Gabor Maté – What Promotes Positive Health

By | September 1, 2019

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  1. uea978 Post author

    Great work with the captions. Thanks a lot. It really helps since the sound is not that great and english is not my first language. All best!

  2. SRCmandan Post author

    This is extremely interesting. Extremely enlightening, I'm just becoming interested in moving away from traditional cancer illness producing society, alternative foods, and this notion of human relationships influencing health is very counterintuitive.

    Very grateful

  3. finton Post author

    so is there any evidence to support a positive healing protocol for dealing with the current generations of children/young adults who have been environmentally affected as Gabor describes ? or once the brain has developed at an early age, does it then become a more or less lost cause?

  4. megaelsa1000 Post author

    If dr.Mate's assumptions are correct, I wonder if ALS is more frequently diagnosed in western cultures, particularly ones with a calvinistic ideology (that is allways do something useful, and laziness is evil). Does anyone know if there are studies done in this direction?

  5. S S Post author

    Finally, someone willing to look at the big picture, genetics, environment, stress, etc. Problem is, we can't change the past.

  6. Shirin A Post author

    I just love this man.  He is beyond.  I can't even express how he moved my heart.  So beautifully and scientifically relating all aspects of our life to our health.  I love you Gabor Mate.

  7. Rachel French Post author

    I am gonna buy your Book
    When I get enough money
    I want to thank you for all that you have done for the Worlds best facts of what is really going on you gave people Hope
    Definitely helped me be a better person thank you

    My people are suffering here up North even in city I live in PG
    I see it in all places

    I Post Your Speeches on my FaceBook in hopes people click on your videos and listen to what you are saying

    Cause what your saying is totally true

    I want to help my people heal
    There's thousands and then there is there kids so this healing quest is really a tuff issue that is and has been and still is a crisis right now

    But with better ways and council
    I'm sure it will work to break this cycle

    Which was planted in the past in our brains and is now facing the point were they have to deal with the First Nations Issues

    Which will take the Government to pay for all the healing now
    That this was put upon the First Nation which is now shared with others races of Nations in all Cultures now in this day and age the whole world is now just seeing the turmoil of what had happened
    They to were kept in the Dark

    Thank you for giving HOPE
    Back to the people
    I wish there is more people like you


  8. Peter S. López Post author

    ▶ Gabor Maté – What Promotes Positive Health:   ~Pub Aug 12, 2012  ~via Linguistic Team International
    ▶ Connect @Peta_de_Aztlan:
    ▶ Dr Gabor Maté – Why Capitalism Makes Us Sick:   via theonanacatl11   ~Pub Sep 28, 2014
    ▶  What is Addiction? [Gabor Maté]:  ~Pub Jan 7, 2014 via @DrMate

  9. EmmaYaBasta Post author

    Great talk by Mate, but why the weird Zeitgeist connection when his ideas run contrary to that odd cultish grouping?

  10. Danish Aziz Post author

    thanks for sahre! He is a great man! 
    i agree with Dr Gabor!

  11. TOGQWGH Post author

    It's a shame he has to project his medicine onto his daft lefty politics.

  12. TOGQWGH Post author

    The fact we're useful when "contributing" is the statist, not the capitalist ideology too. The idea we exist for the good of an elite has nothing to do with capitalism, everything to do with government. It's like I'm hearing somebody tell off Jews for the crimes of Hitler. The crimes were there but you're pointing your finger in the wrong direction.

    And a system in which you exist to raise tax money is hardly "individualistic", is it?

  13. TOGQWGH Post author

    "You can't vote for capitalists". Capitalists are the only people you can vote for. Don't buy what they create. You think you voted for any politician? Give me a break.

  14. Peter Harris Post author

    on being informed:  When is enough information enough?  A person does get disillusioned when absorbing so much negative information about the plight of our species and the others dying in our presence and in the wake of our illness.  Saying the only other choice is to be 'illusioned' (which isn't even a word, by the way) and loading that 'choice' as a bad one, one that we're led to believe (if we don't actually give it any thought)  will lead to illness, mental illness if nothing 'worse'…   There's a loopy argument there.

  15. Godskingdomwithin Post author

    I wonder if Dr Mate' who worked with the terminally ill, knows that Dr Richard Alpert-aka Ram Dass also did work in that area.

  16. Greg Jacques' Church of Satan-Christ Post author

    16:10 "Given these obvious scientific facts, and they're really so obvious that a 5-year-old could come up with them, why is it that we're so blind to it in this culture? That has to do with ideology because the ideology of any particular culture does not evolve accidentally. It actually reflects the dominant interests of the groups that control or most benefit from that society.

