tell us what is interesting alumni will basically just all accounts it signed or to report the county board of trade social the mission was just call by legal spotlights report stopping threads log on to beat buffalo bob about special little bit better idea: more on a bicycle if I had were on tour, WordStar charge for the garage, and are paying recording my second choice are feeling is, do well I just relaxed long walk will be our starting the spot saw one was already at least at the start responding E August all alternate stocks will break will be placed on the every time he’s the workbench all so the church will reach base in taking a small core one start in fees, small dog one start because my captain bob I’d use of Clifford starts and he calls and is a very short charge cards all the time to Notre scrapping your own rock you are more than two, losing a player like the top of the bond market on Mars, weakfish is all about the only Time Marketing starting gate ranch is women in the arts by wall chart for not work near not annually are on the so called support not only one book comes from the ordered all trucks used to bad idea. In buyout ailing IPO in the hallway be. On online all inventory of these, these really good yet yet and on our part, just leave it is something of a dog eating his margin call Mckinny eight even not oversee all out and you on top, and an awful lot of stars, when I was a little PC speakers of his policies it all away record against audits all full five people in every game so I think stores in me some of it is as key effect of these and their second option user who and an old who we just mentioned the suspension of you open the Austin the chapter from which you can see the triple capped from spending at the field of wealth above us really any seven lie in my head and my answer is no button in the finale for even a concerted triple And acquire what’s the difference in opinion of why you go with one than all the other those standing not sell the eight student gets yet in IC bonds not yet it is costing can do well at on 8% yet yet it in counting in an item might which I states where I wonder stuff, Marcia LO Aidid out last week and all the sea Kings and book on training and so in an yet but it is the only that it could be the day he’s my basic understanding is he is the creator for anything that’s a solution to do is call 1 to 1 assists this season so far in an intimate in the Enterprise Point you do not many in that bracket you know you’re hitting some battles over java heads in the way the study was six and infants and the scroll down to 5.9 said Andy Allen of those specific three and is very very tight upper reader with them as of now beginning because he’s proven wrong to say how important is for us to them is 55 and one denies was nice to have a Monday night player playing the same speed over all that team is and what you just said Barry go back and see absolutely yet shares at iced body are just trash and that is entered our clients to start by scored a box about what nightclub and that’s saying that you’re you’re basically why close look where all like what I would have loved * the identical or delete fully wired where all like a snake would be a lot of marauding mainly catholic its ad like all act like with our 2020 minutes ago he said he was speaking with this team and our sanity changing its car travel light on bus to you with your work last unless you rank indeed to call it a team from me and you’re at your play that is being And seller of the week you came on posting that surprise surprise Sellers outscored standing again I’ve been proven ride this week is standing And Johnny until I was telling how tricky install one am and what why you going with friends standing counter that if it’ll be up at the All-Star let it boil the alleged plot to talk to quietly shipped it to be in stocks to the lady any intensity asked but as the six to between the two at the Mater Dei any battery acid would add is often a good call, but the intensity of some as big a capitalist and three below and Yigal Ben shingle pound the sake of the result of the canyon play for you and shoe art as well as the team’s announcement and 1 to 8 minutes of play down at the known as auburn, but the ball and that a little sick for their way back newly laid off a portrait of it and knocked toward the total records or is it again yet be at the end of their 442 from Asian or coming over and ID and streams shown shoe fits to the mound stuff on the border, it could you remind everybody that transfers wet paint off Stalin and Kane of fort Stewart, is among the most by the assets for your book before you always see the standards director of the right into your blood and has a right that the study was to have it should have the deadline dates to the disabled and click of the Saint Mary had your was gonna happen we know exactly what that is one of the one that you decide not to And seller after eating out a form and standing and the one we don’t do is inflame and then stands in the frame and sells them do it again just knowing that your 100 minute or early for such which is not an irritant and can there are taught sell articulate site area at street address and on me and extreme Exe a princely and that’s now being in a way that I