Granger High Student’s Speech on Community Service

By | September 20, 2019

– When I was in sixth grade
I volunteered with my mom doing yard work at a preschool. The programs through my moms work called the Crestline Volunteer Team. The vision was to make the
neighborhood look better, clean it up, and make a change. Although I absolutely resented yard work, due to the back pains and dry cut hands, this time was different. I happily tore up weeds
and cleaned up garbage, not because the work was easier than most or because I was being picky, I took joy in it because
helping out the little kids that went to that preschool. Not only that, but the community. I take pride in myself
and every single person that showed up that Saturday
morning to make a change. And I owe this experience to my mom because she’s always shown an interest in volunteer services. Service before self is important. Not only does it help benefit, restore, and clean up communities, it also teaches people certain values. Instead of asking, “What
can you do for me?” people learn to love asking,
“What can I do for you?” The selflessness of service is priceless. And there are many other
values one can learn from taking an active role in the well-being of their community. The ability to work hard, to work selflessly, to work with others, and to work without a material reward. The biggest gain in doing service is the feeling you get inside. The humbling pride that makes
you want to help others. The desire to make a
change in others lives with or without recognition is amazing. And quite frankly, we need more of it. But the problem with doing service is that there’s not enough being done. Many people make excuses
as to why they can’t or won’t help others. This is an issue. For financial stability
to health complications no excuse is a good one. Living in a low income situation is rough and most people agree to that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and make an effort for your community. And if one is bedridden
and isn’t able to go out and do a physical service, they can always make a
donation to the weekly program no matter how small or large. Now the amount of people
participating in community projects can always be increased. How would we do this? Encourage the most easily
influenced age group to take an active role in service. Because people are molded
during their childhoods, kids should participate more
often in community projects. If people would learn at a young age to contribute to society as well as their communities early on, there would be a substantial
change in the world. As a child, people would
learn to work hard, to help others selflessly, and to have fun doing positive things. If people learned as children
to enjoy helping others as well as their communities, it would translate into their adult lives. And from there, the cycle continues.

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