    "Now, the dominant ideology in this society, given that we live in a society that worships competition, that worships individual profit, that actually worships and considers to be its heroes those people like Donald Trump who are managing to exploit many others in order to amass wealth and power, in a society like that, we have to look at people as individuals rather than social creatures. Because if we admitted, acknowledged and fully got the implications of the reality, that human beings are social creatures with social and psychological needs, we wouldn't be treating people the way we are.

    "So in order to treat people the way they're being treated, we have to commodify the individual. So the individual himself or herself needs to become a commodity, which means that our value is based simply on what we produce or what we acquire, but not actually who we are."

  17. Alias CPR Post author

    Quote Dr. Mate "Vancouver 2004 RCMP tried to stop a resuscitation program for drug OD.  Dr. Mate taught the RCMP some wisdom, these disenfranchised will not only save drug OD patients but anyone else that suffers a respiratory emergency"  Program was allowed to continue.  Ontario, Canada Public Health teaches not only how to maim and kill drug OD but anyone else that suffers a respiratory emergency.  Teaching the layperson all the signs of respiratory emergency then telling them to give chest compressions only.  Board of Health deputation Sept. 22, 2015 Read comment box.

  18. susan smiles Post author

    Thank you so much for being so honest and real. I have been studying human behavior since my pre-teens and I am now 64—I so appreciate your in depth awareness!

  19. Critical Thinker Post author

    Why is he not a member of TZM then? Does he not understand that we can't change our physical environment without removing the profit mechanism which rewards resource inefficiency, scarcity, differential advantage and financial monopolies?

  20. Stig Sargent Post author

    Regardless of the politics…Left, Right, Capitalism, Communism or in between, the world, our children, our health care system, our adults…. are working on only a few neurons and in chaos. The love and attention that Dr. Mate brings to the care of our children and lost adults (all of us, as I see the results), is beyond these labels. those who chose to focus on the labels are rationalizing for the millionth time doing nothing because of those labels. Shame on them for their stupidity, ignorance and can-do-nothing attitude. I would rather they just, stay absolutely-frighteningly silent, and let those with love and caring and the courageous will, to get on with it. All others? Please just go and stay out of the bloody away.

  21. jjsiegal Post author

    He provides no solution to the problem….just pointing out a problem that has existed since the beginning of mankind.

  22. wnt2bee Post author

    Human beings are social beings. Our capitalistic and business profit centred societies are structures that destroy social bonds and values. That is the big dilemma we all face.
    The core denial of our most precious ability&need: empathy and mutual support.
    This denial creates illness amongst humans and fosters the destruction of our biological base, nature.

    When we look outside for a solution then we don't grasp the fundamental message that THE SOLUTION lays within human kind and it's ability to learn from mistakes and finally its capability to change what's wrong into something that is more useful in perspective to both, our individual health and the health of our global system.

    In short: humans need to change their destructive sociocultural structure, starting by healing themselves from any kind of abuse/childhood drama that disables them to take good care of their personal needs. Consumerism lives of our childhood injuries that manifested in the feeling of being inadequate without a service/or product xyz.

  23. nicholas usansky Post author

    dude you are as close to a genius as jon kabat zinn. you have moved me over the last two days. thank you. x

  24. acida85 Post author

    I think this is the best talk I've ever heard. What a wise man. Thank you!

  25. zabelicious Post author

    There are very few people that inspire me… Gabor Mate is one of them. If you are interested in human behavior, go watch Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University (25 lectures for free!). Another brilliant man!

  26. John Jakle Post author

    Down with AA..I agree with Mate -Addiction is caused by childhood trauma and loss.

  27. Philip Parker Post author

    Amazing man, with a great heart & mind 🙂 #Recovery

  28. Jenny Eshed Post author

    I think most of what Dr. Gabor Mate teaches and questions is brilliant. Pity, it is difficult to hear with the Microphone this time. I wholeheartedly recommend listening to all his lectures. A voice of truth, honesty and a sincere path to healing.

  29. rabbitcreative Post author

    If you're interested in what Dr. Mate says about the bio-psycho-social, please look into Alfred Korzybski's general-semantics. Mate approaches the organism-as-a-whole from an emotional point-of-view, which is fine. General-semantics approaches human-development as a functional-endeavor; general-semantics is something you DO.

  30. Teresa Iche Post author

    A man of such deep compassion for his fellow man – his wisdom shared is valuable yo so many – I wish everyone would listen to even just one of his talks. Thank you Gabor your heart/mind/soul is beautiful ❤️

  31. France Clémence Fradet Post author

    Capitalism kills. Adam Curtis's documentaries are a perfect addition to Dr Mate's talks.

