Gorgeous Fall Wedding at St. Helena Catholic Church and Varozza Vineyards – Brian and Jenna

By | September 4, 2019

Brian and Jenna’s Wedding in St. Helena, CA.
St. Helena Catholic Church and Varroza Vineyard Wedding We’re so glad to have everyone here in
this incredibly joyous occasion. We unite two people who stand today ready to profess their undying and eternal love for one another. Marriage is like birth. It’s a new
beginning. The day I drove home from the hospital after Jenna was born was a new
beginning for us. Luckily she was pretty easy baby. It
wasn’t surprising that Jenna made her career in the healthcare field. It’s a good thing she is marrying a
paramedic firefighter. Good luck Brian! I don’t know if all of you know how they
met. So they met online and she was telling me about Brian. She said that
he’s so cute, he’s so sweet, I really like, he’s so nice. And then he came into the family. And
you made my friend very happy. Seeing him as happy as I’ve ever seen him before, and it’s no joke. So thank you Jenna for doing this my
best friend. Thank you for your an ending love,
laughter and support on this day and all the days of my life. And honestly I don’t know which one of
you is luckier. You’re really a wonderful couple and you’re on your way. But you know what, it didn’t happen by accident. it happened because you have pretty wonderful families. I love seeing Jenna like this. And so
all I can ask is that you continue to make her happy for the rest of her life. Dear Brian, my husband-to-be. I am
incredibly grateful and honored to become your wife. You mean the world to
me I’m so in love with the man you are. Your generosity and love for me is true
and unending. I love you today and every day. Love, Jenna. I Brian, take you Jenna, for my lawful wife.
I Jenna, take you Brian, for my lawful husband. For better, for worse. In sickness and in health. Until death do us part. Until
death do us apart. I would just like to say that Jenna, you
look absolutely beautiful today! And Brian, you don’t look so bad too. You know, as I’m preparing to let you go
with Brian, you know I’m equally as lucky to have both of you of my life and a I gained a brother and I’m really happy you found each other. And the next thing to do is to let Brian
know that it’s perfectly permissible since you’re married to her. You can kiss
your bride! When you get together again on the 25
years and celebrate that that 25th wedding anniversary and maybe even 50
years anniversary. Hello Husband. Hello Wife. You know we’re just really thankful for each and every one of you that have come out here. People have flown from far away. Our friends and loved ones and our family, really have shaped us to who we are
today. Remember Brian, happy wife=happy life!
Cheers too many years! Jenna, you have always been our sunshine. You’ve dreamed of this day since you were little, now your dream has come true. I know that you and Brian are up for all
the challenges and happiness that the future brings to you. As you turn to face your family and friends,
ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Brian
Warner. Brian and Jenna – October 13, 2018. A wedding film from Napa Valley, CA by
Aperina Studios. An award-winning wedding videography team.

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