Going Back To The Heart Of The Gospel – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (02 Sep 2019)

By | September 6, 2019

The Gospel is essentially about
transforming lives, healing lives, empowering people, give people hope, give
people purpose, help people to find orientation in life, help people to
understand how to live their life meaningfully. And so, there are many
people that cannot connect with the Catholic Church today. We are not
responding to their needs. They don’t find the Church relevant. If we don’t
respond effectively, we will lose them because they cannot connect, because they
find the Church is not helping them. The Good News
is basically, first and foremost, for the poor. The poor are not just those who are
economically socially poor, but the poor refers to all those people who have
found no meaning in life. They fail to realise that life is about loving, life
is about creating fellowship, life is about sharing ourselves with others, life is
when we start to enrich people’s lives. That is what life is all about. Those who
are rich and powerful, they feel very lonely. Their life has no real meaning.
Again today, people in the the world are speaking about freedom, but freedom is of
course ‘abused’ freedom. The world is saying, freedom to do whatever they want, say
whatever they want at their own destruction. And so, many people are not
exercising real freedom. They are actually slaves. Slaves to the world, slaves to Satan’s
temptations. They are slaves, they are not free. The freedom that we are called to offer
others is a freedom to love, a freedom to serve freely, a freedom to love freely.
That is a real freedom. Many of our people are just living only for today.
They do not know about the future. They are not too sure what will happen after
death, so their concern is just preoccupied with this life. How many
people really believe that this life is a preparation for a life hereafter? That
life has no end. This life is short. If you are really a believer that
fullness of life comes only after death, then you will take this life seriously, to live it seriously, not because there is only one life. We live it seriously
because we know that this life that we live, that we grow in love, that we grow
in service will continue into the next world. Many people in the world today, they are
looking for hope, they are looking for meaning, they are
looking for purpose. They want to be assured that God is with them. They want
to know that they are forgiven. They want to know that they are still loved
by God and that God is journeying with them in their life. They are not abandoned,
they are not alone. And that is what we are called to do. To set the downtrodden
free. We are supposed to give hope. Can people really feel that the Church is
really truly offering them life, offering them hope, offering them a new perspective of how they look at life? If the Church is not
enlightening people, giving hope to people, empowering life, then no matter
what riches we have, no matter what rules we have, they will not be able to help
people to encounter the Good News. Whatever we do as Catholics, we must
always ask, “Am I really proclaiming the Good News? Am I changing lives?” If you are not
helping people to live a better life, a more meaningful life, then I think we
have missed the point altogether.

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