sidled, would already be a R. Reid you who was in the wings to me as a client often as number six is good but not being cached at hand was little. Add to get a greater role in the last bit of the battery of arts in your avatar of ad was plenty the bank, excite what makes the ticket booth to attract buyers like all the expert on the one you and your average at night and you had sidewalk main reason why it is too liberal and I talked to one day record of books that are to one game beat what the hell it a chance to Islam, six to do just a quick one and then, right before letting go of that your prediction that all the man nor first man city and Natalie us to our cat in the sport a bit out of court to a totals as a while for two to automatically granted or my dog you’re expecting that high scoring game for both teams and medical Newcastle Ikeda 0.3 is they’ll be at 20 92 you’re expecting then name is even better start but from your board of buying the city after the death when rock classics. The seat or at night and Corliss this last week’s time and soccer, rugby court court Indians starter Newman and should not like that study about the Middle East, bobby story to be used all are to articulate Indian seats out and see you are the outwardly between the install an RTC I don’t think Columbia court board site and let you know that there are just what it was a very very quickly happy doing can change and reach a little known that they don’t you put his team opened 2130 in these are very similar wildcard team to use paste and we’re at a time that you can’t keep the children beyond that are actually was on U.S. 21 for two four or well as on an election year was we were getting trends and control festival first armed gangs or weeks and army and defenders have been providing peaks and round match the offer, who returns and as to when to being in the attack and said was thinking of sales and car and working with turmeric and parents and attend a house West Quincy and and armed to defend stronger support Constantine said john C was too will be armed armor and a password and burned the talking heads and hands and finish in the hands are currently 1 miles and all the facets aren’t and Becker said I was in the process of routed what you’re good first thing we can write 96 will and arm cider house and the recent arrivals and armed and independents are against the war or more in just a different source and toys, houses and spend a Sunday woman reporter and I can hand and theory and attend school clock until now had summer and first week as well and Northgate old approach to Bryan Duncan II consecutive week and a signal level as those of worksheet, so comfortable continuing went without summer and king and into the Iraq and to our door that are absent where our arm and companies we want to buy some companies Corcoran scorched is a clear and court court 40 points and also has a top and this is what’s interesting and I aren’t taking and sometimes you just lose our land that he’s a top scorer tell arm point scoring double in bulk and some third world and land use and all 25% ownership to rest are reluctant to differential in itself around and I recommend that if his name it starts to get in a managed in the next couple of weeks of you recall that the old into there’s also been around so bad the old will have an assailant and I can bring back and TA Wright would knew that designs are points difference between matter who wins in a coed atop the U.N. reform Jews and to third and an valid and that’s the one U.N., while lovers from a template same for renewal of routed top 70,012 to 15 and usually too well, is one of the country’s fourth room 74 visit our fifth and the fish and then a new annual society that I had only set from the route I can identify your team, was number one goal testified that on , and off questions and we’ll continue offering, another new sign the original com center in the universe and tune in to transfer no longer pages and bring these engines of five sons, He will be made because I know that it lasted longer than the Finnish Mt of the-back their way into the fathers of no route from 11 . It was only on utilizing a mama 1991. He’s so everyone will resemble the small amount once the suite is called nine points of swing rom business deal records term son-wing it even with the heart of this and final five planners are you going to do so while working as an act of new young on assignment, and the cities of them in your role, saying of the above anybody spent a month, New China News from medicine in all but ignored CBO -ending double the number one, an old and I was always able to ping of saying nothing I’ve seen of him know that your knees and like many transfers settled and answers, because the plaza will be our answer is no witnessing will you know Peters NAZI Art L. Ron ott, a Sony has an update of the many spent $1,000,000, one amendment and stars, and the staff of 1. Oh saves a lot of actual well holding, 711 to eight weeks and B. But yellow highlight, salon times a night times, I like that to online service rate online city, are serious people and stand of wearing a theater in a response from a thing of the lawsuit and, of the titles of the week and a tip-top and 1/2 later he and the reason: some of the others into the seven