  32. Danny Nesbitt Post author

    It all makes so much sense to me.  Much more money in selling drugs because they don't cure anybody.

  33. Danny Nesbitt Post author

    Donald Trump is his devil? And this was in 2012

  34. Emil Post author

    Does he say the exact same thing in every single talk? I'd like to hear more, but all I'm finding is more of the same.

  35. Kathy Elliott Post author

    At 21 minutes he mentions alienation from nature. Get this. Shell Oil Co. in the 1990s had an annual essay contest. I think it was in 1992 or so the essay question was "Do we need nature?"

  36. Adrian Silviu Post author

    I will contradict him at 6:58 when he said abou t“ If you think it’s the diet or climate change ?! …. Yes climate and diet change a lot everywhere i can guarantee 100%

  37. Amy Mohanty Post author

    We are fundamentally controlled by land tax, council rate, waste bin collection fee and water rate…

  38. Toby Mcinnis Post author

    this is absolutely fascinating and I really enjoy Mate's ideas, but he I think he is rather more ideological than he seems like he would admit.

  39. Lavender Violet Post author

    I still have so much to learn.

    And unlearn.

    That's that.

    I thought I'd let you guys know where I'm at.

    Huge sigh,


  40. Jennifer Cady Post author

    I was diagnosed with Ms in 1998. I'm doing pretty well physically. My first symptom was the day my dad died. And I totally believe stress has had so much to do with my disease process. I have found it rather interesting, and sometimes very frustrating. I need to send you an e-mail

  41. Dana Denton Post author

    Do you think the prevalence of MS in women nowadays has to do with hormonal contraception?

  42. Spirit Of Alaska Post author

    eating healthy and going to the gym cured my phoriasis, depression and saved my life

  43. Kawakeb Astra Post author

    Thx4post🙏.. volume needs boosting .. hard2hear on my device 🙏 I too Honor Appreciate & Love Dr. Gabore Mate 💕😎❤️a great human being ⭐️profoundly truthful healer

  44. Tina Turley Post author

    Then cause of my leg pain is several surgeries….hard to walk without a walker at the moment….trauma pain go hand and hand👀💜

  45. Cole Masiuk Post author

    Dr. Gabor Mate is awesome.
    Something needs to be done here and it starts with waking up.

  46. kim warburton Post author

    the audio hurt my ears, too painful to listen but know i would have loved this otherwise

  47. stevenstrumpf7 Post author

    When you have the ability to do what you want to be doing with your life at the skill level you want to be doing it at, it doesn't matter anymore what people try and do to you because you're so focused on what you're doing what other people are doing to you (whether they're successful or not) isn't on your primary list of concern(s).

  48. Halei Haindl Post author

    Kim John Payne and his parenting books (i.e., Simplicity Parenting) does look at child behavior and psychological health as a product of "chronic low grade PTSD" and offers advice of what and how to change our environments to support them. (And ourselves).

  49. PTPOP Post author

    I had been suffering from a variety of “aches and pains”. Recently I visited my college alma-mater to meet with a few people about getting my MFA. I had a tremendously positive experience being back on campus and talking to other adults who had similar life experiences and creative vision. By the end of the second day all of my “pains” had disappeared. GONE! Hope and optimism can cure so many things.

  50. Ed O Post author

    People in centrally controlled countries, without strong property rights for the most common people and no pesky democracy are real healthy and happy, right? Right?

  51. Thuy-Hong Nguyen Post author

    Thank you for posting this video. Dr. Gabor Mate is right on! Healing illnesses should be looked at the whole picture. We human beings are multi-dimensional: mind, body and spirit not a machine. Western medicine is very reductionist. As I suspected, my mother died of lung cancer a few years later after my dad passed away even though she never smoked. @38:12 To create positive health we need community, contact, local control, involvement, engagement, right information. In another word, we need consciousness, freedom, community. Social engagement is healthy because it connects you to others and it gives us meaning. May you all be blessed, healthy, happy, and prosperous!

  52. Mary Gunning Post author

    not seeing the bigger picture keeps western medicine in power and power is money.

  53. marios kadas Post author

    Regaining of your health can not be achieved without a plant based diet, combined with positive social construct

  54. Jen Holmes Post author

    Agree with what u are saying re stress & dysfunctional upbringing, also agree with the 2000 studies re animal products.‬

  55. Jen Holmes Post author

    Agree re politicians we have continually elected nutters in Oz

  56. daposevvg Post author

    Promote Holistic Management and Animal based nutrition if you want healthy minds and bodies similar to our ancestors. Eat a vegan diet if you want autistic diabetic malnourished population that cuts down rainforests to plant palm trees and soy beans.


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