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By | August 17, 2019

Ireland. We’re not far from the capital Dublin. Euromaxx reporter Andreas Korn was supposed
to meet the happy couple here. But then he gets a worried call from them. The suits tailor-made for Wayne Kavanagh and
Heitor Rohrer will not be ready in time. The two are at wits’ end. Together with Andreas they go to the shopping
mall. They need new suits. And fast! I can see there are some colors that are similar
to what we were looking at already, so even these two… What’s the occasion? It’s for a wedding and it’s kind of an emergency,
last minute, so the wedding is on this Sunday. Okay, not much time to go shopping. I know, and we were looking to see if we can
get something to fit. Sales assistant Stephen takes their measurements
right away and looks for something the two can try on. But is it the right size? There is no time for adjustments. And indeed: Wayne’s vest is a little too loose,
and Heitor’s trousers are pretty tight. It’s quite tight. But Stephen doesn’t give up – and does what
he can to make everything fit – with success! A happy ending… Wow, there are the two gentlemen. Yeah. I’m happy to walk down the aisle today. For Stephen, it’s mission accomplished – meeting
with Wayne and Heitor’s approval. All happy? Yeah. At home in Edenderry, the couple clear the
floor for -what they claim is – the very first rehearsal of the wedding dance. This will be great! The two live with their four dogs, in a semi-detached
house they’ve just bought. Heitor comes from Brazil. Wayne is a native Irishman. The two have been a couple for seven years. They’ve been planning a wedding since same-sex
marriage was introduced in Ireland. That was in 2015. This marriage for me means everything, it’s
something that…Oh Jesus… sorry… This marriage for me means everything, cause
Wayne is such a special person… and just to be… allowed to marry the person that
you love, I’m sure it’s special for anyone who is getting married, but for us it’s just
an achievement. Oh God. Same-sex marriage was introduced by referendum
in Ireland – one of Europe’s most Catholic countries. But church weddings are still not possible. In the small village of Cappoquin on the Blackwater
River, Andreas Korn meets Lynne Glasscoe. She will be the master of ceremonies at the
wedding. She describes an Irish wedding custom that
Wayne and Heitor have chosen. One of the elements they have is the ringwarming. Both their rings are passed from person to
person, and what they do is they quietly hold the rings and then they make their wishes. Everything that they want for the couple. Another commitment ritual is known as handfasting. It’s the binding of the hands is like the
binding of your vows. Thirteen different coloured ribbons have thirteen
different meanings. If it’s a green ribbon, that is physical health
and financial health. Lynne shows how it’s done. The wrists are tied together in accordance
with ancient Celtic tradition. Silver stands for creativity, pink for love
and luck. The binding of hands symbolizes the bond of
marriage. And we now stay together. Oh, yea, we’re handfasted now. We’re handfasted. The ceremony will take place on this 13th-century
estate. The former Ballymagarvey manor is a popular
location for weddings. The couple has planned this day down to the
smallest detail. In a special gesture before the wedding, the
closest relatives receive lovingly chosen gifts. Like Heitor’s sister Paulina. She arrived from Brazil a week ago. They do it in Brazil a lot for people who
are in the wedding, you know. It’s really nice. What did you get? This bracelet here. Isnt it beautiful? It`s just like them. That’s how they are, they like to make everything
so special. Then it’s time for Wayne and Heitor to get
dressed. The witnesses and guests are also preparing
for the solemn ceremony, which is drawing closer and closer by the minute. They return in their new wedding suits. Finally the time has come. It’s such a delight to welcome you here today
to perform the wedding ceremony of Heitor and Wayne. They will celebrate their love with the blessings
of the people who matter most to them. What I now ask is that the family and wedding
party warm these rings by passing them just down the first two rows. Before Wayne and Heitor exchange the warmed-up
rings, they say their vows. Today I vow to love you, appreciate you, respect
you and support you, as your best friend and now also as your husband. I love you now, and I always will. We’ve come… we’ve come through some challenging
and testing times together, but the main thing is that we’ve managed to get through these
things together. Together let us build a home filled with laughter,
let us be partners, friends and lovers, today and all of days that follow. And now the exchange of rings. Then comes the handfasting ceremony. As this knot is tied, so are your lives now
bound. What’s especially impressive is how the families
have come together at this Irish-Brazilian wedding. Two hundred friends and relatives celebrate
Wayne and Heitor’s love for one another. Then comes the big moment the two have practiced
so diligently for! It’s just a start, you know. We’ve been together almost eight years now,
and we just knew that it’s a new beginning. You know, like as a married couple we wish
to have a family, you know, that’s something that we definitely wanna work towards, and
yeah, there is a lot of plans, there is much more to come. Yeah. Now that their wish for a wedding has come
true, Heitor and Wayne are looking forward to a bright future.

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