to consumers were all measures a series of about 7 minutes so little guys and human to the one on inside where I am wearing, and that of a single mom London is either a single theme normal regional training was was, and while old Cousins and China was not a good sign of the exec and exiled house of an well you know my four sons live-like and 5050 and one KingCo same way I agree with me that the team that needs while, he wants to stick by the ball and assembling found a scientist and every single item in the foot forward as to why you: when I understand that top managers they get ahead of a person’s think that they knew the reason why do so well is because and the plays all template at the moment and I just use just backup goalkeeper saying this I just hate your defense but you’re not my team along with the oven 98 people in my cash in on cash and the URL arrival you do any you need to do all state and wanted to do and be used in whether you need to these are some of them but ought icing on the unusual, lying on the defense will call is on board by saying I’m sure we’ll we’ll be talking in are likely to indictments time, Washington. The elder while called for nine or backpacks and a whopping one of your own and it’s an and we’re a man-hours. You not a knock on the designs of it is a blind is newsflash less than 20 times, some of the wedding and not be done so by kids are so limited in school and that, before the bombings or music was part of the installments of laziness out all but one of our county and state and status, stockings absolutely no illegal the target audience in the seventh body captains, no one in storage will the new captain of the storage the lessons young I think I think nominees 34 walls are a little sooner is blind, as I can reside. And so the suit are an animal organ of state lottery and I’ve known-on and make up the bulk and just an interest and it what you thinking on the medical game, which is in school than that will lead the Sabres, wearing it up now are entertaining, wind and on and it also are planned weapons, and Ron brown and shop show choir and to make a difference, old stock of respectable to win three straight male , is highly respect and the others of fresh of these of the package was in mapping and an in late nuts and I think everyone knows why that’s about as our Moscow date, because each. Install installment are saying, soon start and not many Williams announcement to a significant arm is a good fit, wring our eyes and then to bring out run nationally and robin Jennings we ought to be knocked down and barking out of money, markers before army captain, so I was a winery martial art busing, and joins a good, honest and arson that are 1. swing on native title nine is a combined . It but outlined a number of the was the accompanying three of nine and ninth in mind the key thing, and exactly 81 half and that our new plant and star Maria Sison & that Mr. Allen and me so on for a couple of data that the or the line that dirty bird ordered to Gary cut off from the detail up you that the mapping of the national sporting clay Yielding a lot thus we can start until they look like the notes and the system doesn’t happen that the role the call a lot to us might solve alleges that when the advocating the sun as Wyatt that allowed us will use these are some dream team as a buyer bulk cash relief Russell to funds based on an outcast of the most reusability for budget and that it sold different because I feel the city and women and quite good at getting stranger and below $1.00 and steaming it gets all the tournaments the changes in the future and one more change but the speaker to remind them as the art scene also found this triggers customers are year’s prestigious polar to release the plan and Amy three the rams that will be at captain Seles to find told my friend coming to its own stock in itself day 1 to 1 gets , off a modest and a tower a solid season parking stall as a hostage and so we decided the newsletter column by an austere about an Intel the stadium by some money for our date of July, 2 to four that’s the thing monies and a label plan to limit the 1:00 AM also at packages offense and a lead the thinks time in its new console her a very shaky state or such as copper spirited Khmer line that were destroyed and signed base and the portable captain of, but this week that of a genuinely think my label are generating money is going to school after only separates 100% the public from the cargo airlines was today a was another game poisoning or ahead in to show a large, large Internet allows a very worried year, and you were ever to be in this is the second time in sort enrolled in its 1. Or are also more, and awfully warm, where were worth of now I’m at a time and make them back res ID and ½ where we go back on track build schools Medicare and an easy schedule or but that did any of them at a golden goal one visit our Burks arctic legalese animals as a visible defuse the rocket box hating for one of only weeks he was three to haven’t been taken and can have on the packing and unpacking points always after one and up from a factor got to me it’s it’s awful box or they will be and Ron Grady and water Wells parking route through the ordeal for

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